TiffanyScreens: Share Your Screen Across Various Cross Platform Computers

Let’s say you are a Windows user and you want to share your screen across other computer which has Mac operating system installed in it. Cross platform screen sharing is not an easy thing until you use an app known as TiffanyScreens. Download it in your computer and other persons computer and start sharing your screen. It’s free and very easy to use app.

You don’t need to do any kind of configuration settings since this app automatically detects all the computers running TiffanyScreens on a network. It’s very useful when you want to present something to a mass and you don’t have projector with you.


This app captures screen of one computer and sends it to multiple computers at a same time. It connects with another computer within network automatically on a local network. There are two modes present, watching mode and presentation mode and users can switch to one mode to other by a click on button.


This app comes with free and paid versions. Free version allows you to share your screen with one person at a time. If you want to share your screen with multiple users then check out the pro version.

This app is best useful where users came along with their laptops in a meeting and they are sitting on a round table facing each other. Now to see the presentation they don’t require to face towards wall to see the projector because the presentation will come on their computer screen with the help of Tiffany Screens.

Check out Tiffany Screens.

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