Discovering leadership style by assessing the choices of meal

I am not a big foodie, neither do I write a lot about food or related stuff. However, this blog is about something that is unique and unheard of! And you can very well guess that it is about something related to food. I was invited to an HR summit organised in the city by one of the leading meal benefit solutions brand, Sodexo. The reason for asking me to attend the event? Sodexo had come up with a unique concept of discovering leadership style, and boy, it reassured me about mine. The company had infused AR with a MultiTactio table, which lets users discover their leadership style by choosing different dishes from the available options.

I am sure you’d be intrigued to know more! So was I, and hence my decision to visit the event. The technology though sounds a bit complicated and unimaginable, is very easy to use. The centrepiece of this technology was MultiTaction table, which was a huge display (like a LED panel) that was touch responsive and had the UI of that helps managers/directors discover their leadership styles. It’s actually a nifty piece of tech that works soon after you swipe your Sodexo meal benefits card. After doing so, the intuitive UI directs you to a virtual menu that further lets you decide the components of your meal.

You get to choose dishes from starters, mains and desserts along with refreshment drinks – and doing so can help you decode your leadership style! Who’d have thought of a day like this, when you could understand more about your leadership traits by delving deeper in your eating choices and preferences. Any how I was excited to test this myself and see how well I know myself! Having doubts initially, the technology did not disappoint in processing and making the correct assessment.

Besides this, the company also introduced its newest, technologically advanced meal card that can be customised as per your needs. The card assures the data security due to chosen loop networks. The card improves the purchasing power of the employees, helps them in tax saving up to Rs. 12000/- per annum and increases their sense of belonging and productivity.  The high tech card can also be personalised according to the user and has the PIN access to add another layer of security. It is accepted across large food chains and local grocery stores with added value deals and discounts to make their users worth their experience.

It Has Been An Year Now

Hello everybody.

Today’s post is no where near relevant to the world of Technology. So, in case you expected the announcement of a new phone or a new Cydia tweak, am sorry to have disappointed you. I firmly believe in keeping my personal life and professional life separate. However, today’s event has forced me to having mix the two. It is an emotional day for me as it has been one complete year since I first posted an article on Blogtechnika. 365 days, 250+ articles posted, it has been an amazing journey. So, invariably it calls out for a lot of smiles and lots of Thank yous.

The biggest thanks goes out to the site Admin Himanshu, for he has been the guiding light and my mentor in the world of Tech reviewing which I so proudly call my own. Thank you so much sir for the faith and undeniable trust.For telling me what’s right and whats wrong and most importantly teaching me how to take one step at a time. Also, a huge thanks to my entire team Bharat, Achint, Prateek, Shreyas, Arpit Roy and  Gaurav Awal. Continuous arguments and endless discussions with you guys has only made me better, stronger and more informed about platforms and Operating Systems which I deemed to be not so good. I could never have asked for a more cooperative, fun to be with and helpful team. Cheers guys for making this one year go away in the blink of an eye. A very special thanks to my brother Vidit for he taught me to take risks. If it was not for him, i’d never have taken a chance with things like rooting, customizing endless ROM’s, playing with kernels and bootloaders which only helped me become a more rounded tech reviewer. And most importantly for always bailing me out when the devices started giving up on me.

A lot of people would probably not know I am mentioning them here because we grew apart due to time, but their role in me developing an interest in writing about technology can never be ignored. My mentor, and till date my best critic and yet one of my biggest motivators, Upasana ma’am. Ma’am you have always been the one i have looked up to when it came to writing spontaneously and crisply. Thank you for always correcting me and helping to improve my language. To, all my friends, who had some great advices to give and came up with various topics of posts which i never could imagine, Prashant for all his enthusiasm about gadgets, Siddhant for always telling me a new ROM to review, Padmaja for reading most of the articles and despite everything encouraging me. Also, it calls that I thank the people I have looked upto in the industry. I doubt they would read this but without them around, I doubt I would have been able to do justice to my work. Jon Rettinger, Noah Kravitz, Jon Quach, Trentton Smith, Stevie Leigh, Aaron Baker, Steve Litchfield, your enthusiasm for technology is infectious. Not to forget, all you readers cause it’s because of you our world goes round. So thank you so much for all your time.

To close it I could not thank enough people who have nothing to do with technology but everything to do with me personally. My wonderful family that served me endless lunches and dinners on my desk when I was working on a difficult post and tolerating my tantrums because a review was not coming down well. To my mom, dad and sister who always have encouraged me and loved me unconditionally and promising me a grand dinner on this emotional occasion. And at last to someone whom I lost long ago, you know who you are, and there is nothing I can ever say to thank you, just that I love you the most and I know you are smiling from far away.

So, that was a huge list of thank you’s. It has been a slightly different post on Blogtechnika, one which probably most people would not like or be interested in, but I guess I am allowed once in an year to express my heartfelt feelings. It has been the best journey of my life so far, and I hope the second year would be even better. I am already super excited especially because we have some great video reviews, tutorials and app reviews lined  up for you. For all your tech needs, please keep visiting us at

Blogtechnika Would Be Joining The SOPA Protest on 18/1/2012 By Going Dark

Hello Readers,

Over the period of last few years, we have bought to you some terrific tweaks and lists as well as various reviews on smartphone devices. However, this post today is none like ever written before. Blogtechnika, would like to join hands with the global community protesting against SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act ) and there would be no new content published for 24 hours on the 18th.

