Top 20 Websites to Listen and Download DJ Songs

The genre of Electronica, Trance, House and Techno music is becoming more and more popular. This genre is more appealing to the newer generation of people who want heart pumping excitement throughout the entire song. Trance and techno music help achieve that. There are many websites that allows users to explore DJ song. Here are some websites which you can visit and get a feel of what this music is like.

1. Ego Thieves: This website is a place where Artists having an interest in becoming DJ’s post their mash ups and mixes for the people. Here, users can check out the mixes created by artists and listen to them and if they like it, can even download the tracks. The website is designed quite well and users will like the way it looks when they visit for the first time. Watch videos, listen to music and download your favorite music directly from the website. One of the best DJ Song website.


2. The mixing bowl: The mixing bowl is a forum for DJ song lovers. Here users post their own mash ups or mixes in the form of torrents. You will be required to register to the website to start browsing through the forums. Once you have registered, you can browse through various categories that users have created and download tracks and albums that they recommend or that they themselves have created. This is a nice place to sit back and explore the world of Trance and Electronica.

mixing bowl

3. This website hosts links to download the most popular albums created by the most popular DJ’s in the world. The latest albums released by the most sought after DJ’s like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto etc. can all be found here. This is probably the best place from all of the ones listed to stay updated with what’s the latest in this genre.


4. is unique in its design and in the way that users interact with it. The website is a complete guide into the world of Electronic and trance music. Choose a category that you are interested in and you can read a description on what that category is about and how it started. If you have just started listening to this genre of music, then this place is just what you need. Learn more about the genre and even listen to the best tracks and mixes available in that category.

5. Mugasha: If trance and electronic music is what you are mainly interested in, then this is the place to be. Mugasha is a website that offers users to listen to the latest and greatest in this vast world of electrifying music that will force you to move your feet. Browse through the collections of tracks released by popular DJ’s or even create your own mix and post them on the website to gain popularity and make a name in this field.


6. is a website where users can listen to their favorite tracks from their favorite genre of music. The website has a large collection of electronic music and plays the best tracks automatically. Or, users can choose a track and listen to that. This website has a neat interface and users will be forced to come back again and again as the site is updated regularly. So, if you want to find the latest in your favorite genre, this place will most probably have it.


7. ccMixter: This website posts featured DJ song posted by some of their users. So, if you are experienced in this genre and are looking to explore through this genre a little more, then you will find this site to be interesting. Listen to featured tracks and mixes created by DJ’s and recommend them to others.


8. Discover trance: DiscoverTrance offers users the opportunity to listen to the latest DJ song released in this genre for free through internet radio. The website allows users to listen to the very best in Trance music airing from radio across the globe.


9. Hard Trance: Hard Trance is a website dedicated to the genre of electronic and trance  music and DJ song. The site is updated daily and the latest additions are posted on the website. Users can listen to music for free and if they like it, they can buy albums directly from the website.


10. The DJ list: The DJ list categorizes the most popular DJ’s by name and users can browse through collections of their favorite DJ’s ,listen to their latest tracks or watch live performances of DJ’s on the website. The website even posts a ranking of the most popular DJ’s and DJ song at the moment and users can listen to mash ups and mixes from these artists on the website.

dj list

11. Beat Port: Beat Port has collections of the latest  tracks from the most popular DJ’s and users can listen to the songs from the website. If you like a song, you can buy it from the website for a reasonable price.


12. Juno Download: This is another website where users can listen to their favorite tracks from their favorite DJ’s but you will have to pay cash to download tracks on to your computer.


13. House-mixes: If you are into Progressive trance and PRogressive PsyTrance, then this website will be perfect for you. You can listen and download tracks from the website, but you will have to register to the website first to start downloading tracks.


14. Digitally Imported is a very popular application on the iPhone. The website offers users the opportunity to listen to the best collections and mash ups in trance and progressive genre. Digitally Imported streams the best music in this genre and users can listen to the radio online for free. They have a great collection of DJ song and is worth a listen.


15. Radio Tuna: Radio Tuna is another website that allows users to listen to radio based on genre and streams the best tracks in that genre from various radio stations across the globe. Listen to DJ song in singles or even to entire albums on the website for free.


16. Dance Radio Global: Dance Radio Global has built-in players for every genre and users can listen to genre specific music by clicking on a  player on the website.The website provides players with varied bitrate support for different types of internet connections so your music will play without interruptions.


17. allows users to download trance and progressive tracks and albums from the website for free. Right click on a link to download and play them on your media player on your desktop.


18. Fresh Remix: On this website users can browse through their collections of trance and DJ song  remixes and download them from the website for free. The latest mash ups and mixes are displayed on the homepage and users can download these tracks and albums for free from the website.


19. Expendance: Here users can find collections of original dance, trance, techno, progressive and other tracks released by DJ’s across the world. Links are provided for downloading the tracks which you like and users can even download videos where available.


20. Trance Downloader: This website allows users to download DJ song album released by DJ’s for free. Browse through their collection of music from the genre of dance, trance, techno and progressive  trance and download the ones you like on to your computer for free.


Hope these website are what you are looking for. If you know any other websites that might be related to this post, then please feel free to leave links to those websites under the comments section.

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