Now You can Share your Live Photos on Facebook

Apple introduced Live Photos with iPhone 6s. Even though they were not the first ones to bring a concept like Live Photos as both, HTC and Lumia devices had done something very similar, you always knew that the entire thing will get commercialised and popular once Apple decided to bring it. A lot of people are wrongly crediting Apple for inventing Live Photos when in reality they just made it the most popular new jing bang in the world of technology.

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BeThere is an Interesting App that Informs your Friends of your Plans

We have all used the likes of Facebook or even Swarm to checkin to the places that we are currently in so that we would be able to collaborate or quickly fix a meeting with people we know of, just in case they happen to be at the same venue at the time. However, the major problem with Facebook or even Swarm is that you can only check into a place when you have reached the place. What if you have made the plan and know that you would be sipping on Starbucks Coffee at 5 PM in the evening today at Palladium? BeThere is an application that would help you do that and checkin well into the future so that your friends can know of the activity and maybe join in around the same time if they are nearby.


This way your friends will always have a heads up on your plans and not everything will be impromptu. The application works very much like Swarm or Facebook checkin, though you only have to select the time and the place manually here. The application also reminds you to snap a picture when you reach the venue so that you have that memorable photograph to share. You can import the same from Facebook or Instagram too if you use the platform a lot.

Not just this, the application also integrates well with your Facebook feed and your checkin will be visible on the Timeline of your friends saying that you have a plan to be at X place at Y time. BeThere is available both for Android and iOS devices for absolutely free. You can find the links for downloading the applications for your respective platforms right here.

Stick Hero is an Addictive Mobile Game that you Must Play

We have had our fair share of games that we have been addictive to in the past. From the likes of Angry Birds to the most recent Flappy Birds, mobile games have been the best way to kill time when it comes to being unproductive. Every quarter, one game comes along which is supremely simple and easy to play and yet you have no idea why you are so addicted to it for literally hours. One game we feel could be the next such thing, is Stick Hero.

Stick Hero

Stick Hero as the name suggests is all about sticks. The game play is ridiculously simple, yet challenging. You need to build bridges with the help of sticks that can grow in size when you tap the screen. The challenge is that you can only resize the sticks in vertical direction and after letting the resizing go, the stick should fall within the perimeter of the next support to complete a bridge. Falling short or over extending the bridge will ensure that your hero falls off.

The game is available for both iOS and Android and has a free version although accompanied with Ads. The graphics are minimal and the game is very much in the category of Flappy Birds when it comes to simplifying everything. You definitely must try the game out and post your high scores in the comment section below.

Download Stick Hero for Android

Download Stick Hero for iOS

Check Out Augmented Reality App Blippar

In 2011, two friends sitting in a pub in UK, joking about Queen’s image coming to life off a 20 pounds note. This idea gave birth to World’s leading image recognition augmented reality app known as Blippar. Users can engage with brands, publications and celebrities using augmented reality technology on phones. Using this app is easy, you have to download the Blippar app on your mobile phone (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms supported). After downloading the app, user need to focus their mobile on blippable products, and when the app completes scanning, the image will come into life. You can do many activities like play games, listen to music, change the music tracks, see objects in 3D, and many more.



For example, in the below image, the card in the left is Blipper card having some text written on it. When you blip the card using blippar app in your mobile phone, the card will come alive and you can see many options on it (live card shown in right). Now when you tab the rocket button on your mobile phone, you’ll play game on your screen. Similarly, you can play music, take pictures, share it on social media, check products in 3D. Amazing, isn’t it.


Blippar is investing heavy on Google Glass because their goal is to be the default augmented reality application on all the devices and wearables with a camera lens. They also launched Blippar games for Glass platform, a gaming experience enabling users to bring their world to digital life and interact with it in meaningful ways.

Blippar recently launched in India because they see enormous potntial in India and rest of the Asia. The company’s ambition is to become a next gen visual browser.They are also expanding their partnership across multinational brands, agencies and operators.

Check out [ Blippar on Android and iOS.]

Microsoft Takes the Mickey out of Siri in the latest Commerical

It habecome bit of trend in the tech space to take cheap shots at one another, and more often than not Apple has been at the receiving end. You can see this as an evidence of how other OEMs are maybe wary of the growing dominance of Apple and continuous trend setting, but more than anything else, it has made for some really hilarious commercials. Samsung has been the main culprit who has taken every opportunity to push Apple and ridicule it, be it making fun of the rather poor battery backup on the iPhones or smaller displays on them when compared to the Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, this time, it is not Samsung but Microsoft who has taken a sly dig at Apple and its Personal Voice Assistant Siri. The commercial sees Cortana on an HTC One M8 take on Siri in a straight battle for features. This is not the first time that Microsoft has pitted Cortana against Siri as you may remember the very first Cortana commercial which featured the Lumia 635.

