Ticno Multibar: An innovative and Good Looking Sidebar for your Desktop

There are many software on the internet which allow you to place shortcuts on your desktop and place them in a neat fashion like Rocket Dock or the Object Dock from Star Dock. But these software use quite a lot of your systems resources and can lead to a major slow down of your computer. Ticno Multibar is light, fast and easy to access from the desktop.


ticno bar

Ticno Multibar is an innovative tool that recognizes the most frequently used tools on your computer and places them in a neat dock on your desktop for easy access.

The Ticno Multibar offers a lot of choices when it comes to sidebars or docks. The Multibar comes built in with a variety of apps like:

1. Games icon, which comes with a number of games which are available for download for free from the internet.

2. Weather Display, which shows the weather for the next 4 days.

3. Automatically recognizes the default browser on your system and places an icon on the multibar.

4. Windows Explorer, which opens up as a slider so you don’t have to open the explorer every time.

5. iTunes is present in almost every system these days. So, an iTunes icon is a must for this multibar.

Ticno Multibar recognizes the most frequently used apps into one single dock for quick access.

ticno settings

You can even customize the icons as well as the look of the multibar by going to the settings panel on the bar. There you can change the background themes, icons, transparency position etc. of the multibar. From the settings panel you can even add more icons to the bar by going to the Addons section where you will be redirected to the webpage where a wide variety of addons can be chosen.

Download Ticno Multibar.

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  1. Have been using it for a long time, it really optimizes work process and doesn’t use so much system resources compare to other software.

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