Toggle Mobile Data on your Android 5.0 Running Smartphone with this Application

Mobile data is as precious as currency. Despite several telecom players committing to making mobile data affordable, fact remains that data is still expensive and as a result it makes sense you want to penny drop and save every kb possible when it comes to mobile data. And one way of doing this is micromanaging when the data is on. For example, when you are asleep at night, you may not really want mobile data and might as well simply turn it off.


But turning mobile data on Android phone can involve several steps, either by going into the notifications bar or into settings unless you have a desktop widget for it. The funny thing about desktop widgets that control mobile data on Android is that they stop working when a new major Android update is released, rendering the previously developed ones useless and that was exactly the case with Android 5.0 release. However, senior XDA developer, Cygery, has come up with the solution and developed a very simple widget that sits on your desk and can be used to toggle the data with just one touch like a switch.

The widget is free for XDA members, will require root and also gives you an option to be triggered via Profile apps such as Tasker. The widget supports custom icons, so in case you do not like the way it looks by default you can change that too. For the moment, the widget is compatible with only the devices that have received the Android 5.0 update in some form or the other, including:

Nexus 5
Nexus 4
Xperia Z
Xperia S
OnePlus One
Moto X 2014 Pure
Galaxy S3
Galaxy Note 2
HTC One M8

You can download the widget by visiting the application thread on XDA here.

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