Top 25 Free Download Manager to Download

Download Manager allow users to take control of their downloads. Users can pause, cancel or resume their downloads at any given time using download manager. Download Managers like IDM( Internet Download Managers) are good but users have to pay cash to completely use its services. Here is a list of some of the best free download manager available on the web:

1. Miro 4

Miro is a neat and stylish video and music player for Windows. It even comes with a download manager which will download your videos and music from the internet and you can play them directly from the player. If you have different apps for performing each of these operations, then you should think about downloading this app. It even comes with a video convertor. Convert your videos to play them on your iPhone or any other platform.


2. FlashGet

FlashGet is a free download manager that has the highest amount of users on the internet. It uses a technique known as MHT( Multi-server hyper threading transportation technique) to increase download speeds, supports various protocols and has excellent document management features. FlashGet is completely free and has no adware or malware attached to it. FlashGet even allows users to create their own skins to make their application look more appealing.


3. Orbit Downloader

Orbit is one of the leading names when it comes to download managers. Orbit is easy to use and when you play a video, an icon appears on top of the video which you can click to download that video. Almost any kind of video can be downloaded using this application and is truly one of the best download managers that are available for free on the web.


4. VDownloader

VDownloader is a powerful download manager that can search, download and convert videos from YouTube and other authorized websites. VDownloader has a neat interface that is easy to use and navigate. The application immediately detects a video that you are playing and users can configure the application to automatically download videos that you are playing.


5. GetGo

GetGo Download Manager is a light weight application to download your videos and other files from the internet.Get go is fast, powerful and completely free. You can download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and various other websites embedded with flv format videos.


6. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is recommended by many users as being the fastest of its kind when it comes to downloading files from the internet.  Download Accelerator Plus provides users with the fastest download speeds possible whilst maintaining privacy and security.


7. Free Download Manager

The latest version of Free Download Manager comes with many improvements including flash video monitoring in Google Chrome, improvements in the user interface as well as the ability to import downloads from uTorrent and Orbit.


8. Download Accelerator Manager

DAM comes with a neat users interface and has the ability to download files from the web, schedule, resume, recover and manage internet downloads. DAM is one of the best download managers to have if you are downloading videos from YouTube. DAM is fast, light and easy to use.


9. IE7 Pro

If you use Internet Explorer as your default browser, then this extension is a must have for managing your downloads through the Internet Explorer browser. This add on for IE has many tweaks that will make your browser more friendlier, secure,useful and more customizable.

10. JDownloader

JDownloader is a free application to manage your downloads from the internet. JDownloader requires Java Runtime Environment v1.5 or higher to run on the system. JDownloader is compatible on all operating systems from Windows to Mac to Linux.


11. Aktiv Download Manager

Aktiv Download Manager comes with an adaptive download accelerator, dynamic file segmentation, and multipart downloading technology to considerably improve the download process. It successfully reuses available connections without further connecting and login stages to get the best out of the download performance. Resume interrupted or broken downloads easily with this extremely fast and reliable download manager.


12. Uget Download Manager

UGet is a standalone application that is compatible on multiple platforms including Linux operating systems. With features like speed limit control, supports for torrents and magnetic links, time scheduled downloading and with an easy to use interface, this is quite a handy application to have on your computer.


13. MultiGet

MultiGet is a robust open source download manager that is free to use. MultiGet is light, fast and powerful in downloading files from the web. The interface is simple and neat and comes without any adware or malware. It is programmed using C++. In the new version, a new feature called P2SP is introduced, which can help receive files from multiple servers, which will increase the speed of downloads considerably.


14. Unplug

Unplug is an add on for the Firefox browser.Unplug scans webpages and tells the user from where the data is being received for media files so users can download them to their computer. Unplug works for almost all websites and can download videos from practically any website. So, if you are using Firefox as your default browser, then this add on can come in handy as a light weight download manager.


15. Downloadthemall

Downloadthemall is another download manager for the Mozilla Firefox browser. This download manager is extremely popular with more than 2.2 million users. The makers say it increases download speeds by up to 4 times the normal speed. Downloads are quite fast and can be controlled by the user at any time.Users can add mirrors to downloads to add multiple servers to files so they can be downloaded quicker.


16. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator lets you noticeably increase the speed of downloads from the internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. Internet Download Accelerator integrates with almost any known browser including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Netscape.


17. GigaGet

GigaGet Download Manager is designed to improve download speeds for users by up to 10 times the usual by utilizing multi-thread and “Net Grid” technology. GigaGet allows users to download files into custom folders for easy management. Pause, resume and cancel downloads at will using this application which is easy to use and powerful.


18. Star Downloader

Star Downloader splits the file you are downloading into several parts and downloads each part separately but simultaneously through mirror sites. It is light weight and simple download manager. So Star Downloader is a nice application to have for downloading your files quickly from the internet.


19. Meta Products Download Express

This is a small application having a size of about 600 kb that allows users to download files from the internet quickly and easily. Download speeds are noticeably lower than the top download managers out there but gains weightage in terms of size and space occupied on the hard drive.


20.Fresh Download

Fresh Download is a download manager for Windows that allows for turbo charging of downloads, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, pause/resume downloads and many other features that make this a nice app to have as the default download manager.

21. SKDownloader

SKDownloader is a java based download accelerator that is compatible with Linux, Windows and other platforms. SKDownloader comes with a one click download feature making it easy to select the files to download from any web page.

22. Kooloader

Lacks some features that come in the paid version, but shows the same effectiveness when it comes to delivering download speeds for files. The application though, has been known to show sluggishness in downloading some files but that may differ from computer to computer.

23. Net Transport

Net Transport is a fast and powerful download manager for Windows that enable faster downloading by supporting the most popular Internet protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP, bitTorrent and emule. This is a handy download manager for Windows and can be compared to the best available.


24. WackGet

WackGet is a minimalistic download manager for Windows that is light and is stripped down to have only the features that are most important for a download manager. So if you are a fan of download managers with minimalistic features that do exactly what they are supposed to, then this is the one for you.

25. WGet

WGet is a command line program that allows expert users who are in touch with the Command line interface of Windows  to download files from the internet. This program allows users to download entire websites, automatically download music or movies from their favorite webpages or even transfer huge files tirelessly on a slow internet connection.


26. Install Pad

Install Pad is not exactly the type of download manager that we have discussed on this post. Install Pad is meant for users who are tired of looking for essential software for their computer every time they format their computer. This application will automatically detect the most essential software for your computer and the next time you format your computer, the application will download all these programs automatically so you don’t have to take the trouble of doing it ever again.


27. Transmission

Transmission is probably the best torrent client that is available for Mac users. Transmission offers features like selective downloading from within a torrent, scheduling of files etc.


These are just some of the download managers available on the web. If you know about a download manager that you think is better than any of these, then you can always let us know by leaving your comments.

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  1. that is not IDM, its Internet Download Accelerator!! they are different!! IDM is a paid software. thats why it has not been mentioned here

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