Check Out Four New Small Apps For Your Xperia Device

When Sony Xperia Z was launched in India, a lot of people appreciated it’s design and a slab like form factor right from the school of iPhone 4 designing. Being one of the three devices to sport a 1080 P display, the Xperia Z was branded a special device, until people started to notice how poor the screen was in outdoor conditions and direct sunlight.

Small Apps

Yet, one of the concepts which really took off with the Xperia Z was that of small apps. They are basically applications which can be run over any application for a quick calculation or viewing of data. Sony recently released the add on SDK of the applications and plenty of developers have shown an interest in developing these miniature apps. Not available for other devices, we do hope that at some point these small apps become a part of the Android ecosystem as they really are useful addition. Here are three latest Small pps to come from the developers for Xperia Z or other Xperia devices using Small Apps Framework.

Small Torch

Small Torch basically is a large button which allows you to turn the LED of your device On or Off. Particularly useful when you are in dark and quickly need some light.


LMGTFY stands for Let Me Google That For You. As the name suggests, this small app lets you enter your Google Search Query and instead of you having to use a big long URL, it shortens that for you and copies it to the clipboard. A useful little application in case you have to share your search query results.

Media Controls Small App

This is another useful small app for your device which supports small apps. It is a control for music playback not only for the default music player i.e. Walkman but also, third party players such as Google Play Music, Poweramp player etc.

Discount Calculator

A simple yet perhaps one small app of most use, discount calculator allows you to input the MRP of the good and the percentage of discount available. This way you immediately get the new price that you have to pay. A must have if you like your way around shops.

All these four small apps can be downloaded here at XDA Thread for Small Apps. Do not forget to thank the developer and report your feedback.

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Top 3 Free Apple Maps Alternatives

When Apple decided to ditch Google maps and go with their own mapping solutions in the form of Apple maps, it created one of the bigger uproar of disappointments in the world of tech industry. There were countless trolls about the maps simply not working and very unlike Apple, they were forced to apologize to their customers cause they royally screwed up. However, months down the line, the uprising has died down but there have not been any major changes to Apple Maps, things still are shoddy and don’t work great at least in India. So what else can you use? Here are our three suggestions.

Apple maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is still the most reliable go to option when it comes to maps on iOS and Android. Things work brilliantly and most part of the world and the fact that Google is always up to making improvements and adding features on, means you can always expect more. There are rumors of a full screen more coming of the Google Maps at Google I/O and one that would allow even easier play around the app. There is an extremely dedicated team of people working behind Google apps so you can always expect them to deliver and since they have the history on their side and the fact that the application is available for free, it is our go to maps application on our iPhone.

Download Link

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is one of the oldest yet simplest GPS navigation apps present on the App Store. It has recently added support for the Middle East, so if you are from that region, CoPilot will be a great alternative to Apple Maps. You also get Yelp ratings in the application for local places so  you can quickly decide which place suits your taste and which doesn’t. Although free for the lifetime, the app does offer in app purchase for a 3D maps view as well as turn by turn navigation. The traffic incidents work well on the maps and you can also lock the orientation of the maps in landscape or portrait.

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Waze is one of the coolest mapping applications present on iOS. The fact that it is driven by the community means there is always new data being fed into the system. If you are looking for the best route out of a crowded street or want to save on fuel, then Waze is an application that would really help you. Although, most popular in the United States, the app provides a fantastic voice guided navigation. You can also connect the application to your Facebook account and look at your friends positions. It also re routes you as and when the traffic conditions get bad. Definitely worth a try and an application we hold high hopes for in the future.

Download Link

So these were our top three suggestions for apps that could e used instead of Apple Maps and guarantee you reaching your destinations in case you are on a shiny iPhone. Do you use Apple Maps or one the above apps? Or something totally different. Let us know in the comments section below.

Five Bad Smartphone Habits You Should Get Rid Of

We live in a world where smart phones have become our best friends, if we get angry or upset we turn to our soul mate Siri to vent out our anger or our frustration. However, just like anything else in life, there are a few things we should be careful about with our smart phones. No we are not talking about things such as not dropping the device or covering it in a proper cover and stuff like that, we are talking about some habits that you must avoid while using your phones to keep your life sane and also make sure you use your device how it is meant to be.

bad smartphone habits

1) Avoid Drunk calls, texts, tweets or updates: We all like a drink or two, and sometimes maybe even more. However, these moments are meant to be lived privately and with friends. Your entire twitter feed or a friend not around you does not need to know the number of Vodka shots you are down or the bottles of Old Monk you entertained. Make sure if you are drunk you stay away from your phone, you could end up writing or speaking things that you would regret later on. And always remember, not everybody likes pitch drunk people, so live your moment of glory, but leave your phone away.

