Top 50 List Post of My Blog:Power List 2009

Today is the last day of 2009. The new year is knocking the door . On this occasion  I collect all the list post of Blogtechnika which I wrote this year. These are highly researched post and very useful to any newbie as well as  established blogger. I started this blog on the month of August and started serious blogging from October. In these 3 months this blog had achieved lots of milestones. Few of them are more than 2000 comments and 55K Alexa rank. Hope I will give some more cool articles in the upcoming year 2010 and make Blogtechnika one of the finest blog of the World.


1. 8 Killer Tips For Increasing Page views Of Your Blog

2. 5 Tips For Using Blog Post Title Effectively

3. 10 Important Points To Make A Good Social Media Profile

4. 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Showing Any Ads

5. 6 Impressive Ways You Can Use Your Blog

6. 6 Basic Things You Should Know About Blog

7. 6 Important Points To Remember Before Making A Unique Blog

8. 25 Great And Useful Features Of

9. 7 Tips to Make A Community Near Your Blog And Increasing Conversation

10. 5 Unique ways To Add Value To Twitter

11.5 Killer And Efficient Domain Name Selecting Tools

12. Top 10 Dreams Of A Professional Blogger

13. Top 8 Tips To Make A Strong Social Media Profile

14.5 Blogging Strategy To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

15. 4 Famous steps in the installation of WordPress

16. 10 Reasons To Get Distracted From Your Blog

17. 10 Unique Tips To Write An Attractive Article For Visitors

18.7 Simple Ideas To Associate Your Blog With Readers

19. 15 Incredible And Unmatched Qualities Of Professional Bloggers

20. 40 Great Twitter Tips For Twitter Users

21. 25 Creative Ways To Battle With Writer’s block

22. 5 Ways To Approach Bloggers for Making A Contact

23. 8 Stages Of Blogging Journey Of A Common Little Blogger

24. 20 Most Popular Technical and Professional Bloggers of India: 2009 Power List

25. 6 must Follow Blogging tips For Professional Bloggers

26. Top 10 Political Blog which are ready to take place of Print Media

27. Top 10 greatest advantages of Blogging

28. 10 reasons why people use internet

29. Top 10 Social News Aggregators for new content ideas

30. 7 Useful and must have Portable Applications for every Bloggers

31. 5 reasons why WordPress plugins can cause major harm to your blog

32. 8 necessary and important criteria for professional blogging

33. 8 Greatest advantages of WordPress

34. 10 killer tips to get more comments on every blog post

35. 22 steps in a daily life of a professional blogger

36. 7 Factual ways of making online money

37. 7 best resources on blog comments strategy

38. 25 Killer Blogging tools for Bloggers

39. How to market your post effectively in 10 easy ways

40. 10 reasons why today is the best time to start a blog

45. Top 10 Weblogs I follow to learn Blogging

46. 8 things not to do on Twitter

47. 8 must watch video for effective SEO of a blog

48.7 Facebook tips for status update on Facebook wall

49.Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress bloggers

50.10 ways to kill your blog

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  1. What i can say is “mater collection by the master blogger.. ”
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..Happy Blogging Year 2010 – 2010 Blogging Resolutions =-.

  2. This is an awesome list of some fantastic posts Himanshu. 🙂 Would you mind if I carried this list over to my blogging community as a resourceful post?
    .-= Static | ahnternet´s last blog ..BloggersBB Launch Contest Giving Away $1000+ Prizes! =-.

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