Top 10 Social News Aggregators for new content ideas

Bloggers usually face lack of ideas on their blog, sometimes they found nothing to write because of lack of ideas. This might be  a critical situation because daily blog update is very necessary for search engines optimization. If you run out of content ideas to publish on your blog you can try news aggregators sites  for new ideas.

The main advantage of news aggregators is that all the contents are fresh and top in their niche. There websites pull the data from popular blogs, news sources and social media websites.

You can track for a particular keyword with the help of search bar given on these aggregator websites. Also you can search the most popular page i.e. front page of these websites. But note that don’t try to copy the contents. You can publish the article on your blog by giving proper author credit for all the articles.

Top 10 news Aggregator websites

I am providing list of 5 10 top news aggregator website from which I collect the news for my various blogs.









Google News


Fark Geek


Yahoo TechNews








These are the top news aggregators websites. Apart from these websites there are lots of other aggregators like Reddit, OriginalSignal, Mixx, Waxylink, Transmitt, Stumbleupon,BuzzFeed.

Post your comments and let me know other aggregator websites you use for news aggregation. If you like this blog you can Subscribe my blog feeds. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Great post Himanshu. I’m a big fan of Digg and been using it to grab the latest Tech post. Another one which is my fav is Stumble upon, since popular tech posts there give lots of innovative ideas. This post deserve a stumble and tweet.

  2. I generally use slashdot and techmeme and digg for latest tech new.. nice post also includes other popular sites. 🙂
    .-= Chetan ´s last blog ..Finally windows 7 is here…. =-.

  3. Very nice, there is some aggregates that I didn’t know about them before! for me I use digg, alltop and also mixx!
    Thanks for sharing this post!
    .-= Hesham´s last blog ..America is Asking T-Mobile: What happened Today? =-.

  4. yep, these news aggregetors are a great place to research for new ideas and can also be a great way to dive traffic directly to your own blogs,
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Free Google Wave Invitations Giveaways – Get yours now =-.

  5. For me, the best sites cover specific niches. Do it all sites like Digg don’t do anything well. I prefer japundit for news on Japan (I’m Japanese), Sphinn for marketing news, for business news and killerstartups for info on startups.

  6. I love the list. Techmeme is so good for tech news as well as slashdot. I love the niche sites. For business, I use and I’m a programmer and use designbump a bunch. I love social news but generally only use sites with a narrower focus.

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