Top New Features Of iOS 6

Like most of us had anticipated iOS 6 was announced by Apple at the WWDC on june 11th. A lot has been made out as to how the conference did not really live up to its billing but with iOS 6 on board we have a few new very interesting enhancements to the operating system of the iPhone. Here we tell you in brief what all are these new features.

Siri: Yes we know siri is an old news but finally with iOS 6 we are beginning to see the real power of Siri. It now can tell you the latest scores from a baseball or even tell a batsmans batting average. Siri can also compare two sports players  for height and various other attributes. The list of restaurants has got a little more informative in case you wish to ask Siri best places to eat. It can also launch applications directly. So all and all we are seeing Siri becoming a lot more capable than being just a mere gimmick. Also, with iOS 6, Siri would be available for the new iPad.

Facebook Integration: We did anticipate Facebook would be deeply integrated into iOS and our calculated guess was correct. Just like twitter, Facebook is also a massive part of iOS now making things such as photo sharing and updating status a lot easier. Twitter saw a massive jump in its following after jumping on board with iOS so it seems like Facebook is only following a tried and tested path. Also with a single log in your contacts, calendars and events would now be easily synchronized with Facebook. A case of maybe overstating of data? Well that’s for another time.

Safari upgrade: Safari, the mobile browser on iOS has undergone an update too. It is now synced with the cloud service that is iCloud meaning you will be able to resume your browsing session with the tabs from just any idevice once you enter your apple ID. This is indeed handly for some of us who own multiple apple products like an iPad and the iPhone.

A VIP inbox: A new inbox called the VIP inbox has been included in the mail now. As a result if you assign a contact to be a VIP their mails would show here. This is very similar to how google handles star contacts in its popular mailing service called gmail. It brings all your important mails such as those that you must respond to urgently at one place.

Ability To Reject calls with message: This was a feature most of us were calling out for ages. Android and Windows Phone 7 both have call rejecting with messages well built in. But Apple has finally jumped on the wagon now. If you are in the middle of something you can reject the call with a polite text. Also you can now just decline the call and the phone will remind you to call back the number once you are out of that location hence making sure you do not forget about the call you missed.

Maps: iOS seems to have moved on from Google maps. It seems like apple have their own mapping technology on board now. As a result of this turn by turn navigation is now a reality. Another leaf out of Nokia’s book we presume. Also a lot of cities are now rendered in 3D making the maps and places look a lot more realistic. This is again very similar to the recently announced maps by Google. However, we are pretty sure that these maps will not be available in an offline mode.

Interface changes: The app store, iTunes and the iPod have all undergone slight ui redesigns to make the the use experience even better. In all honesty at least as far as the iPod is concerned we proffered the older look to the more subtle and monochromic new one.

So those were the major seven new features of the new iOS. In total there are more than 100 new features added but these are the ones that are most important. So which of these features are you most excited about? Do let us know as your comments are valuable to us.

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