Top 10 Must Have Addictive iPhone Games

Apart from other great features, iPhone is an excellent gaming device too. There are many addictive and time wasting iPhone games that can make you play games day and night. I am collecting 10 such awesome games on your iPhone/iPod touch, chances are most of you would have at least some of these on your devices given how popular they are, however if you have by any chance missed out on any of them, here is your chance to quickly grab one.

1)Angry birds: Angry birds is an amazing time pass strategic game involving killing of pigs! It Stayed number one in the list of apps by apple, surely you would have played this, if not, leave everything and download it and trust me, you’d be hooked for hours!


2) Fruit Ninja : How does it feel to slash fruits with a blade and breaking into the global leader boards? This is an amazing game, that can hook you on to your iPhone or iTouch for hours on end doing nothing but chopping fruits.


3) Doodle Jump: Doodle jump is an accelerometer sensitive game where you have to jump as high as you can! Wonderful graphics with a never ending game play makes this a must have!


4) NinJump: Ninjump is a rather easy but extremely addictive game involving jumping from one wall to another and avoiding obstacles which try and pull you down in a free fall! How high can you go??ninjump

5) Flight control: Ever thought how difficult the job of an air traffic controller is? Well, here is a sneak peek into this difficult profession! Try your hand at managing landing of various aircrafts while making sure you don’t crash!


Image credit: IGN

6) Cut the rope: Cut the rope is another strategic game but completely different from the games you must have played. Can you feed the frog with his favorite jelly, without dropping it? Test your skills in cut the rope!


7) Traffic rush: Ever wondered how accident prone every four- way would be without a traffic light? Well here is the same scenario, just that, you are the one controlling the traffic! Make sure the cars don’t bump into each other!


8) Flick Football: For all the football enthusiasts who can only dream of a beckham-esque right foot, here is your chance to bend one into the right top corner just like beckham!


9) Cat Physics: Cat physics is a physics based puzzle game where you have to get the ball from one cat to another through the shortest possible path! Shorter the path, the better you score, how short can your path to glory be?


10) Paper Toss: Paper toss is one of my favorite. This game tests your physics analysis if you can throw the paper right into that box despite the wind from fan! A game for all ages and one you can just not get enough of! If you don’t have iPhone, then you can play Papertoss on your PC too!


So these are the most popular top 10 iPhone games. Do let us know in the comments that which is your favorite among all these.

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8 Responses

  1. Great list, totally agree with you on all the games. They are all highly addictive. Got most of them but have played all of them!

  2. Thanks for the list of games.

    I am a big fan of the game and with this list, I find it easier to choose which game suits me.

  3. Nice list. I have to recommend some games like,
    CHUPACABRA and Infinity Blade.

    By the way CHUPACABRA is FREE!

  4. Great list! I like cut the rope right now and as soon as I’m finished with that I’m moving on to mirrors edge. It’s weird but I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like angry birds!

  5. Great list. Some of this game I have on my iPhone. I would add The Foundry with 100 balls. Otherwise is an interesting suggestions.

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