2) Aggressive Whining on your Phone: Remember everybody is fighting a battle of their own. you are not the only one. Dont take it to your phone to change your status or tweet things that trouble you. Whining 24 x 7 leaves a negative impression, and anyway winning about your personal problems on Twitter or Whatsapp status or Facebook Status would only make you a butt of jokes, so might as well sort the problem out than take it out on your phone to let the whole world know.

3) Enjoy the music concert, pictures can wait: This is another bad habit that people have developed over the years. In the years gone by people would go to music concerts or plays and sit and enjoy the show. Today thanks to the inbuilt camera on our devices we would much rather spend all the time to sit and record the concert or take pictures rather than enjoy the show. So avoid that, enjoy the show, pictures can always wait, you wont get another chance to make memories though.

4) Texting while Driving/ Walking: Just don’t ever do this. Human brain is wired to do one thing at a time. When you are behind the wheel, not just your life you are responsible for lives of people on the road and those travelling with you. If a call or text is very urgent, park the car and attend it. Most phones today have a car mode and Bluetooth, use the technology safely and correctly. Same while walking, watch the road and those ahead of you while walking, if you text and walk, you could cause some serious accidents and hurt yourself or others.

5) Forever Using the Phone: All our minds need some time to relax, time to let those creative juices flow. But if every free second you get you are going to spend watching your phone or following on Twitter then where do you have time for yourself? Do yourself the favor, your phone might be the love of your life, but keep it down and enjoy the small peaceful moments of life. They are wonderful, trust us.

We hope you would implement these five habits and use your phone effectively and yet not miss out on things in life due to it. Let us know if you have more such bad habits in the section below, or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Windows Phone 8 Concepts To Fix Glaring Shortcomings

Windows Phone 8 is the third best player when it comes to mobile market. They are fairly unchallenged and can be assured of their place even if they do nothing more. Blackberry was a threat before the launch of BB10 but seems like it has fizzed out now given the aggressive pricing route that BB have gone. But still, despite loving the simplistic menu layout of WP 8 and metro UI there are some glaring shortcomings in WP 8 that Microsoft surely must think hard about overcoming.

So fitting these glaring missing features, here are some concepts of Windows Phone 8 that if added may complete or at least close to complete what is potentially a very good platform.

1) File Manager: Windows Phone 8 device does not come with a File Manager, so adding a File Manager so that users can browse through their Files could be a massive step. Just like swipping from right to left opens the app drawer, if only Microsoft could add a file manager which can be easily accessed by swipping from left to right. Sound pretty doable right?

Windows Phone Concepts

2) Notification Center: Android and iOS have pretty good Notification center which house all our unread or unattended notifications. Android more so than iOS, but having a Notification center should be the next priority for Microsoft. The people’s app/tile is one of the highlight feature and if they could somehow find a place for notification center in that or separately, then it could be great news for WP 8 fans. Or how about simply launching the notification center by long pressing the Windows button?

Windows Phone Concept_2

3) Orientation Lock: Orientation Locking is pretty simple in iOS with the help of mute button that can double up, even in Android you can simply add a widget or have power toggles, but in Windows Phone devices there is no way to lock the orientation. This gets very irritating especially if you are reading on the bed and change postures. How about adding an orientation lock right next to the ring icon when when press the volume rocker?

Windows Phone Concept_3

4) Volume Mixing: Volume mixing is another glaring miss in Windows Phone 8 device. So how about doing the Android method and a simple swipe to the left or right on the top of the status bar to control the Media output of the device? That should simplify things a lot.

Windows Phone_4

So these were some of the amazing concepts of Windows Phone 8 to make the experience whole lot better. What do you think about them? Do let us know in the section below.

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10 Simple Steps To Protect Your Privacy

As the world goes digital, we are a lot more vulnerable to theft of personal information. It is fairly easy to hack into somebody’s PC or Facebook profile to have all the access to their data and important stuff. Privacy in fact has become one of the most talked about issues in the global tech events. Some of the OS’s such as Android and Windows have commonly been struck by privacy issues much more than Apple or say WP. However, before laying the blame on the companies, here are simple ten things that you must keep in mind to save your privacy. Here are our 10 simple steps to protect your privacy.

steps to protect privacy

1) Password Protect: It is the most basic and first thing you must do. Set up strong enough passwords using alphanumeric characters for all your devices as well as online profiles.

