Top blogging excuses on which I laugh out loud

Blogging is a passion for everyone, it can’t be forcibly impart on anyone. Blogging is totally a game of mind, one who is very sharp, can go on the top by planning, dedication and execution (hard work). Some bloggers aim to make money by blogging. Some do very hard work to get on the top but some want success from the short cut method. They want their blog comparable with Problogger, Mashable or Labnol. but they can’t realize the hard work involve in the process of making of any successful blog. They think that updating a blog once in a week is sufficient for a while and they carry their work on the next week. Blogging should be done in a mannered way. If not so, it should be better to quit. There are many excuses came from bloggers for not updating their blog. Here are few of them:


1) I will write post tomorrow: Today is not a suitable day, I am not in a mood of writing the post, so let’s do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. This is the most common problem with any blogger. Ok, its natural that mood reflects our activity, but when you set your goal to make a successful blog then you should not get back from your foot step. Blogging should be done in punctuality. If your ability doesn’t allow you to work on your blog regularly then it is better to quit from your blogging job or you don’t need to expect any traffic for your blog by any miracle.


2) Time is less and work load is more: I get only 4 free hours in my daily schedule. I can do rest or I write a post. This is a famous excuse from those persons who are doing blogging as a part time and also involve in a full time day job. For part time blogging, there should be punctuality in a work schedule. Part time bloggers need to update their blog once in a second day.

3) I am not so creative:  I am not too much creative like other top bloggers and I can’t write too much sticky post. What happen if everyone makes jokes on my blog? I write so weird. What happen if reputation of my blog will go down from my writing behaviour? This is a third type of excuse which is totally wasteful. It is just like you are preparing for any examination and you know the result of the examination that you will be fail.

4) I can loss visitors: Let me think some killer articles. I will publish only those articles which are really useful for my visitors. So let’s wait and wait. This wait ends from the end of the blog career. Some bloggers do this mistake frequently. Instead of writing some short informative article, they emphasize on creating big resource or huge resource or top 10 things to do; type contents. So that they can attracts visitors all around the world.

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5) Let’s active on social networking sites first; from where can I get the visitors. Social networking is the best place to get interacted with visitors of blog. So let’s develop some visitors first. Most of the bloggers waste their useful time on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon or Orkut to make social contacts instead of updating their blog. They forget one important thing that if blog is not fetching with nice articles than how can anyone came and stick with their blog. They ultimately increase the bounce rate of their blog.

6) I will write only those type of article on which I could get at least 20 comment: Commenting is very necessary for any blog but writing an article only for commenting seems to be very stupid. There are numerous useful articles on the internet which is get exposed by lots and lots of visitors but they don’t have a single comment. It is not necessary that on every article should be commented.


7) My blog earning is zero, why I am doing this much hard work: This is a common problem amongst newbie who start blogging within a month. They don’t know how to make money by blogging. They simply fetch all their homepage with lots of Google Ads in hope of among 100 visitors at least 25 can click on the ads. But the trick doesn’t work, so they make it a common perception that if I am not getting money from ads why I am wasting my time in Blogging. But the reality is blogging is a slow process. It requires lots of hard work and patience. No one can become rich within months. It requires at least six month earning decent money through blogging.

8) I am preparing for my exams: I am unable to update my blog as I am going to face my final exams. Blogging is not a time pass game; it should be done in a mannered way. There are lots of options available in Wordress dashboard. Scheduling a blog post is one of them.  If anyone really doesn’t get time to write an article, he should write at least 15 articles in a draft and schedule it for a month. No need to check your blog daily, WordPress do the remaining work.


9) Lets have some Safari ride for few days: Some bloggers plan their vacation on time but they forget to plan their articles. They really don’t care for the post frequency. They think that after return from holidays they will update their blog. This is very serious excuse or we say that mistake made by any blogger. Blog update is very necessary in terms of SEO and in terms of daily visitors. The above rule applies here also. Blog post should be scheduled so that post updating frequency never change.

