Top Gadgets Announced in CES 2012

So friends, the Consumer Electronics Show, more popularly known as CES has just begun. People were filled with excitement and anticipation as the latest trends in technology were announced. The main storylines of this year’s show were power and mobility, super light and portable ultrabook laptops, or how best to upgrade vehicles to include the best and the most high-tech features. Here, we have the most sought after products and news that is doing the rounds in this year’s show. So, read on!!


Smartphones are the in thing in todays world. Everybody who wants to buy a new cellphone, will think of a smartphone. CES has brought in some new releases from some of the most popular companies and they all come with a host of new and exciting features.



HTC announced the arrival of their new Titan II smartphone in this year’s CES. This new phone from HTC has some really impressive features that will create interest from consumers.

The HTC Titan II comes with the AT&T 4G LTE connection that offers better connectivity and faster speeds for internet browsing. It comes with a larger battery than its predecessor. It has a 1.5 Ghz SnapDragon  Dual Core processor which promises to deliver impressive speed and better response. The phone comes with the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system which will be exciting to test.

The main feature that stands out in this phone is the whopping 16 megapixel camera that has been fitted into this smart gadget. It can take extremely clear and good quality pictures and that can be seen on the 4.7 inch super AMOLED display.

New Nokia Lumia 900

lumia 900

Nokia took the CES 2012 as an opportunity to show off their new smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900, which is based on the Windows Phone platform. It will also come with the AT&T’s 4G LTE network and boasts a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen that is designed for rich media experiences.

The company has still kept some information from the people. The details regarding the pricing or availability is yet to be disclosed and there was no news of tablets or the phones availability on other carriers.

Other interesting features include Carl Zeiss optics in the camera with a f2.2 aperture lens and 28 mm focal length, a front facing camera, dual LED flash, 16 GB of internal memory and a polycarbonate casing available in black or blue.

Samsung Galaxy Note:


Although this phone has been released in Asia and Europe, this phone deserved a mention in our CES 2012 list for its release in the US in collaboration with AT&T which has added two new features to the phone- AT&T’s 4G LTE network and a faster 1.5 Ghz processor.

Being the biggest phone released by Samsung, this phone really needed to impress when it comes to features. And it does. With a 5.3 inch HD super AMOLED screen, the colors and and clarity on this phone are second to none. It packs an 8 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel camera in the front, both delivering outstanding image quality. The phone comes with a 2500 mAh battery, which is understandable, considering the power required to feed that huge screen.

The one thing that brings the appeal of this phone down is that it comes with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. AT&T will provide upgrades to the latest Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich which better happen soon .

Now, some people might think, “Why the stylus?”. This new phone from Samsung comes with a capacitive rather than a resistive screen, so it will respond equally well with both your finger tips as well as the stylus. The stylus, known as the S-pen is basically meant for more creative things that you can do on the phone.

Overall, this phone is a hit amongst consumers who want something more from a phone.

Motorola Droid RAZR-Black


For some, the name itself is cool and futuristic enough to attract consumers. Think about it. Owning a phone called the “Droid Razr”. Sounds like a gadget from a Star Wars movie.

The Motorola Droid Razr comes with an attractive, lightweight and slim design, which is to be expected from a Razr. The phone is also water repellent and scratch resistant. The phone has a 4.3 inch super AMOLED advanced display and a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor. It comes with bundles of multimedia features, corporate and government security, webtop functionality and a decent battery life.

The size of the phone is one aspect that may bring it down, but with the amount of features and impressive design, the Droid Razr is easily one of the top Android smartphones to look forward to in the coming months.

Computers & Hardware

This section will never go away. People will always look for improvements to the gadgets they use everyday like their computer and music players. CES 2012 promises consumers with newer and improved and technology in this field.

Sony’s Answer to iPOD Touch – Sony Walkman Z


When everyone is busy challenging the Apple iPhone, Sony decided to take a different path and challenge the Apple iPod touch. Sony has come up with the Walkman Z, which comes with the Android 2.3 on a considerably large 4.3 inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×480.

The Walkman Z is a fully licensed Google product,that comes with the entire Android experience, including the Android market, Gmail, maps, books and much more. Sony has added its own customized music player that contains loads of features to help improve your music listening experience.

Sony has thrown in every audio enhancement technology that they have, including Clear Bass, S-Master MX digital amplifier,DSEE high frequency restoration, VPT virtual sound, Clear phase and Clear stereo.

With the amount of features thrown in to this gadget, we can safely say it is one of the top contenders in this year’s CES.

NVIDIA Teams up With ASUS To Take On Kindle


No groundbreaking announcements were made by NVIDIA in this year’s CES. But they did create quite a stir when they said they were planning to sell an unnamed 7-inch tablet, similar to the ASUS Transformer Prime, running a Tegra 3 chip at a price of just $249 to challenge the likes of the reputed Kindle and Nook tablets.

There is currently no fixed date for the release of this gadget by NVIDIA. But the tablet will come with the newest version of the Android Ice-cream sandwich.

For NVIDIA, CES 2012 was meant mainly to show off their new Tegra 3 chip which was thought to be a quad core chip. But, NVIDIA CEO Jun-Hsun Huang has clarified that the Tegra-3 will come with a fifth “ninja core” that will be able to snoop around in the background and perform some functions on its own to help maintain the performance on the machine it is running on.

