Top Ten Cydia Repositories

2012 just about five months old we here at Blogtechnika have made a list of top 10 repo’s which one should have on their phone which is jailbroken. With these Cydia repositories, you can find, download and install almost any free, premium or cracked Cydia app on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. By adding these sources to Cydia, you can access hundreds or even thousands of HD themes, games, ringtones and tweaks for free.

Sinful iphone repo:

Sinful iPhone Repo Address:

Famous Apps: AndroidLock, FaceBreak, Infinidock, Install0us, iRealSMS, MyWi, Multifl0w, YourTube, AppIconReOrder, Attachment Saver, AutoSilent, BiteSMS, Chronus, Full Preview, HapticPro, iBlacklist, iBlueNova, iFile and all famous emulators including GameBoy and NES emulator.

Hackulous repo: Repo Address:

Famous Apps: AppSync for iOS 4.0+, Installous 4 and Crackulous

xSellize Repo:

xSellize Repo Address:

Famous Apps: CategoriesSB, CLASSified HD, Crimson HD, Cycorder, Cyntact, Element Mod, Elite PRO HD, ROMs and emulators etc

Insanelyi Repo:

Insanelyi Repo address:

Famous Apps: Adelis HD, AndroidLock XT, AnyRing, App Switcher (Brightness, volume and rotator), AppSync for 3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2, AttachmentSaver, Auto3G and Barrel etc

HackYouriPhone Repo:

HackYouriPhone Address:

Famous Apps: AndroidLock, App Switcher Brightness, AppSync, Auto Shutdown, Auto Silent, Backgrounder, Black’UPS Darkness HD, 3G Unrestrictor, CallClear, CallLock, CameraButtons, iFake, iSHSHit and LockInfo plugins.

BiteYourApple Repo:

BiteYourApple Address:

Famous Apps: Wifi Sync, Folder Enhancer, Frash Toggle, zToggle, Full Screen for Safari, Gridlock, Home Page in Safari, GroupSMS, Insomnia Pro and Inspell app etc

iPhoneCake Repo:

iPhoneCake Repo Address:

Famous Apps: Asphalt 5, FIFA ’11,Street Fighter IV, Angry Birds, Safari Download Manager, GTA: Chinatown Wars, iSteam, The Settlers, TVUPlayer, NFS Shift and many more.


YourCydiaRepo Address:

Famous Apps: PwnTunes, MobileTerminal, SBRotator, biteSMS, Infiniboard, Infinidock, iSilent and many more.

P0dulo Cydia Source:

P0dulo Address:

Famous Apps: Infinidock, Infiniboard


iWoowiz Address:

Famous Apps: AppSync for all firmwares, Gamecenter, iMovie, LiveClock for iOS4

Hope you could download plenty of applications and tweaks from these repositories. Do let us know in the comments section which was your favorite. Also, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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