Tips And Tricks To Some Amazing High Scores In Temple Run

We don’t need to throw any light on the popularity of this game. The ratings are off the charts and it is one of the most popular games ever launched. It’s success also prompted  android to launch the game recently. The simplicity of the game makes it possible for all age groups to try their hands on it. When a game gets this popular it obvious the competition to score big is ferocious. We often challenge our peers and close ones to try and beat our score or get challenged to beat theirs. So here’s how you can shine above the rest.

1. First of all you need to have surplus coins. You can get them by playing and collecting them or purchase them by paying dollars. If you have jailbreaked your Idevice then you can get unlimited coins using the iappcracker from Cydia.

2. Go to the store in the game menu. You will see 5 power ups with 5 empty bars. Don’t upgrade the coin power up, not even once.
Move to the next- The magnet power up. Upgrade it completely.
Then leave the next two power ups- the invisibility power up and the boost power up.
Upgrade completely the coin value power up.

3. Doing these means that you increase the probability and frequency of getting magnets during the game. If you have played the game you must be well aware that magnets and coins are the chief contributors to the score. The power ups you didn’t upgrade are not as important and as you didn’t upgrade them they won’t come during the game. Instead the extremely helpful magnet power up will appear in their place and hence you can enjoy it more often.

4.  Now in the utilities section get the first one- the wings or the ability to resurrect after dying in the game. Purchase as many wings as you can afford. Don’t waste your coins on the normal boost of 1000 meters. Save the coins and always go for the 2500 meter boost.

5. Don’t waste your coins in unlocking characters. But in case you have plenty of Coins then you may afford to check out other characters to satisfy your curiosity. But seriously they dont help much.

6. Now after setting things right in the store, we tell you how to put it to use in gameplay. When the game starts instantly use the boost power up you purchased. If you are a pro then you can continue playing even after the boost finishes. But remember to activate the wing once you feel that the running speed is tough for  you to control. Others who are less familiar with the game should double tap and activate the wing or resurrection power up.

7.  Now the important part. You are safe as long as you are running with the wings on. This is because you will resurrect if you fall or get caught by beasts. But once you loose them after some time you are in harms way. So this is what you must do. When the wings start blinking intentionally fall somewhere or get caught or whatever. This will result in your resurrection but when you are reborn you will notice  that the running speed of your player has decreased and hence you have better control. For some time you have to play without the wings. This is the duration when you are unprotected and if your player dies it’s game over. But it’s for a short duration. Keep your ears open for the tingling sound when the next wing is ready for use. Double tap again and use it. Continue in this manner. And don’t forget to try your best and get the coins as you are running by tilting the device. Coins propel your score.

I am sure that if you properly put to use these tricks you will have a score which even you won’t believe. If you have any issues regarding these tricks feel free to contact us or leave a comment. And also,if you come across any other tricks feel free to share it with us.

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