Tim Cook Uncharacteristically Lashes out at Android Tablets

Apple has in the past taken jibes at it’s competitors. Be it IBM at the all time famous ad or some of the mickey that Steve Jobs took out of Microsoft in the past. However, there is an air of change that is sweeping across Apple. They are more subtle and nice, if we call it under Tim Cook. He has refrained from making controversial remarks or taking shots at the competitors, but that seems to have gone out of the window in one of the recent interviews with The Wall Street Journal.


In the interview, Tim Cook took a swipe at Google and it’s Android powered tablets, saying that Apple had about half a million apps that were dedicated and specially designed for the iPad while Google barely have about 1000. He also said that the option to scale the app up that Android gives to it’s developers is what is working against them, as Apple has encouraged the devs to actually write the app specifically for the larger screen estate that tablets offer. To quote Tim:

“We have over half-million [apps] that have been optimized for iPad, that half-million compares to 1,000 for Android tablets. That’s one of the reasons, although not the only reason, why the experience on Android tablets is so crappy because the app is nothing more than a stretched out smartphone app”

Tim was also slightly bullish saying that the sale of Motorola to Lenovo clearly shows that unlike Apple, Google is not really interested in the commodity or the hardware market and as a result cannot provide the 360 degree fully controlled experience that Apple does.

You can check the entire interview here

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