TinEye: Reverse Image Search Engine For Windows

TinEye is a tool that allows users to perform reverse image search by selecting an image and getting results similar to the image selected. This tool is quite popular on the internet. Now you can integrate this tool to your context menus for quick and easy searches.


A simple installation will add an option to the Windows context menu. So every time you right click an image file, you will find this option and can search for similar images online.


When installed, TinEye opens a window where you can either locate the image file on which you want to preform the search or you can simply paste the image on to the box given.

tinyeye shell

To enable Shell integration, i.e, to enable searches by right clicking on the image, select the Shell integration enable option from the TinEye client. From then onwards, you can perform your searches directly by right clicking on an image.

tinyeye biggest

The TinEye Client also offers the option of filtering the size or quality of the images to be displayed. You can sort the images from the biggest, smallest, best match to the worst matched image amongst the search results.

This is a nice tool to have on your computer if you prefer image searches to regular ones.

Download TinEye.

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