Top 8 Tips To Make A Strong Social Media Profile

Social media is a strong medium to make a brand name. Brand name is very necessary to build an online reputation. Some people don’t know the importance of brand name. I am giving the great example of brand name which instantly click on people’s mind. You can take anyone either Darren Rowse of Problogger, or Daniel Scooco of Dailyblogtips. These are great brand names. Everyone trust them and follow them because everyone knows that these peoples always deliver great content.


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Basic of Social media Profile

Social media profile must be visible enough. There are lots of social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, reddit or anyone. Lets take an example of Twitter. Twitter is a great micro blogging service which can use to deliver high end content. You can ask a question from yourself that how much value you are adding to Twitter per day.

Make an attractive Profile image

Nice profile image always attract attention of other users. Always select attractive profile image. Try to make a select an image which is clear to everyone. You can also try icons or any different picture as your image. You can make cartoon  Gravatar with different tools.

Profile visibility

I am not going to tell you how to get Twitter followers. I am only telling you that can you calculate that how much your profile is valuable to other. Are you adding some value to Twitter. Are you tweeting your own content or tweeting other’s too. People want great content and if you give them great content continuously then your profile automatically spread everywhere. The same principle apply for other social media websites like Digg, Stumbleupon.

Brand Recognition

If you continuously add value to the site then you will appear again and again in the universe. You will get lots of Retweet and people start recognizing you avatar or profile image. Use same profile image on every social media sites. This will helpful to boost your profile and brand name.

Time factor

Time is the main factor for preventing many people to make a brand. Who like to active all the time on Digg, submitting stories and promoting other’s website. It is a tough task for many people. But I want to say that making a social media identity is a very difficult process. You can’t make your identity overnight by delivering few killer article. You have to do it again and again.

Established brand

Established brands are those brand which is viral in the social media. ProbloggerZaibatsu, Flipbooks, Phaoolo are some great example of established brand. In starting everyone do hard work but now they don’t need to do so much work to push stories. It automatically spread themselves.

Listen everyone

Anyone asking for any help on social media, listen him carefully and reply immediately. Make it public so that everyone see that you are providing help to someone. This is a great example of making a trust. Don’t ignore anyone. Don’t think that you are famous in social media so you can ignore anyone.

Learn from others

Everyone need to learn new things. Don’t ignore any valuable thoughts. Always learn from others. You can make a conversation with others. You can add people on IM and have a chat from those users who are very active users of social media.

Digg as an example

Some people submit their own story on social media. It is not considered as a good process because ultimately you are promoting your content instead of increasing any value. Try to digg as much content as possible but not only own, but others too. If you continuously promote content from your website your profile may ban from this social media. Same rule apply for Stumbleupon too.

These are some basics of Social media. In my starting days of blogging I was unaware with the importance of Social media and done lots of mistakes. I submitted lots of stories on Digg and stumbleupon and they all belongs to my own website (not Blogtechnika). So be aware, learn from your mistakes and you will get the result sooner. Obviously it need hard work and lots of patience.

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    • Thanks Chetan! If you are not an active user of digg, stumbleupon then you can change your profile image immediately. There will be no harm. If you are activate on a website like Twitter then you can change your profile image but you need to active a lot for few days to create your profile buzz. But you have to use your same image everywhere so that people coming from different social media sites can easily distinguish you from others.

      Note that changing profile image always harm your brand. But harm can be minimized by creating immediate buzz on social media.

      • thanks for the tip 😀 iam doing that, in each my social profile i added same profile image. getting good response 😀 now developing in SU better than before 😀 for me its a good growth 😀 this is really useful
        seen many users change their profile daily like they have the hobby, they dont know it will affect theit reputation

  1. I feel more than anything A profile half filled. With your about me saying “I don’t know” or “you should say” or “ask my friends” is the biggest turn-off.

    Keep your own profile picture. That increases trust.
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