What Happens When Rajinikant or Chuck Norris Plays Mario

What Chuck Norris is for US people, the same way Rajinikanth is for Indian people. People use to make fun by speaking and sharing messages regarding him. He can do anything which looks impossible. Or he perform any difficult task without any hassle. What would happen if Rajinikant is to play Mario game? Check out this amazing super cool video of Chuck Noris. You’ll get the answer.

Play Angry Birds To Destroy Web Pages

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available right now. It has various versions, and is available for a variety of platforms. In this game, Users play as the angry birds seeking revenge on the pigs who stole their eggs. This is the plot in all the versions of the game but recently Nokia have come up with a different concept for this game which is total fun. Now the villain pigs will be hiding throughout the web page instead of their castles and you have to hunt them down. But beware, you may destroy the web page in the process ! 


To play just drag this Angry Birds bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Now open any website and click on the bookmarklet. You will see the familiar slingshot and the birds ready to take their revenge. Just use your mouse to strike the pigs and also see how the page elements are effected. This is really a good stress buster. Next time when you get bored, just hunt some bloody pigs down !

Check out Angry Birds Bookmarklet.


Have fun with your photos with Photo505

If you’re feeling bored and have nothing to do, then Photo505 can help you with that. It is a website where you can merge your photos into some really cool selections that are provided on the website and can also share your creations with your friends.


It is a really cool website where you can waste some of that extra time that you have. The site has a large collection of images with which you can have quite a lot of fun. What is great about the images is the realism with which the editing is done. Simply select an image that you like and then you will be asked to select an image from your computer which the tool will use to merge into the pic you have selected on the website. Then after a few seconds, the website gives you a really cool merge of the image selected from your computer and the image on the website. The image created is quite realistic and is of good quality.

The website is easy to use as there are no complex tool options present. On the homepage, you will find the collection of images to choose from and you can even add filters like negative, polarize or black and white effects to your images.

Check out Photo505.

Will Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Blend?

You might know about Blendtec guys who try to blend every new hot gadgets arrive in the market. We already watch the famous iPhone 4 and iPad blend video in the past. Now it’s time to blend Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook. Check out the video made by Youtube user Blendtech. We advice you not to try it at your home. Smile

We already saw the Cr-48 Chrome Demolab  campaign videos where folks tried to destroy the netbook by different methods but they fail to destroy data as all the work performed on Chrome notebook is saved on cloud immediately. No risk of data loss. Check out this video. You can also visit Chrome OS ‘Demolition’ Labs to check out and suggest the latest methods to demolish Cr-48 netbooks.

What Would Happen if Tech Companies Start Making Their Own Cars

Recently Google surprised everyone by announcing the self operating car. Google recently completed 14000 miles of testing. According to Google

So we have developed technology for cars that can drive themselves. Our automated cars, manned by trained operators, just drove from our Mountain View campus to our Santa Monica office and on to Hollywood Boulevard. They’ve driven down Lombard Street, crossed the Golden Gate bridge, navigated the Pacific Coast Highway, and even made it all the way around Lake Tahoe. All in all, our self-driving cars have logged over 140,000 miles. We think this is a first in robotics research.

Folks at Geekculutre made a nice comics describing the results if tech companies such as Facebook, Linux, Microsoft, Yahoo start making their own car. Check it out.


If tech companies made self driving cars [via @Arpitnext via @Manan].

Rotate And Roll Is Physics Based Addictive Game [Saturday Fun]

Rotate and Roll is an addictive game based of physics law where all the rules of gravitation, velocity and rolling motion applies The name “Rotate and Roll” suits the nature of game because it is based on rotating the entire level with the help of left and right arrow keys and then the ball automatically starts rolling due to gravity.

In this game there is a small ball, there are planks, there is sun to burn you and there is a big ball which is an ultimate goal. While pressing the arrow key, the whole level rotate, which makes the plank to tilt to certain angle which causes the ball to roll.


Suppose while rolling, the ball goes out of the screen, then your game will be over, but you’ll get a “Retry” button on the bottom right. Your goal is to roll the ball into large ball. After you touch the small ball to the bigger bal you win and go to the next level.

But the game is not as easy as it sounds. There are few levels in which you have to take some object (coin) before completing the level. Without those objects you can’t complete it. Sometimes rotating the level and taking coin is not such easy, you have to apply your mind so that you take coin and also skip with the sun.

Sometimes you’ll get multiple ball in the same level and you have to show your presence of mind to touch those balls to the bigger balls. If you take too much time to complete a particular level then the background of the level automatically changes from light to dark.

Check out Rotate And Roll game [via DownloadSquad].

Comparison Between Nokia Cheapest 30$ Phone and Latest $600 iPhone 4

The title of this article might surprise you but there is something in Nokia 30$ phone which is better than iPhone 4. And that is network reception. Yes, Nokia can do what Apple phone can’t. One user compared the network reception at the same time, at the same place, with the same GSM provider. Image given below is the result of the test. No network in Apple phone while full network on Nokia phone.


The result was not too much surprising because already many people reported for an antenna issue. Instead of solving the issue, Apple released excuse notes and gave information about its antenna design and test labs to satisfy the users. But this kind of proof is sufficient to expose all the vulnerabilities of Apple.

User also expressed his frustration by saying these words:

“In my apartment in Rome, where GSM reception is rather marginal, I had to buy a $30 Nokia with a spare mobile number, so people could actually call me.”

[via The Road To The Horizon].

Talking Tom Cat Repeats Whatever You Say [iPad Apps]

Yesterday I tried one funny but addictive iPad app known as Talking Tom Cat. Install this app on your iPad. When you open the application you’ll get a funny cat whose name is Tom. He listens whatever you say an repeats it back with the same expression. Believe me, the cat’s expression is full of humor and the app is very addictive. You can’t get out of it soon.

You can make use of iPad’s tap feature to pet head or body of the cat. You can poke him on the belly and on her foot or pull his tail. For extra fun you can pour milk to him.


There is a facility to record the video of cat’s activity and share it on YouTube and Facebook. The maximum video limit is 30 seconds. The sound effect is awesome and the expressions of cat will definitely make you laugh. This app is available free of cost on iTunes store.

Download Talking Tom Cat Application on iTunes

Amazing Error 404 Page [Saturday Fun]

I am sure you all might know about Error 404 page. It is a condition when user connected with the web server but the server couldn’t find the requested page. Every blog or website has it’s own error 404 page. Webmasters try to make this page attractive so that user can’t feel frustrate while not finding the correct result.

i-like-pie.com website made an interesting error 404 web page that has a talking animation character. He tries to convince you that you landed a wrong page and leave the current page as soon as possible by clicking the link.


I am sure you haven’t watch such kind of funny error page. Have a look on it.

Check out Error 404 [via reddit].