2) Set up Google Alerts: Google is basically internet, so if someone has to stalk you or check info about you chances are he will do it first on Google. So simple setup alerts by visiting this page so that you know when anyone searches for you on Google.

3) Make Sure To Sign Out: We sometimes may log into our profiles from a system other than ours. Make sure you sign out of every place, especially Google to prevent any theft of data. Also, it is advisable not to use the Remember me option some of the websites provide.

4) Never Give out your Email / Phone Number: A lot of sketchy people may ask for your E-Mail ID or Phone number. Unless you know the person personally never give this info out. Never even post it online to any of the social media networks. We also suggest you to create a simple ID for registering yourself on various sites and for newsletters rather than using your personal E-Mail.

5) Encrypt Your System: Encrypting your system or smart phone is one of the most important steps to protect your privacy. Use programs like FIlevault on Mac or Bitlocker on Windows to encrypt your system.

6) Turn on 2 Step Authentication On Google: This is one of the best ways to protect your privacy. Google is the hub of all your data online, and enabling two step authentication means that every time someone even guesses the password of your Gmail right, he will have to enter in a unique six digit code which would be sent to your phone number registered. A very handy step to protecting your privacy.

7) Use Cash To Pay Bills Often: Credit card info can be pose a serious threat to your account and its security. For small purchases, prefer paying by cash and not credit card. This will prevent the sales being tracked back to you.

8) Change all your Facebook Settings to Friends Only: It is extremely important to be wary how much of your profile is visible to people who are not your friends on facebook. It makes for easy theft of identity if you do not get the privacy right. To keep yourself safe, make sure to change all the settings to Friends only.

9) Use Private Browsing: Browsing history can be another way to trace back your data. To prevent this use the option of private browsing or simply clear the cache or history on your device.

10) Use IP Masker: The best way to stay safe online is to use IP masker which will never show your real IP. A simple solution is by visiting

So we hope these 10 steps to protect your privacy would help you in safer life online. If you have more suggestions do write them in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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Five Reasons Not To Buy The Blackberry Z10

Before most of the readers who are Blackberry supporters scream abuses at me and call me names, we would like to make it clear that we love Blackberry as a brand and still regard it as one of the major players in the mobile market. We still own a Blackberry Curve device and use it once in a while. And like most of the Blackberry users, we were no different and extremely excited about the launch of the Blackberry Z10 late January. However, when all the dust had settled down, we found us convincing ourselves  and others that this probably was not the best time to go ahead and pick a Blackberry Z10. Our reasons? Here they are:


1) Price Value: In an Indian market, if any smart phone is going to be priced at about Rs. 30,000 roughly more than $600, then the device is expected to be absolutely premium. In the past, smart phones such as HTC One X/X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II have justified this price. Of late even with the Lumia 920 you could understand the price, but the Z10 is priced closer to the highest quality devices such as HTC J Butterfly or the iPhone 5 at Rs. 43,000 or $ 750 approx. There is little to no justification for that. The device does not have smart enough specs, big enough an eco system or even a true 1080 P HD screen to demand that sort of price. To put things into perspective, you could probably buy a couple of Canvas HD devices from Micromax and still go out on an expensive dinner date and go home with a few bucks in your pocket than pick a Blackberry Z10.

2) It is still the first BB 10 device: When you pick a smart phone, it is there to stay with you. Most of us get emotionally attached to the devices we carry and do not like to switch things around often. Blackberry 10 is still a relatively new OS in the market. Apart from the Z10, Blackberry are yet to confirm if there are more devices in the pipeline. No we are not saying they should leak the devices or give us previews but just a little word that there are more smart phones they are working on would make the customers feel a little more comfortable that two years down the line, the OS and Hardware would still be supported by Blackberry. It is the same with the developers. Most of the apps we use daily such as Whatsapp, Flipboard or Instagram are not available yet, though few of them can be Sideloaded on the phone, but why get in to all that hassles when you can pick an Android device or even an iOS device for cheaper.

Some of the features of the device even though look very exciting are very much in nascent phase of development. The gestures are fantastic, but in our brief stint with the device we felt at times were not responsive. The battery too could be extremely inconsistent. So in a way even though we love what the device is capable of doing, we are not entirely sure if it is reaching it’s potential yet. The OTA updates sure are helpful, but somehow we feel with a little more polishing the second or third generation of BB10 devices could be better choices when you decide to invest your hard earned money.

