Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012- A Definite Download For iPad

iPads have definitely become our tablet of choice and I was fortunate enough to be gifted one recently and it really blows everything away, so what was the game that really got me hooked up so bad that I did not get up from my sofa for four hours straight. Yes, it was the popular golf game tiger woods PGA tour 2012.


The game is one of the most beautiful utilization of the pretty 9.7 inch retina display. The graphics and detailing on the game is beautiful. It does take a while getting used to the controls but if you are a golf player in real life things would be much simpler cause you would have a valid reason to choose certain club and certain type of shot, which for me was well hit and miss since I am an amateur at golf, however I am sure most of us are, but still the game is no less fun. There is a fair amount of physics involved like hitting the ball against the wind direction and various other things like shooting from the rough.

The graphics are very pretty and the game truly does live to its HD billing. There are plenty of game modes making sure that you do not get bored soon of the game. It is actually one of the longest lasting games out in the App Store. The best part about this application is the fact that it is currently free effective October 19th which has all the features; the full version is $4.99. So you know the drill, download it quick, put only do it if your Wi- Fi is working well since the game is a massive 218 MB big.

This is the link for the download.

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