Siri is not the only product of Apple that Microsoft has targeted. Previously during the launch of Surface Pro 2 too, Microsoft had compared and shot down the Apple made, Macbook Air. So, without keeping you waiting anymore, here is the latest commercial:

How to Shoot the Perfect Selfie with an iPhone using your Earpods

It is a common notion that if you have any good taste in music, there is no way, you would use the earpods that come bundled with the iPhone right out of the box. They have low mids, and certainly bad bass. It is good for casual listening, but no more.

Apple earpods

So what else can your pair of earpods be used for so that you actually force yourself to unbox them or go back and find them, in case you haven’t used them in ages since opening your iPhone? Yes, they can be used to click a mean selfie where you do not look silly holding your phone against the mirror. How can that be done? Here is an interesting video shot by iMore which certainly shows the right way of clicking a selfie with your beloved iPhone:

The process basically involves you hooking your iPhone with a stand and inserting the earpods. You then go ahead and perfectly position your phone to get the portrait you want to take, once done you fire the shutter using the volume up button on your earpod which basically mimics the function of the volume up button on the device.

Hangouts for iOS Updated with support for iOS and new features

Hangouts has been the choice of IM for plenty of people. Personally, it has been just behind Whatsapp as the most used application when it comes to communicating and connecting to friends and relatives. Given the cross platform nature of the application as well as a UI that is neat, you can see why Hangouts has been successful. The application was recently updated for Android which allowed it to integrate SMS with chats on Hangouts. However, today Google also released a new version of the application which is the version 2.0 for iOS 7. This update brings plenty of cool features.


The first one being, that the application integrates well with the whole iOS 7 design language which is more minimalistic and flat. The application also brings to the table animated stickers which are like gifs. It may not be a big deal, but it is one of those features that apps like WeChat are sold upon. Also, there is an ability to send a quick 10 second video to your contacts, which is a very nice little neat feature.

Above all, the version of the application is a lot more stable in the version 2.0 and hangs and crashes out a lot less when compared to the previous version. You can get the app update for free in the App Store, or simply go to iTunes and install it for free here

How to Refresh your Facebook Feed in Paper?

No shame in admitting that Paper is probably the best way to explore and browse Facebook for me personally. It has replaced the Facebook iOS application on my iPhone and I have not gone back to the application. The ease of viewing the content coupled with enormous information available thanks to the several feeds you can subscribe to has actually made browsing facebook productive which maybe a month i would never have dare thought forget say. But with Paper, things are different and I have spent probably more time on facebook than I must have in the past three years.


But, one issue, that I did come across, which I am sure several of those who are using the facebook Paper app is how to refresh the timeline. In the Official app you simply need to pull to refresh to get the latest news in the feed, but if you do the same in paper, it would take you to the settings page of your profile on Paper. So, unless you are on a high speed internet connection where the app auto refreshes, you need to manually refresh the feed. To do this is very simple, just slide the window from left to right, just the way you would have otherwise pulled down. You basically have to pull to right and bang, you will have the latest articles updated within the feed.

Now Stream your Images via Chromecast with Photo Cast for iOS

Ever since Google opened the gates of Chromecast for developers, there have been several interesting applications that have come up that expands Chromecast beyond the horizons of what Google had introduced the device for. Yes, you can now play local media on your HDTV easily thanks to Chromecast. We recently shared how you can play local videos from Android device to Chromecast here  via Localcast. However, there are times, when we would like to see our images too on the large screen and this is where Phot Cast for iOS comes in handy.


The application is available for free in the iOS store and simply allows you to share images via chromecast. The application has a really simple UI which is extremely easy to work in. The moment you fire the application up, all your photos are displayed and all you really need to do is pick the ones that you wish to see via Chromecast. You obviously have to grant the application permission to access your photos which is a no brainer.

Once you have done that, the application takes care of things. You also have the option of playing slideshows of images and can specify the time interval between each image making Photo Cast a wonderful utility to have if you use a Chromecast.

Battery Safe is an interesting Tweak for iOS

Battery Life is one of the major challenges facing the consumer electronics world currently. We have seen rapid progress when it comes to the likes of memory and processors however, the battery life remains at sulking low. As a result, rather than waiting for better technology we have been forced to manage technology as well as we could. While we have several battery saving apps for Android, the closed nature of iOS means that, that route has been a rather no go as far as iOS goes.


However, with Jailbreak now available on iOS 7 there is renewed hope with tweaks coming along. One such tweak is Battery Safe. Battery Safe works very much like how some of the battery savers work on Android and disables the network connections and adjusts the brightness of the device to save the battery of the device. However, the tweak does not have location based network enabler or disabler which definitely would have been a nice add on.

However, with the tweak still fairly new, there is always a hope that the developer may bring about this feature and make Battery Safe a full fledged battery saver solution. The tweak is available in BigBoss repo for free and is automatically triggered when the battery percentage falls below 20%. Just to reiterate, you need to have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed for it to be able to install Battery Safe.

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