Top 10 greatest advantages of Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share information on Internet. Blogging is evolving, it is giving opportunity to common man to grow their boundaries and write with freedom. There are many examples on internet where big media companies follow blogs to get the latest news around the World . There are number of advantages of Blogging. Here I am mentioned few such examples:



Writing habit improves

Imagine a day when you wrote your first blog post. I am sure it was not up to the mark and you hate it because of your terrible writing. With better writing experience and practice one can become a very good writer. Blogging definitely improves you writing habit.

Favorite Hobby

Blogging is not only writing. Its a combination of curiosity, research, writing, publishing, collaboration and getting involved in Social media sites for promotion. If you are someone who loves reading and researching about technology then blogging may become your favorite hobby. I know many bloggers who love spending time on internet doing all kind of research for their blog’s articles.



Who don’t like money. If your passion is giving you money then nothing can be better than this. There are several ad programs like Google Adsense, Buysell Ads, Chitika, Tribal Fusion and many more present on web to help you earning money through blogging. All you need is good amount of traffic . Here are few ways to earn online money.


A manager sitting in California office knows a blogger from India. This is a power of blogging. If you perform well then it is possible that people start knowing you through reading your blog. Blogging offers lots of exposure. It can change your life forever.


Blogging brings lots of knowledge. From WordPress to blogger, server to host, blogging to make money online, resources to online tutorials, bloggers get aware of all the small to big things present on the internet. Also blogging teach people to use internet resources effectively.

New contacts

There are lots of meets organized by blogging community in the city where bloggers meet each other’s and share their thoughts. Blogging is all about meeting new peoples in the blogosphere. For ex. In Wordcamp I met incredible personalities like Matt Mullenweg, Om Malik and Amit Agrawal.

Help others and get helped by others

Blogging not only means writing, it also means networking. People generally make close network through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and ask for help if any help is required. This is a general trand that blogger helps other blogger. This help may come out in a form of troubleshooting any issues on blog, or providing free consultation regarding improving the performance of blog.


New opportunities

Blogging opens new opportunities in life. You can open your own services to offer various type of customization, freelancing services to make money online. Also there are probability to get good offer from other media company to acquire your blog.


If you are looking for a good career then blogging may help you in completing your dreams. There are several examples when bloggers earned six figure income in just few years of blogging.


Blogging is Journalism. In oldtime writers write their article and wait to the publishers to publish their article. Now a day writer is a publisher. Writers don’t need to wait in a queue. They can publish any article online via blog media.

These are the top 10 advantages of blogging in my opinion. You can add your own opinion in a comment section. Your every effort will be appreciated if you like this post you can subscribe to feeds for daily update.

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  1. Writing Habits and Exposure are the major advantages of blogging. I have seen a great change in my writing style since the time I started blogging. It has also improved my vocabulary
    .-= John Samuel ´s last blog ..How to Enable/Disable Spell Check in Firefox Browser? =-.

  2. In carrier, you have written too little. Can you please give a explained decription on how one can be a proffesional blogger from a blogging as an interest. Although I have read a lot of articles on this topic and I found it a big journey and pretty tough.
    So what do you feel.
    Doesn’t you think a lot of knowledge about hosting problems to adsense, themes to thesis and a lot of such more problems would have to face?
    What do you think first of all one should learn to handle these things or he should approach to someone else for these problems?
    I think it would take a lot of time and a lot of patience.

    • Blogging is a passion, when it is taken in prospect of office work then it would be difficult to continue it. In my point of view, I am taking it as a curiosity to learn new things. There are lots of advantages of Blogging I have mentioned in my earlier posts. Few of them are: There is no boss above you, there is no time boundation, no early wake up but yes Blogging requires discipline.

      Regarding technical stuffs I want to say that it is not difficult to learn things. In first glance it looks difficult for those who came from non technical background but things get easier by time and hard practice. Blogging is a challenge and it should be done in proper way.

  3. Nice list! I used to have a blog that chronicled my experiences with my home builder. It was therapeutic and it also caused them to fix my house!
    .-= Gabe |´s last blog ..A blogger’s three month dilemma: burnout or refuel? =-.

  4. What about the disadvantages then?

    Getting fired because of accessing your blog from work place????lol!!!!
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Control your robot with iPhone using Walky =-.

  5. “Writing Habits and Exposure are the major advantages of blogging” I would have to agree as well. Thanks for the post very useful information here.

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