Top 3 Wallpaper Downloading Apps For iPhone

First things first. What is the first thing one sees when he picks up your phone and presses the legendary home button on your iPhone? ‘The lock screen’ with the slider unless you have customized it to something different. And after sliding pops up the home screen with icons and a background. These two pictures you set speaks a lot about your sense of style and also plays a vital role in enhancing the looks of your phone. So here we tell you how to get your hands on the best and latest wallpapers at the blink of an eye.

1.Wallpapers HD

It contains thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download. It is very easy to use and interface is very good. The wallpapers are categorized quite effectively so that you can easily choose what you want. It takes full advantage of the iPhone 4 and 4S retina display and unleashes the full visual potential of the device. The wallpapers look quite stunning in the 3GS as well.

You can download it very easily by selecting whether you want a fitted or full download, the latter taking a bit more space than the former. You can also rate the wallpapers and share them with your mates at the tap of a button. So go ahead and flaunt a stunning phone with gorgeous wallpapers.

2. Retina wallpapers HD

Another awesome app which is more or less similar to the previous one. You won’t regret downloading it. It is also categorized in various groups and you an select your favorite one. You jut have to save the wallpaper and then move to the photos to use it wherever you want. You can share, view slideshow, pinch in and out and much more right in the app. A great feature to be marked is the lock screen and home screen preview right in the app.

3. 10000+ wallpapers HD

Pick from over 10000 plus hand picked wallpapers and revamp your screen the way you want. It has a wide variety of  pictures and the quality is crisp and amazing. A simple category system is also present for easy grouping.

With thousands of wallpaper apps flooding the app store, there is always one better than the other. So if you come across any other app which is brilliant enough not to be missed feel free to share it with us. Feedbacks and comments are always welcome.

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