Top Three Tablet PCs Present on a Market

It perhaps is the worst kept secret in the world that the boom of tablets is here. Many people are using the tablets to replace the PCs. In fact the boom is such that people no longer want to carry laptops to the office. The convenient size of the tablets met along with the amazing screen resolutions on offer; make these tablets a great choice for people in corporate, business, networking etc. So, needless to say if you are reading this you are interested in buying a tablet somewhere along the line. So which tablet to get, is the iPad really that far ahead of being the number one tablet? Here is my view on the top three tablets in no particular order.

iPad 2

It makes a lot of sense to start the post with the undisputed king of the tablets. As Steve Jobs said when announcing the iPad at one of the keynotes, this has indeed changed everything again. iPad is a hit with the students, people working in corporate sections, sports men who have an eye for detail alike. So what exactly is the best part about the iPad. Easily for me it is the ease of usage. With minimal fuss about the UI, iPad without a doubt has the simplest interface in the tablet world. Add to it the dual core processor which packs a very powerful punch alongside the beautiful screen. The Apps are available a plenty thanks to the ever growing Apple App store. There are various variants on offer making the iPad 2 a wonderful choice.


ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

A rather not heard much about, Asus E-pad transformer is a personal favorite of mine. Available with a beautiful dock system that adds a physical keyboard to the tablet is a feature I really liked on this device. With a beautifully designed 10 inch screen and running honeycomb 3.1 the transformer is a very high end spec tablet. The 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor makes working on this tablet snappy as ever and gives a wonderful user experience. There is a micro SD slot available and the tablet is available in both 16 and 32 GB of storage space. The camera is not too bad with 1.2 megapixel front facing camera that could be very handy for making video calls while the 3 mega pixel rear camera is pretty average. However with a wonderful design and a snappy experience I just might have to call the Eee Pad Transformer my most favorite Android tablet and if I were in the market for an android tablet this definitely would be my choice!



HTC Flyer

Now this may again seem like an odd choice, cause by choosing this device I may have ignored some of the other mainstream devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Blackberry Playbook. But the flyer with its unique 7 inch design and ultra portability is probably one of the most desired tablets out there. The 1.5 GHZ processor is extremely quick and the version of 2.3 gingerbread makes the working on this device a real please. The best thing about the flyer for me was the integration of Evernote and the ability to quickly take notes with the capacitive stylus. This feature is a wonderful thing for the student and I can certainly see this tablet being a student’s favorite. The support for HTML 5 and flash plus the front facing camera onboard makes it a worthy internet surfing device and surely you would not be missing out on anything that other tablets offer. Though the price is slightly higher end for now, the flyer is without a doubt the best tablet when it comes to ultra portability and student usage.


Do you agree with my choice of the top three tablets? Which tablet would you buy for yourself or already have? Do let us know!

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