You Can Finally Access Multiple Instagram Accounts From the Official App

Many of us have several Instagram accounts. Our personal account and sometimes the account of our organisation, alias or just another venture. At this time, in order to maintain the other account, either we need to resort to having another device or simply log out and log in every time with the new credentials. This is a very tedious process and can be highly irritating too. