Top Alternatives To Instagram On Android

Since its arrival in the play store, instagram has been a huge success. With its easy to apply filters and borders it has won many hearts including mine. However, its a very love it or hate it affair. Whatever the case is, read on as we tell you some of the popular and not so popular alternatives to Instagram.

Pixlr-O-Matic: An Instagram clone, it is directed to those fans of instagram’s simple UI but are done with limited filters in instagram. A direct comparison, instagram has 18 filters, 2 focusing tools(point focus and tilt shift) and borders to give that retro look. How about doing more with pixlr-O-Matic’s 68 filters, 73 lighting effects and 193 borders.
Once customized the photo can be uploaded to all the common social platforms as well as pixlr’s clone named

Hipstamatic:  It is so close to Instagram that they actually share a network. So when you take a photo on Hipstamatic, you can choose to push it to Instagram. The new deal with Facebook makes this sibling relationship a lot more interesting.

Hipster: Just like instagram, hipster offers a bunch of great pre-configured filters and border combinations. But unlike instagram, it allows one to add text over photo. The pictures can then be shared online or with hipsters community.

Lightbox photos: with lightbox one has the choice to make individual  photo private or public, unlike instagram. Also one can link their facebook and twitter accounts to see photos from friends without having a lightbox account. This has been reportedly been acquired by Facebook too, so in a lot of regions pulled away from the Play Store. In the ones remaining, you should download it.

Vignette: Vignette offers a complete suit to apply a multitude of effects, 76 to be exact with 57 borders in any combination. While instagram is limited to retro or vintage types of filters with vignette on can also have LOMO, Polaroid, toy camera type effects. Further, instagram lowers your resolution of final images while vignette applies them to full sized images.

Individual settings can be saved as shortcuts on your home screen and pictures be directly clicked from there.

Streemzoo: The closest thing to an instagram clone, the app has great filters and affects. But this doesn’t stop at photos. Why to when you can upload videos too!

Some of the other popular alternatives you can try are: picplz, picYou, molome, TaDaa and EyeEm.

I hope we have bought you a detailed enough list to choose an alternate just in case you do not want to go with Instagram which honestly would be hard to believe. Please leave your comments in the section below.

Blogtechnika would like to express heartfelt gratitude towards Mr. Ankur Jangra for his immense contribution towards this post.

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