You can read everything you wish to read about SOPA here on Technobuffalo and also participate by putting a message across for SOPA on either your websites or personal blogs, or even social networking.

SOPA threatens to hit personal bloggers like us the hardest. And in in order to raise the issue, we feel, it is important we play our part too.

What do you think about SOPA? Do let us know.

Happy Diwali!

Today is the day of lights and happiness. Diwali (or Deepavali) is the festival of lights, joy, happiness and  enthusiasm and celebrate mainly in the countries like India, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar , Fiji and Surinam.

We are wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali. Enjoy the festival, spread the love, light diyas and candles, burn crackers, eat nice food and sweets and pray to god to give you and your family more wealth and happiness.


Image credit: sankarshan

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Blogtechnika Got Sitelinks: A Perfect Gift For Christmas

From an immense pleasure I want to inform all the readers of this blog that Blogtechnika got Sitelinks. I came to know this morning about Sitelinks when my friend Vamsi of informed me about this.  This Sitelink is a perfect gift for me by Santa Claus and Google this Christmas. Here is a screen-shot of Sitelink send by Vamsi to me:


There are total three Sitelinks. About, Contact and SEO. Google show sitelinks for those results when they  think the result will be useful to the user.

What is Sitelink

If you don’t know about Sitelinks then I want to tell you something about Sitelinks: According to Google

The links shown below some sites in our search results, called Sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they’re looking for.”

Also minimum number of sitelinks displayed by Google is three. If you want to block any non-relevant sitelinks then we can do this with the help of Google webmaster tools.


How to Block unwanted Sitelinks

  1. 1) Go to Webmaster Tools
  2. 2) Select the site you want to edit.
  3. 3) Under Site configuration, click Sitelinks.
  4. 4) Click Block next to the sitelink you want to remove.

Your sitelink will be blocked by Google after some time. The minimum number of sitelinks displayed by Google is three. So if you have only three sitelinks and you will block any one of them then your all the three sitelinks will be gone. So be careful before blocking your sitelinks.

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Blogtechnika Completed 1000 Comments-Achievements And Goals

With an immense pleasure I am announcing that yesterday Blogtechnika has completed 1000 comment landmark. I want to thanks all the people who are loyal readers of this blog who actively participated in reading the contents and comment on this blog. I launched this blog on August and I get a huge response in the starting days of this blog. The main attraction of this blog is its unique content. I want to share some of its content which helps Blogtechnika to achieve this landmark.


1. 20 Most Popular Technical and Professional Bloggers of India: 2009 Power List

2. Step By Step Process Of Making Money With Your Blog

3. How to save your eyes from computer

4. Top 10 Social News Aggregators for new content ideas

5. 10 killer tips to get more comments on every blog post

6. 22 steps in a daily life of a professional blogger

7. Goodbye Job: I am a full time Blogger now

8. 7 Factual ways of making online money

9. How to market your post effectively in 10 easy ways

10. How to become famous in blogging world

11. 7 Facebook tips for status update on Facebook wall

12. 10 bad blogging habits you must avoid

13. Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress bloggers

14. Do you really need a blog partner

15. Top blogging excuses on which I laugh out loud

Blogging Goals of Blogtechnika

Blogtechnika is a weblog which delivers unique content on Blogging , WordPress and Social media. The main aim behind delivering these articles is to help those bloggers who are new in blogosphere community. Also I want to develop a  strong community and I want to rank Blogtechnika top among the blogs of its niche.

There are many aims I want to achieve in the coming 6 months:

1. To make Blogtechnika one of the most recognized blog of World.

2. To get 1000 subscribers (currently having 141 subscribers).

3. To get alexa rank under 30K (currently 89K).

4. To bring 1500 daily unique visitors (currently 400+).

5. Generate 500$+  from this blog. (Currently 150$ from Adsense and Freelance work).

6. Getting 4000+ comments (Currently 1020).

These are some prime goals of Blogtechnika for the next six months. I really need your support to achieve all these goals. Feel free to share your views, send message to me at Twitter @techim if you have any queries. You can also send me mail on admin[at]blogtechnika[dot]com for any queries and doubts. I will definitely reply all your queries. If you like this article then subscribe to feeds for upcoming free updates on your feed reader.

Blogtechnika Dressed up with new Thesis Theme

Today is the major announcement day for the readers of Blogtechnika. Blogtechnika is now dressed up with Thesis theme 1.6. I was looking for a good theme for my blog from last month and finally I hanged up with Thesis.  Previously I was using Evolution theme on Blogtechnika which is a great theme in terms of visibility. But regarding customization I had lots of problem because I don’t know how to play with CSS and coding too much.


I think most of you already know the amazing features of Thesis. But thesis 1.6 has some other features added which make its customization easy like Thesis Theme Color Option changing colour of any text from your dashboard and making change in Custom file in the inbuilt text editor inside WordPress dashboard and Nav bar Drop Down menu . These three features makes thesis amazingly different from other themes.

Apart from these three awesome features you can play with your Thesis theme in all the part of your blog. You can download Thesis openhook plugin and just do anything from your WordPress dashboard.

Feel free to give your views regarding this new theme. If you are a WordPress or Thesis user and need any customization, you can check this page.

Download Thesis [aff link]