Top 5 fonts To Use In Byta Font

In an earlier post we had written about the application available on Cydia named byta Font which allows you to use different fonts on your iDevice.

Today i will be talking about the top 5 fonts to use on byta font which will make your phone look classier, sexier and most importantly Awesome!

1. HarryP:

Hey all you harry potter fans! This is the font for you. This font makes your phone look really classy with the traditional harry potter look. With a bit more customisation on Winterboard you can make your iDevice a real eye catcher.


2. Tenderness:

As the name goes, this is a serene font. It gives a real mature look to your phone and easy to read as well. I personally use this font and it suits me just fine!


3. Walkway:

This is a wicked font! Gives a real professional look to your phone and the most impressive part is that all the alphabets are profound and are very clear. The alphabets are thinner than tenderness font.


4. Airstream:

As the name suggests, airstream font is a little italicised font towards the back. This font looks like as if someone has written it in running handwriting. This gives a cool look to the phone. A must try!


5. Twilight new moon:

The twilight new moon font looks like the old Persian handwriting. This gives a new look to your phone and is much appreciated by a lot of people. Though very different from the name this font might also look like written by a vampire J


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