Top 50 Best Online Photo Editing Tools

If you are looking for a place to give those minor tweaks to your images so you can share them with your friends, and don’t want to download software to perform those edits, then here are some awesome online photo editing tools that you can use to edit your images for free online.

1. FotoFlexer:

FotoFlexer is one of the most powerful online image editing tools on the web. It is simple and easy to use and is filled with a variety of features that users can use to edit their images. Rotate, crop, resize, flip, draw or fill your images. Add shadows or highlights to images. You can perform basic edits like red-eye removal, fix blemishes, smoothen edges, sharpen images etc.


2. Phixr:

Phixr is another easy to use image editing tool to edit your photos online. Simply upload your images using the Upload Photo button and start editing your images using the variety of options available to users on the website.


3. Picnik:

Picnik is one of the most popular online photo editing tools out there today. With Picnik, you can grab photos from Flickr, Photobucket or Facebook and start editing those photos directly from the website. With a ton of features, this site is the first choice for many users.


4. Photoshop Express:

The name is enough for some to choose this site as their best online editing option. The online editor comes with almost all features that you will get on your downloadable application. So if you know how to use Photoshop well, then this tool should be enough to meet your editing needs.


5. Phoenix(Aviary):

From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web based application.


6. Pixlr:

Pixlr has a basic and advanced version, where the basic version allows you to perform all the basic editing functions like resizing, crop, rotate, highlight, shadows etc. The full version or the advanced version allows you to create images from scratch as it comes with a lot more functions and features. The full version works similar to Photoshop or GIMP.


7. Splashup:

Formerly known as Fauxto, Splashup is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With features professionals need and the easy to use interface for use even by beginners, this online editor works in real time and allows you to edit many images at once.


8. Pixenate:

Gets started with Pixenate by choosing a photo from your computer or adding a URL. You can then perform basic editing functions on your images on this website. The website has a very minimalistic and basic interface and is a nice choice for beginners.


9. Picture2Life:

Perform basic image edits, create various shaped collages and share them on other websites with your friends. Though the options and features are limited, it is worth the visit for beginners.


10. Dr. Pic:

Perform basic everyday edits by uploading pictures from your computer or from a URL. This site has extremely basic features and is another good choice for beginners.


11. Lunapic:

Lunapic is a feature rich image editor. You can choose an image from your computer or a URL or create images from scratch. There are loads of options and effects to choose from and you can make many adjustments, use drawing tools or create animations and much more on this website.


12. Free Online Photo Editor:

Upload your image from the computer or from a website on the internet and edit them directly from your browser for free. You can resize, sharpen or rotate the image and also apply several filters to the image to  create the perfect edits so you can upload them and share them with your friends.

free photo

13. Pizap:

Pizap is an online photo editing tool that lets you have some fun with your photos by adding speech bubbles, effects, cutout faces and more.


14. FlauntR:

FlauntR requires you to register to their website before you can proceed with using their features. Registration is free and once it is done, you can apply different styles, edit images, apply effects, enter text to the images and more.


15. is another simple and easy to use free online image editor.Resize your images, colorize, sharpen and apply several preset effects from the list on the website.

16. Online Photo Tool:

Resize, crop, sharpen, rotate, flip, color balance, saturation, add effects and much more can be done using this simple and free online tool.


17. MyImager:

MyImager requires you to create an account on the website and allows you to work with images either by uploading them from the computer or through a URL. You can even create new images and work with the tools available and add effects and drawings to your images.


18. Pixer:

Pixer is an easy way to give those quick fixes to your images before you can share them with your friends on the web. There are a lot of features and effects to choose from and you can apply them for free without any kind of registration.


19. BeFunky:

BeFunky is an easy to use online image editing tool that has a number of categories to choose from and you can do practically anything to your images to change it and share them with your friends. There are loads of features and effects to choose from and users can use all these for free.


20. Photo505:

Photo505 is a little different from the usual image editing tools and it is basically a website which lets you have some fun with your photos. The website contains a large collection of images and you can add you faces to those images easily on the website.


