Top 5 Best QWERTY Phones You Should Go For

Technology comes in trends and phases and todays trend definitely is the touch screen, anybody you see is in a possession of a touchscreen phone; they really are the in thing. But if you are a writer on the move just like me, you would notice that typing on these touch only candy bar devices is a real pain and not exactly great, so here i would try and cover some best mobile phones with full qwerty keyboard that could sway you from your touch only phones.

1) Nokia E7

Before any of you make a shout out, i know E7 has a massive touch screen but coupled with that is a hardware keyboard to absolutely dote on, plus with a beautiful metal body, sweet color choices and a brilliant camera e7 is a fantastic phone to type on. The only downside? Yes, the Symbian OS which hangs often, but with the Anna update arriving soon, E7 is definitely worth considering, if I was you I know I definitely would.


2) Blackberry Bold 9900

No QWERTY phone list would be complete without the mention of a Blackberry. Simply stated, 9900 is the best Blackberry ever. Sporting a 2.8 inch touch screen too, typing on this one is like honeymoon. The new Blackberry OS is smooth and works well and is aesthetically appealing too, for business oriented people, it is the best option still.


3) HTC ChaCha

HTC ChaCha is probably the most non HTC like smartphone. If you are an ardent Android user and want a qwerty keypad and blackberries seem too outdated, then definitely go for this device. Packed with all your favorite Android widgets and apps, this is a phone you will not go wrong with and actually enjoy typing on it. The keyboard on this is definitely the best i have personally ever used and with a touch screen to go with, the navigation is really smooth, best of both worlds if you ask me.


4) Blackberry Torch 2 (9810)

This is the second Blackberry that makes our list simply because it is too good to miss out on. The keypad on the phone is just that good. With a massive touchscreen and a slide out QWERTY keypad using torch is simply a pleasure. The OS does seem to be a wee bit outdated and does hang a lot when loaded with applications. The list of applications are pretty limited but if you are a user who is only concerned with emailing, texting and calling and decent web browsing, torch is a very handy choice for you.


5) Dell Venue PRO

Venue PRO is the only Windows phone 7 device that makes our list. It has an amazing form factor with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard was not the very best and windows phone 7 does lack at few places but with the expected launch of Mango update, these could well be eradicated. The phone is really good and sleek. The typing was nice and comfortable and overall a wonderful choice if you want to just check out windows phone 7 on a device not purely touchscreen.


These were our choices for top 5 alternatives to the trendy touch screens, what are your views? Do let us know.

3 Responses

  1. I thought I wanted the Nokia E7 listed here until I found out it doesn’t take a memory card (it has 16GB internal memory but that’s not enough in 2011!) and I hate the fact that its charging port is located on the top of the phone. What if I want to talk on it while charging it? Can’t. Don’t know what it is with Nokia putting charging ports on the top of their phones lately. Dumb, dumb and dumb. And finally, the phone is almost 8 inches long. Way too big. Definitely not something you’ll want in your pocket.

  2. I would be buying the E7 right now if it had a better operating system. Nokia is teamed up with Microsoft these days, so I have my fingers crossed that we’ll soon see the Windows 7 Phone OS on the E7 or its successor.

    I would also be interested in an equivalent phone with Android, but so far I’ haven’t seen anything with the hardware/camera quality of the E7.

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