Top 5 Best Smartphones You Should Check Right Now: Mobile Buyer’s Guide

Mobile is emerging. New mobile phones are evolving every week. iOS, Android, Windows Phones are expanding their reach with the help of several mobile making giant like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia. In this huge market, it’s definitely very difficult to choose best . The following list is in no particular order, so if you are buying a new phone, do consider any one of these given money is no issue.

1) APPLE IPHONE 4S: Any need of describing this one? With people lining up in front of stores a day before its launch, getting their sleeping bags along so that they can spend the night there in front of the store itself like its some holy pilgrimage, does this cocktail of brilliance need a description? Well NO. So if you want a simple yet a fantabulous phone, and you don’t believe in ‘modding’ a lot, go for this, MUST BUY.

2)SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2: The wave created by the first galaxy s, was enormous. The only smartphone of its time to give some competition to the might iphone. This made it tough for the next in line. But fortunately for both Samsung and us users, the galaxy S 2, lived up to the hype which was created by its predecessor. So if you want an android phone which is both sleek and powerful ,then this is for you.

3)BLACKBERRY TORCH 9860: With this wonderful phone, Blackberry, once known as the phone for office goers , has impressed media lovers. It has a big ,beautiful and a bright screen, a fast processor, and it can record high definition videos. It has no physical QWERT keypad but just a multi touch display.
With all the other amazing features such as BBM and its signature emails, this is one of the best blackberry phone till date.

4)MOTOROLA DROID RAZR: Oh yes, the name is familiar, you are getting there , there was a Motorola razr launched in 2004, it was a status symbol then, also a fashion icon. And its launched again, revamped, comes with android , having all the right ingredients to be in the race. The phone like the original razr, is razor thin, hence the name. With specs such as 4.3 super AMOLED touchscreen,1.2 Ghz dual core processor and 8MP camera, this is definitely one of the best phones in the market,and ofcourse if you loved razr ,you would love the droid version ;).

5)HTC SENSATION: With HTC launching new smartphones every now and then, its really difficult to keep track of every one of them. But this one is a beauty. Runs on Android 2.3, it has a solid feel with its 4.3 inch screen. With its dual core processor it’s a powerhouse of a phone, with impressive internet browsing. HTC launched this phone to stand against the likes of Samsung galaxy s 2,so you can very well imagine its capabilities. SO again, if you like HTC and Android, consider this model.


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