Top 15 Must Have Applications For Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is a mammoth device with a really pretty screen.  It is definitely one of the best selling devices in the market today. And evidently we pay heed to the latest trends, so here we are with a list of 15 applications that you absolutely must download when you purchase a new Galaxy Note. It is worth being noted that these applications would run on most of the Android Smart phones.

1) K-9 mail: This is one of the best mail applications available on the android market, with all the general features such as push mail and search, multi-folder sync ,flagging ,filing are some added features.

2) Quickoffice pro: With this application you can create, view and edit Microsoft office files such as word documents and powerpoint presentations. It also includes a PDF viewer in case you want to view a PDF file. Also check out Documents to go , it is another application which lets you create , edit , and view Microsoft office files.

3) Zinio: Zinio is basically a magazine reader which lets you download magazines into itself, both paid and free. So you can have all the magazines you want on your smartphone.

4) GO keyboard: As the name suggests, it is just a keyboard, not an application really but what you can call a tweak. You can enable or disable this keyboard from the menu. It supports multiple languages and also boasts of gesture support, that is, you can swipe left or right to switch layouts and also swipe downwards to close the keyboard. You can also theme your keyboard in case you want to give it a fresh look. Rest it has all the functionality of a general keyboard, only better.

5) Opera Mini Web browser: It is a web browser which is faster than the stock browser, so it’s a must have if you like surfing on your smartphone.

6) ASTRO file manager: An organizer , which helps you to organize files on your device. It is like windows explorer for your smartphone. Any task which you can in windows with the help of windows explorer can be done on your phone with Astro file manager. 

7) Ringdroid: If you want to have custom ringtones and not just the default ringtones which come with your phone then this is the application. It lets you choose ringtones and notification tones from the music which you have in your phone.

8) PicSay Pro: It is a photo editor. It has plethora of options and you can also apply effects like faux HDR ,pencil sketch and many more. Best photo editing software available in the market.


9) Talking Tom Cat 2: Say anything and talking tom will repeat it for you in a funny voice and will also respond to your touch. An application with no productivity but a lot of fun. 

10) Tweetdeck: Integrates twitter and facebook into one and is more or less your social browser.

11) SkyDroid Golf gps: This is an amazing golf application with which you can map over 22000 golf courses.


12) App2Sd free: Whichever application you download from the android market goes directly into your phone memory, who wants that? So this application will let you transfer files from your phone memory to sd card and vice versa.


13) Battery Widget: This will allow you to add an icon on your homescreen which will let you know about the percentage of battery left in your phone.


14) Wheres my water : A wonderful physics based game which will entertain you as well as compel you to use your brains.


15) tTorrent Pro: This application will let you download torrent files directly on your device, a must have in my opinion as most of us use torrents thesedays.


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