Top Apple Game Developer Left His Job To Develop iOS Games

Graeme Devine, creator of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour (one of the bestselling games), quit his job at Apple after one year of Apple iPhone Game Technologies division.

He left his job to develop games based on iPhone and iPad, he told in an interview with Kotaku. His plan is to form a company that would be focussed on creating titles for the iOS and its devices.

For thois who don’t know about him can visit this Wikipedia page. He was was born in Glasgow, Scotland and joined Atari at age 16 to design games. According to him

I wanted to get back to the actual business of making games and while I loved my time, the people, and the platform I worked on at Apple I am ultimately a game designer that wants to make games. When I first got an iPad I was sold on it being the ultimate piece of science fiction technology for gaming. I think it is the most interesting new technology product I’ve worked on in years and I really wanted to make games for it.

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