TimerBar: Add A Timer To Your iPhone Bar

TimerBar is a brand new Cydia tweak for iPhone/iPad that gives your iOS-powered device a virtual stopwatch. The really cool thing with TimerBar is that it can be invoked via an Activator method, meaning you can fire it up at any time — on your Springboard, while in an app, etc. You can even continue to use your device while TimerBar is running.

To Activate:
1: Set an activator method
2: Choose Stopwatch or Timer
3: Tap the alert to start or stop the timing
4: Tap “Close” button to hide the alert


Timer Bar costs 99 cents in the Big Boss Repo. Timer Bar adds the functionality of both a timer and stop watch to your phone’s home screen over the Status Bar.

To install TimerBar you need to follow the steps given below:

1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in “TimerBar”.

3. It’s free in the IHR (i hacks repo), xSellize and on the insanelyi repo.

4. Select it and install it.

5. Respring or reboot your device.

6. You are done to use it.

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