Top Five Alternative Keyboards For Android Phones

One feature that has always attracted us to android is the ability to customise it to our own needs. Be it theming the device, using custom ROMS or managing the processor speed, Android is a wonderful open platform so that your device functions exactly just how you need it to. Typing is without a doubt the most commonly done activity on our smartphones so it’s common sense we should be able to customise our keyboards to our liking. So, here is our pick to top five alternate choices for Android keyboards you can download from the android market place to suit your taste.

1) Go Keyboard by Go Dev Team

Go keyboard is without a doubt one of the most popular keyboards in the market place. It is available for free. It supports various languages and you have good choices in keyboard layout. If you are used to typing on the old numerical keypad othe 12 key cellphones, then this is a great choice. It supports various Meiji emoticons and can be themed and changed as per your own needs. It also has a support for sliding inputs and is a Multi touch input keyboard which enables faster typing. It is a must have keyboard for Android smart phone.

2) Swiftkey X Keyboard by Touchtype

Swiftkey keyboard is in my opinion the most accurate Android keyboard in market place. The only downside is that you have to pay to download it, but it is worth the money. The predictions are extremely accurate and if you make plenty of errors, chances are you would magically find yourself making fewer mistakes. It supports upto three enabled languages at one time. There is also the added feature of theming your keyboard according to your needs. Like the name suggests, typing is much quicker on this one than the stock keyboard.

3) Smart Keyboard Pro by Dexilog, LLC:

Smart keyboard pro is another alternate to your stock keyboard on your Android device. It has multiple language support and various themes to the keyboard. The pro version of the keyboard is a paid application but if paid ain’t your thing you can get a trial version too from the market which is obviously free. The standout feature of this Android keyboard is the ability to calibrate your keyboard, so in case you have thicker fingers Han normal people you might want top give this a try so that you do not accidentally press the neighbouring keys while typing. It also has various appearance and prediction options which makes this keyboard extremely customisable.

4)TouchPal Keyboard by Cooltek

Touchpal is one of the cleanest UI keyboards out there. If you are sick of tapping and fancy some swipping typing then Touchpal is a great option. The developer claims that the intelligent next word prediction on this keyboard saves upto 80% keystrokes which is fairly accurate. This Android keyboard comes with Multi language support as well as voice input. The dictionary is already really capable but also has an Internet update in built which makes sure there are new words always added on. The keyboard is an absolute joy to use and uses a technology called Touchpal curve which lets you pause in the middle to get long word predicted. It is highly recommended you download this. And yes, it is absolutely free on the market place.

5) SlideIT Soft Keyboard by Dasur Ltd.

SlideIT is a good alternate to Touchpal. It replaces typing with sliding and is available for free. It also has various customisable themes which let you change the colour of your keyboard to match the skin of your device. The prediction is intelligent and it actually works really well. It also has multiple language support. The only issue I faced while using slideIT was few forced closes and crashes, which just maybe due to my custom ROM. Definitely good enough to make our top 5 and worthy of being downloaded and given a shot.

So this was our list of five alternative keyboards you must check out in the market place for our Android devices. Do you agree with out list? What keyboards do you use? Do let us know.

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