Top six disadvantages of blogging

Blogging is a passion for geeks, they spent their whole days and nights in writing articles. Some wants to make money, some do it for passion, but the ultimately goal is to get exposure and put our steps forward for success. But it is a common saying that success never comes without hard work. And the phrase very much fit in blogging field. Blogging is impossible without hard work. But one needs to take care of few things to overcome the after effects of hard work. Here we are mentioning some top disadvantages of blogging.

BLOG suck

Weak memory:

Now a days we are so much used to these whole networking stuff , that we forget to accomplish our other important work. People do remember the URL of their favorite blogs but don’t remember the name of the author of the book which they have last read (if they got time to displace their face from system screens and turn it to the books), students get quiet witty when asked about what was posted on Amir Khan’s or any other celebrity’s blog yesterday or the day before but their repartee flunks out when asked about the work they are assigned to do by their professors. People start scratching their forehead when asked anything apart from blogs but their smile starts flaunting back all over their face when queried about any stuff related to blogs


One of the most cardinal disadvantages of blogging. People can blissfully spent a piece of their quality time in front of their system screens…but they wouldn’t lend an ear when told to do any work that calls for somatic effort .this could tend to prove destructive for their health in nearby future


Social life

Every one would agree at this point for sure because more or less each has got engrossed them to such an extent in blogging that their memory about their previous social life has become fugitive. Planning an unexpected trip to a national park or any hill station with friends seems to be inconceivable now and people have to give a hard jolt to their memory to recall last time they hang out with their close ones and laughed an everlasting laugh .

Health problems

This is a trouble which seems to entangle everyone who loves to hook up on the net for hours. People wouldn’t like to saunter down the street or take a stroll down the colony lane instead they prefer to stuck up their bums to their laptops. This is resulting in convulsion of peoples health. Diseases like cardiac problems @ spinal pain has witnessed a rocketing increment among the masses especially the youngsters who make a major chunk of individuals who love to blog.


Weak eye sight:

I think there isn’t any need to explicate this point so much. Guys have misjudged their laptops as their notebooks and notepads by tech giants like HP @ DELL people have misinterpreted it as a notepad (*it don’t have a motherboard but have an essence of mother nature) which we were really used to back days, and people use it like that and thanks to ever bourgeoning science who has provided us with every possible contraptions which sums up day by day to worsen the existing precarious situation. All this will naturally deplete your eye sight.


Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance @ patience …these great words by Samuel Johnson referred as one of the greatest English author of 18th century sums up it all. Be patient if you really want to excel or do something good apart from the others. It pays off really well but demands your forbearance. Software giant Infosys Technologies took almost about 2 decades to be listed in Nasdaq but finally when it was on Nasdaq it created history for the Indian corporate world.

These are the basic disadvantages of blogging which should be avoided. Blogging may be a world for bloggers but one should not forget that there is a another real world exist (at the end of the day we have to show our face to our society). So try to give importance to your real life and do blogging in a disciplined way. There are certain ways of relieving yourself from blogging stress. Try to make use of all of them. Happy blogging.

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  1. excellent article by himanshu…u are correct dear it may sucks,,health problem is very important .nobody can compromise with this .if u are not taking sufficient dose then blogging sucks 🙂

  2. I think health problems and social life are on top. I am getting married in next month and worried these days that how I will manage my wife and my tech life 🙂

    Good blog, I have even become your facebook fan.

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