21. Big Huge Labs:

This is a website that has loads of categories and features that allows users to easily select what they exactly want to do to their images. All its tools are separated and arranged to make it easier for users to choose what they want to do.


22. Pixisnap:

With Pixsnap, you can create mosaic or polaroid files for your images.


23. Photovisi:

Photovisi is a website where users can create collages easily. Simply choose the templates that you want for your collage and then start adding images to that template. You can download the created collages or share them with your friends.


24. ImageChef:

Image chef contains a number of features for users to choose from and can select what they want and start editing and creating their images through them on the website for free.


25. FixPicture:

FixPicture is a website that can be helpful for digital camera owners who want a quick fix to resize their images or to convert them to other formats or even to give them that slight edit that will make the image even more attractive.


26. PicTreat:

PicTreat is a one-click solution to your images. The online tool automatically adjusts the lighting and other factors in the image and gives you an edited image which is clearer and more attractive than the original.


27. AnyMaking:

Apply nice and creative effects to your images with the tools available on this website. AnyMaking makes beautiful artworks from your everyday images and you can then share them with your friends.


28. WriteonIt:

WriteonIt allows you to create Photomontages, free cards, magazine covers and other funny stuff that you can use to joke about with your friends.


29. Fun Photo Box:

Fun Photo Box is a website that allows users to create fun effects and animation on images that users can upload from their computer or from a URL.


30. Blingee:

Add glitter, graphics and comments to your images and then share them with your friends from the website.


31. Snipshot:

Snipshot is a tool users can use to edit their images online. Users can edit raw images online, apply effects and make portraits faster with this tool and perform basic edits like contrast, brightness, color, red eye correction etc.


32. Loonapix:

Loonapix is another website that allows users to create special effects and make funny and creative edits to their images. The website has a ton of images to choose from and allows for simple and creative edits.


33. Dumpr:

Dumpr is a website which allows users to create neat and funny photo edits that you can share with your friends online.


34. MagMyPic:

MagMyPic makes it easy for users to create fake magazine covers from their images.


35. Fototrix:

Create special effects and unique frames for your images on this website. There are loads of frames to choose from users can share them with friends.


36. Pic Artia:

Pic Artia has a simple 3 step process that helps make your images look like it was shot by a professional after you have finished editing.


37. In Style:

In Style has an online editing tool to give your images the perfect Hollywood style makeovers.

hollywood makeover

38. Face In Hole:

Face In Hole is a website where you can put your face into another images and have some fun with your images. You can then share them with your friends.


39. Festisite Money:

Become famous by putting your face on a money bill and share them with your friends. This is a fun way to interact with friends and pass some time.


40. My Heritage:

My Heritage is an application that applies advanced face recognition technology to everyday family photos and it is absolutely free.


41. Jpg Fun:

Have fun with your images by adding frames, create photo effects or simply perform those minor edits to make your images look more attractive.


42. Einstein Form:

Write any text that you want and the online tool will display the text on the Einstein image. Nice place to have some fun with the greatest scientist of all time.


43. FotoCrib:

FotoCrib is a web based photo editing service that allows users to create photo montages, add 3D effects, encrypt images, create rounded corners, convert images to other formats and much more.


44. PicJoke:

If you are looking for some simple fun time on the web with your images and don’t want to go into the complicated stuff that Photoshop has to offer, then this site is a nice place to visit. Simply click on an image and put your image into it. It is a simple and easy to use tool that can be used by anyone.


45. Festisite-Card Game:

Another fun tool from Festisite where you can merge your image into a card.


46. My Theme Image Editor:

Perform basic edits on your images with this simple tool that allows for adding effects and other adjustments to images to make them look more attractive.


47. Front Page you:

Put your image on the front page of a newspaper or a magazine and surprise your friends.


48. Moron Face:

Create hilarious moronic image edits of your photos and share them with your friends.


49. Tilt Shift Maker:

Tilt Shift Maker is an online tool that uses  your images and edits them to make it look like a real life image taken by a professional. Simply upload your photo and the tool will do the rest.


50. Eff My Pic:

Create effects and add frames to your images to have some fun on the web and share them with your friends.


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