Three Must Have Promising Games for iPad

iPad, as we all know, changed the handheld gaming experience with its launch in April 2010. With the motion sensing and a big flawless touch screen, it was a revolutionary device and still, one and a half years after its launch, it sits on the top, just like a kings crown. Though iPad 2 has been released but I am talking about iPad as brand , and not its successor.

Here I am going to mention three must have games for your iPad. If you don’t have anyone of them, trust me, you are definitely missing something. To start with

1) Battleship HD:

If like me, you grew up playing board games, then you must be familiar with the name. Yes the classic battleship where you strategically set your ships on a board,and your friend sets it on the other side of the same board but its hidden. The just like a lieutenant , you guess the position of the ship and strike and BOOM. Well,that was a board game, this , with the same concept , is a game which you can play on your ipad with HD graphics. Amazing experience.


2) Fifa 11 HD:

A football freak are you? Love playing football? Love watching football? Eat football?
Drink football? Talk football? Even if you don’t, don’t be afraid to try this game ,Be it for the mind blowing graphics , or the amazing feeling of controlling football players with the touch of your hand, this game is a boon for any football fan and a definite recommendation for people who are just searching for good games,irrespective of their liking for football.

3) Angry birds HD:

OK,honest to GOD, does this game need any description? Does it my friends? Who hasn’t heard of angry birds? From a school going child to my grand dad, everyone knows atleast something about this game, because ,its not just a game,it has become a craze.There are merchandises available. Go anywhere ,any part of the world, you don’t know any language? Just say angry birds, and it will be enough to have a small talk with anyone, this is THE BEST game, which has ever been released.Period.
For those of you who don’t know what angry birds is, I wont describe it, go and download it,play and then this post will make sense to you :p

So these are three most lovable games for iPad. Have you tried any one of them? Which game is your favorite? Mention in comments.

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