Top 3 Free Apple Maps Alternatives

When Apple decided to ditch Google maps and go with their own mapping solutions in the form of Apple maps, it created one of the bigger uproar of disappointments in the world of tech industry. There were countless trolls about the maps simply not working and very unlike Apple, they were forced to apologize to their customers cause they royally screwed up. However, months down the line, the uprising has died down but there have not been any major changes to Apple Maps, things still are shoddy and don’t work great at least in India. So what else can you use? Here are our three suggestions.

Apple maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is still the most reliable go to option when it comes to maps on iOS and Android. Things work brilliantly and most part of the world and the fact that Google is always up to making improvements and adding features on, means you can always expect more. There are rumors of a full screen more coming of the Google Maps at Google I/O and one that would allow even easier play around the app. There is an extremely dedicated team of people working behind Google apps so you can always expect them to deliver and since they have the history on their side and the fact that the application is available for free, it is our go to maps application on our iPhone.

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CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is one of the oldest yet simplest GPS navigation apps present on the App Store. It has recently added support for the Middle East, so if you are from that region, CoPilot will be a great alternative to Apple Maps. You also get Yelp ratings in the application for local places so  you can quickly decide which place suits your taste and which doesn’t. Although free for the lifetime, the app does offer in app purchase for a 3D maps view as well as turn by turn navigation. The traffic incidents work well on the maps and you can also lock the orientation of the maps in landscape or portrait.

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Waze is one of the coolest mapping applications present on iOS. The fact that it is driven by the community means there is always new data being fed into the system. If you are looking for the best route out of a crowded street or want to save on fuel, then Waze is an application that would really help you. Although, most popular in the United States, the app provides a fantastic voice guided navigation. You can also connect the application to your Facebook account and look at your friends positions. It also re routes you as and when the traffic conditions get bad. Definitely worth a try and an application we hold high hopes for in the future.

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So these were our top three suggestions for apps that could e used instead of Apple Maps and guarantee you reaching your destinations in case you are on a shiny iPhone. Do you use Apple Maps or one the above apps? Or something totally different. Let us know in the comments section below.

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