3) The lack of Apps: I briefly touched upon the lack of apps in the section above, but it is a serious concern. If you have been using an Android or iOS device like most of us are then the move to the Blackberry Z10 could be a problem. There are not too many apps and often the ones present on board crash or become non responsive. Foursquare app for example could work brilliantly one time and totally drain a good 3/4 % of your battery trying to pull your location. Also, how much app developers would jump on the Blackberry bandwagon is still to be seen. We do hope for Blackberry’s sake that app developers do see this as an opportunity to expand their horizons, but nothing can be sure shot until a lot more apps start to roll out for the Z10. And by that not only we mean the apps that are common on other big platforms such as iOS or Android or even WP 8, but exclusive apps which work well on the new Blackberry OS10.

4) Screen Quality/ Size: Being an HTC One X user I found the 4.2 inch screen on the Blackberry Z10 to be a little small for all the web browsing I do on my mobile devices. The screen even though boasts off a good PPI i.e. 355 we found the viewing angles to be a little washed out when we looked at the phone from about 160 degrees. If you have been habitual to using a large device then the Blackberry Z10 could look a little tiny in your hand. Also since the device relies on lots of gestures, we felt it would require some getting used to it and at times the touch points on the screen did not respond as well as we would have liked.

5) It is a Touch Screen: This is the biggest reason why we would not recommend a Blackberry Z10. The sole reason we and I bet a lot of other people love a Blackberry device is due to the physical keyboard. There is something totally lovely about typing on a physical keyboard that the experience on a touchscreen cannot match. Maybe it is the feedback, or maybe we are just old school who like the feel of Blackberry keys, whatever it is we love the Blackberrys with keys and that is the reason if you agree with us we advice you to wait for the Blackberry Q10 which is the QWERTY and touch variant of the Blackberry 10 device and good alternate to the Blackberry Z10. For a purely touch experience, the devices under Android and iOS offer a lot more than the Z10 currently does.

So those are our five reasons to not pick a Blackberry Z10. Even though we like the hardware and the construction of the device, we just cannot look beyond these major five issues. We like where Blackberry is going with Z10 but for now it is more about a device with plenty of potential yet little to brag of. You can let us know your comments on the Z10 too, or  Tweet them to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Five Reasons Not To Buy Cheap Android Smart Phones

Android smart phones are selling faster than hot pancakes. And one of the main reasons why Android devices are gaining popularity is because they are available in various price ranges. From $100 to about $900, Android devices can be picked up based on how much you wish to spend. Cheap Android smart phones especially are one of the major reasons for the popularity of OS. However, cheap Android Smart phones may not always be the value for money. We do not generally recommend cheap android smart phones, why exactly is that? These are our top five reasons:


1) Sub Standard Hardware: When you spend money buying a smart phone, chances are you are going to be using the phone for at least an year. Cheap Android Smart phones usually do not offer premium build quality. the devices usually have cranky plastic construction with lots of creeks and hardware that does not last. The hardware is prone to easy scratching and even the coloring occasionally is not uniform. Hence, due to lack of good hardware at least so far on cheaper or budget android phones, we do not recommend it.

2) Terrible Touch Screen Experience: Most of the cheap android smart phones, especially in the range of below $100 have resistive touch screen. Now for those who want to use a touch screen device for the first time, it is still doable, but going from capacitive touchscreen to resistive can be an awful experience. There is usually no multi touch and screens are terribly calibrated. You could touch one point on the screen and yet would get response of some other point. Hence solely because touch screens on cheap android smart phones are horrible, we strongly advice you from getting them.

3) Low Spec’d Devices: Most of the cheap android smart phones are low spec’d. Especially the RAM and internal memory of these devices are really low. As a result you can hardly install any apps on the device and some of the apps are just not compatible with low specs of the device. These cheap Android Smart Phones lag terribly and the moment you install about ten to fifteen apps there is a perpetual warning to delete some of the apps to make space. The phones are not helped by large amount of bloatware that OEM’s ship these devices with which take away the space.

4) No Android Updates: Android phones receive plenty of updates. However, cheap android smart phones usually are stuck on the Android version they ship with. It could be age old ginger bread or even ICS, but do not expect any of these devices to get any sort of updates. As a result, your device would be quickly outdated and you will be deprived of any of the goodness that Android does release.

