Top 20 Mobile Phones of All Times

Having a smart phone now is not enough. Having the best smart phone is what the game is all about now. In fact given a choice we would all like to have have the latest and greatest device. I still remember the day when I got my hands on my first iPhone 3G and the feeling of completeness it bought to my life cannot be simply put into words. Similarly there were other iconic devices such as Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy S which certainly marked a new milestone with either technology or their sales figures. So, which exactly are these devices. Here is an interesting infographic that we found that lists down the top twenty smart phones of all 20 phones


The presence of lots of Nokia devices on that list certainly shows what a grand success the Finnish company was in the gone days and why everyone has such an association with Nokia. We have owned most of the devices in the list above and it certainly makes us a little nostalgic when we see all of these. We are sure the case is same for most of you all.

So do let us know which of these devices did you own by writing in the section below. You can also tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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