Top 5 Most Valuable Brands In The World Of Technology (An Infographic)

As consumer electronics enthusiasts we have been enraged in a million debates about which Tech name in the world is the largest. Most of the times we come down to a battle between Apple and Google as the two brands that stand shoulder to shoulder. It is pretty much impossible to sit and logically compare brands, their performances in stocks can be a n indication, but that never tells the whole story, cue in Facebook. Everybody agrees that Facebook is one of the biggest brand names when it comes to Technology, but how close or far is it from the likes of Google or Apple? Such questions are asked often and there is little help available to answer them logically.

However, here is a very interesting infographic that we came across which ranks top five most valuable brands in the word of Technology. As pretty much expected all the leading players such as Apple, Microsoft and Google feature on the list. The infographic also compares how popular these brands are across the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here is the full infographic for you describing the brand values of these top five giants for year 2012 and 2011:



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