5) Lack Of Community Support: One of the best things about Android devices is the ability to customize the device and run custom ROM or a custom kernel. However, with cheap android smart phones you can never be sure of community support. Most of these devices are not global launches and as a result you can never be sure if there would be any development if at all that would take place. You are destined to run such devices on stock factory images and often nobody even bothers to find a way to unlock the boot loader of the device or root it. As a result, you cannot even run the apps such as titanium backup or set cpu which require you to have a rooted phone.

So as you can see, even though cheap android smart phones provide you an insight of the Android world, it’s usually not a great experience. Android as an OS has plenty to offer and sometimes, you do feel that these cheap android smart phones do not do justice to what is a very capable eco system. What are your views about such devices? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Five Useful Tools To Help You Analyse Your Twitter Account

We are surrounded by opinions, and if you are a regular Twitter user, then the number of opinions just goes right out of the roof, because one thing folks on twitter are so not short of, opinions. Be it state politics or discussing sports or dissing technology, there is no topic in the universe that a die hard Tweeter would shy away from. And since it is such a fast tool of communicating it becomes sometimes very important to take a step back and analyse yourself and how you are projected on the famous micro blogging site. So here are five tools that you would find extremely useful if you are analyzing your Twitter account or a friends.

Mentionmapp : This is a very useful for those who are looking to find out who the user mentions the most in his tweets or whom does he get connected to the most. It also in a lovely graphical form shows the hash tags that the user tends to use the most. This is a good thing as you can judge by looking at it which topic the user is interested in talking about the most. We found that this application focuses more on your recent activities. So in case you have not connected with somebody for the past few days or months and have ignored a topic for a few days then it would not show up here. As a result, the graphs may not be the most accurate if you are looking to analyze the data over a long period of time. For a shorter span, the app works well and you can also connect to the neighboring user and move on to looking through their details too just like a chain reaction.


Klout : Klout is an interesting tool that analyses your influence in the world of Social media. It basically checks your interactions, followers and the number of re tweets your tweets have received to gauge how popular or influential you are in the highly populated world of Twitter. A score of about 60 is average, yet if you are a twitter celebrity or a really famous guy then you can expect a score of around 90-100. You must be a really famous person on twitter for people to be talking so much about you which basically generates that high scores. In our observation, people like Barack Obama have such high scores. You can also connect Klout to your Facebook account and use the same features for FB profile. You can also download its application for the iPhone to analyze your Klout score. You can add other social networks as it helps you to take your Klout score higher.


BookRx : BookRx is a fantastic tool for the reader inside you. It basically connects your Twitter account and then matches it’s database and gives out suggestions regarding books that you may find useful. We felt, the way it works is that it takes your tweets and matches the title of the book in the database and gives you the suggestion. You get a list of different genres of books, starting right from Sports to science and tech to even business or social media given that you have been tweeting about the topics. We really liked this application as it pretty much suggested stuff that matched our interests.


Monitter : Monitter is a real time, live Twitter search that lets you quickly scan through tweets regarding a particular story breaking through. This is a very useful tool especially if you are in the field of Journalism as you can keep an eye on the latest developments as well as be quick to know if any new information is available on a said topic. You can add columns and get notified about several topics that you wish to monitor. Sometimes the speed of the refreshes can be extremely fast especially if it is a big breaking news. You can also play around with the color and edit your columns. There is also added option for you to load whats trending on Twitter so you can be on toes of your Twitter game.


TweetStats : TweetStats, as the name suggests gives you all the stats of your Twitter account. The performance of this application depends upon the rush on the site though. And you could have to wait for a very long time to get to the stats of your site. You get information such as number of tweets per day or month, and its all shown off in a nice bar graph manner. You can also check out at what time you are most active on Twitter and other such data. Only getting the stats is an issue since we always had to wait for a fairly long time to get the results.


So these were our suggestions for five useful tools that would help you analyze your Twitter account and keep you on strike as far as facing the Twitter world is concerned. Do let us know in the section below if you found them useful, or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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5 Gmail Labs That You Must Enable

Gmail has become the most used E-Mail Service on the web. Not only is Gmail quick and free to use, it also gives you plenty of adds on. We have been using Gmail extensively over the last four years and in a lot of ways it has become our home in the internet. You can IM your friends from GTalk built within and simultaneous edit your documents too thanks to Google Drive which has been integrated with Google Docs. You can also change the theme of your Gmail account to add that bit of personalization to your Mail screen. However, did you know that you can add so much more to Gmail thanks to a feature called Labs. Here are the five must have Google Labs that should be enabled on your GMail.