Digital Photo And Video

CES 2012 brought about new trends in the technology and design of digital cameras and camcorders released by some of the most popular manufacturers.

Olympus SP-620 UZ


The new Olympus SP-620 UZ is certainly not a looker, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for where it really matters, in features and picture quality. This new 16 megapixel beast by Olympus comes with a 21×25-525 mm lens and a 3 inch LCD. It gets its extra weight from the 4 AA batteries that it uses. Its pretty much the same camera as the 610 UZ released in 2011 but with a wider lens and more megapixels and delivers equally good picture clarity.

This camera is not pocketable due to its bulkiness. So, if that’s something you don’t mind, then this camera can be a choice to consider.

Panasonic & Its Unique Strategy to Sell


Panasonic has this strategy of releasing 2 versions of the same camera every time, in which one always outsells the other. This year, they have come up with the Lumix FH8 and FH6.

The 16 megapixel FH8 comes with a  bright f2.5-6.4 24-120 mm Leica lens with a 5x zoom, a 3 inch LCD, 720p HD mp4 movie capture with a one-touch record button, USB battery charging and an intelligent Auto mode that keeps your subject in focus till you shoot. It will be available in silver,black, red and violet colors.

The FH6, on the other hand gets the same lens, and that’s about it. Everything else has been downgraded to make its brother look cool. IT gets a 14 megapixel sensor, records movies in HD in the inefficient motion JPEG format, a 2.7 inch LCD,uses an external battery charger and doesn’t have autofocus tracking. Oh, and one more thing, its available only in black.


We have now arrived at the section I most look forward to in CES every year. The gaming industry is growing fast as the advancements in technology take place and bring in new and exciting gadgets and features to the everyday gamer. Here we shall discuss what is new in the gaming world.

HP Pavillion ELITE hp9 Phoenix


HP’s new gaming desktop, the HP Pavilion Elite hp9 Phoenix, arrives in the United States on January 8, for a starting price of $1,150. It will use chips from Intel’s Core 2000 and Core 3000 series, as well as AMD CPU’s and Radeon Graphics Cards, SSD storage options and up to 16 GB of RAM.

The main highlight of this beast is its stylized cabinet and the HP-made liquid cooling feature. This system from HP will look to challenge the likes of Alienware and Cooler Master for the mantle.

AMD Back on Top With its New RADEON 7970 3D Card


With its new graphic architecture, a new 28 nanometer chip manufacturing process and an emphasis on GPU computing,this new graphics card from AMD, code named Tahiti, is arguably the new king of 3D gaming.

Although, the official launch of this card is on January 9, it has certainly created waves of excitement and fear in the eyes of competitors. For the price, you will get a 3D card that is faster than NVIDIA’s current leading GeForce GTX 580.

The core GPU design is based on Southern Islands Architecture, which is the first to use the 28 nanometer manufacturing process, which will help achieve greater performance whilst consuming lesser power than its predecessors.

When it comes to features, this card is second to none. With support for multiple monitors and a 3D display output, this card is sure to catch the eyes of consumers.

The NVIDIA CUDA is the best known manifestation of GPU computing, and AMD is looking to support their GPU’s with their own version of this technology through a design feature that AMD calls Graphics Core Next or GCN. But, reviews show that AMD’s new approach does show promise, but still has a long way to go in defeating NVIDIA’s CUDA technology.

Green Technology

These days, manufacturers are looking for new ways to create better and advanced gadgets and appliances while maintaining and reducing the power consumption of these gadgets. This section gives you an insight into what the future holds for consumers in this field which is rapidly gaining momentum.

Marvel Chip Makes Home Appliances Smarter


Marvel announced in CES today that they have designed a chipset that can add wireless networking to home appliances and LEFD light fixtures. This gear is mainly meant for manufacturers to make connected versions of common household products like thermostats and dishwashers.

This chip will bring to reality what we have seen in movies that show what future homes will be like. The chip will allow people to remotely monitor and control appliances and electronics. The main challenge in this area being that most household appliances that are used today do not have the computing power to support this technology. So Marvel introduced a Wi-Fi wireless networking chip as well as a microcontroller that will be able to handle the processing involved in communicating with these devices.

A number of companies are looking to use this technology on their products to create an easier and casual environment when living amongst machines.

Granola Power Management Tools To Actually Save Power


MiserWare, the developers of Granola, being one of the approximately 80 startup exhibitors at the CES this year, have been operating quietly since they had begun in 2007. But now they are ready to show off their developments in the CES 2012.

The software developed by MiserWare works in the background of PC’s and servers to reduce the power consumed without affecting the performance. There’s a free consumer version for Windows and Linux that cuts energy usage by about 35 percent, along with a paid version for business PC’s and data centers.

The software constantly monitors your activities and accordingly transmits power and energy required for what you are doing. “ If you suddenly switch from using Word to playing World of Warcraft, it knows right away and it switches to getting maximum performance” explained the CEO and co-founder of MiserWare, Kirk Cameron.

Traditional power management software simply turn off your monitor or hard drive to save energy, which, frankly is not very useful. Granola on the other hand can turn the power down incrementally on the CPU and other components to maintain the performance and reduce the power consumption.

These are just some of the advancements that have happened in latest CES. For more information on the technological boundaries that have been crossed in CES 2012, visit CNET.

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