10) I am not as famous as Mashable; my blog is not so famous as much as Mashable or I am not getting as much response as my competitor gets. So let’s take a rest for some time and make some killer strategy to compete with other blog who are so establish. It’s a most laughing excuse from any blogger. Why they compare themselves with an established blog. Blog like Mashable, Problogger, Techcrunch who are so much established and saturated. They have a team of editors and news resources so that they could get update minute by minute. Their every article gets tweeted several times as they write breaking news so often. Don’t compete yourself with establish blogger. Make your own strategy to increase your blog visitors.

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  1. Hey Himanshu, how you got these ideas? some are like what exactly I said?
    1st one is very true and one more thing “I want a lot of time for research before writing any post”. This was my excuse.

    • @Titimma I got this ideas from my friend who start working on his blog few months ago, he used to give these types of excuses which are really lol. I am also a part of one excuse. Few months ago I took a break from blogging and my excuse was I am busy in my job. I got inspiration from many bloggers such as Keith and Honey who are a part time blogger but doing so well in both the field.

  2. i will write post later or tomorrow is the most significant way of losing a killer post. Some time while browsing you come up with a great post idea, but you think of doing it later. This always leads in never. In Blogging its always now or never.

    The best way to get over is use windows live writer and start post, though even if you not finish it, you jot down the basic point which you are thinking and later on you can put it in action..
    Regarding part time bloggers, the most common problem is post frequency because of their daily job, to get over this problem I will suggest use mind mapping to create lots of idea at one go and later on write this articles in a single day.
    Since your theme of writing post that day is only one, you can continuously write lots of articles…
    Now use the WordPress scheduling feature to schedule your post , make sure you have maxblog press ping optimizer plugin installed which will take care of ping spam or not pinging your schedule post…

    Hats off to you, specially when you are coming up with such killer article with your day to day job 🙂

  3. Thanks for your valuable comment Harsh. Yes you are right, actually I also make a note whenever I got any idea, I make few points and save a note in my Gmail account. I can done this anwhere, while travelling on road, shopping on mall or even in my office. I also use my mobile phone’s notepad which is very helpful reminder for me. This article is also a result of such a habit.

  4. “Yawn, I am so tired. I am going to post TOMORROW”

    That sounded just like ME 🙂

    Yeah, and as you rightly said, I too use my mobile’s notepad to save the ideas when I am on the move. And when I am in the bar too 😉

    My friends look at me like they are going to break my nuts, tsk!!

    • @Suneel Nice to know that you follow this kind of practices, it really hep us to write a great content. And “Tomorrow” word is a biggest problem , it should be removed from our dictionary.

  5. I saw few blogs not updated from months but they are continuously building links. When you make one successful blog then easy to replicate on others. but most people fails to make one blog successful.

    • @ Rahul Absolutely right. Building link is a secondary thing, writing content is a primary, post frequency should be maintained as Google love post frequency. Content is the main factor for the reputation of the blog. But most of the bloggers do this mistake frequently which results in degrade of blog performance.

  6. Most bloggers fail because of any of those points mentioned above

    1st and 7th point is the main showing laziness of the blogger

  7. 1 AND 2 for me: Time is less and work load is more AND SO I will write a new post this coming weekend (and weekend never comes) .. just when I started blogging from scratch 🙁

  8. hiiii
    there are two things common in both pf us
    1. our first post came in august only.
    2. both of us are facing same problem you might think that what problem you are facing but there,s one

    Did you notice Google is indexing only homepage of your site. Google not indexing the rest of pages of our site may be our site is new so it to be or something else if you know the solution of this problem please tell me ,i noticed that you have receives comments from some great indian blog master like harsh ,surendra sharma you can take there help easily.

    Thank you for reading please help if you know about it and must reply as soon as possible
    Thank you again

    Your friend

  9. One of the better post i have ever read. These are the excuses which i have often use and not able to work consistently. Everyday i think i will work but like all days that day ill also lost.

  10. I guess there are many more points to be added and in fact you didn’t add some of the weakness I have. I don’t want to reveal them here though. Any how that’s not the point here. Good post mate.
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  11. My excuse is My blog earning is zero, why I am doing this much hard work… 🙁
    .-= Muhammmad Qasim´s last blog ..Listen to Any Website Text Content with Internet Text Speaker =-.

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