Firstly, to activate Labs, all you have to do is to visit the settings of your Gmail by clicking on the screw type icon located at the top right hand corner of Gmail, and from there clicking on Settings. Once Settings open, look for the third from right tab called Labs, and from there you can enable the labs you which suits your need. Here are the five Gmail Labs that we highly recommend:

1) Background Send: Background Send lets you send Mail in the background so you can after clicking send navigate out to some other application or another web page. Just make sure you are signed into Gmail. This is really helpful when you are attaching big files to send. Background send can be also helpful in case your internet connection is slightly slow and you have no interest in siting on your computer and just see the mail being sent and like to make better use of your time.


2) Google Calender Gadget: We highly recommend using this Labs. Primarily because, plenty of times E-Mails are exchanged in order to make a plan for an event or some other such thing. It is pretty difficult to continuously move from your mail to the calender. A Calender widget helps you to straight away look if you are free for the particular day or if you have some appointments. Saves a lot of time and opening of another tab too.


3) Green Robot: Green Robot is the Lab we love a lot. It is a simple lab that changes the icons of your Gtalk contacts to help you know if the contact is online via PC or Android Phone. Gtalk is inbuilt in Android devices and as a result Android users can stay online 24 x 7. However, there is a chance that somebody have kept the phone away and as a result not read your IM. Knowing that person is online via Smart Phone would help you judge better to not disturb him or be a bit more patient than just asking why he is not replying. A very useful Add on to your Gmail indeed.


4) Message Sneak Peek: Often it happens that we are not entirely sure of what is contained inside an E-Mail. We just want a peek as to what is there and opening the mail and going back can be time consuming. This lab comes really handy in such occasions. Just right click your mouse button over the E-Mail concerned and you can view the preview of the mail saving you those precious seconds that you might have lost in opening and closing the Mail.


5) Right Side Chat: This is yet another important and a must have Lab. Chat by default is located on the left hand side of Gmail. However, due to lesser screen area due to labels and other inboxes, it is possible all your contacts are not showed. Using this label, you can move the chat window to the Right hand side which is totally an empty space to have an extended look at your chat contacts on Gmail.

Right Side Chat

So these were our must have 5 labs for Gmail. Do let us know how you find them, or if you find any other Lab as useful in the section below You can also Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Five Reasons You Should Have A Cover For Your Smartphone

Just about everyone on the planet today has a smartphone. And everybody wants their smart phones to look different and stand out. There is not much you can do though to make two same smart phones look different apart from accessorize them. This is only a part of the reason why it is always advisable to have a cover for your smart phone. They are just as much a fashion today as the phone itself. So what are the reasons you must invest in a good cover for your expensive smart phone? Here is our list:

phone covers

1) Safety: Safety is definitely the main reason for having a cover for your phones and tablets. They protect that all important bezel in case you happen to drop your device by accident. Without a proper cover you may have to live to regret the decision of not owning one as the screen replacement or hardware replacement costs plenty more than a simple cover. A back cover also prevents your phone from accidental scratches by keys in your pocket in case you keep your phone in a bag or your pocket.

2) The Oomph Factor: Yes, let’s admit it, a good well fitted and colorful cover for a smart phone makes the device look even prettier. We do not recommend those heavy bulky covers but the slim and light ones which do not really add to the weight of the device. Even a simple bumper can add that extra bit of color tone to your device and make it look impressive and different.

3) Extra features: Some of the covers can also double up as kick stands that may help you to keep your device on the desk and use it for reading or even multimedia playback. Some mobile covers also come with battery extenders which could help your device with that extra bit of juice in case you are running out of precious juice.

4) Prevention In Extreme Conditions: If you are a person who loves adventure sports and are a game for things like cliff diving and other such crazy activities, you must invest in a cover. Most hones are very delicate and such activities if done without a proper cover could kill your device forever. Now obviously that is not something you want, so its always a good decision to invest in a smart phone cover.

5) Keeps Dust Out: Dust and moisture are two things that are inherent enemies of smart phones. A good cover usually keep these things away from your phone A lot of phones end up bricking out due to water seeping into the device, and a good quality cover is a good measure to take to keep both dust and moisture away and keep your phone brand new and shiny.

So did you invest in a cover for your phone already? Do let us know in the section below about your opinion or tweet in to me at @techverarp.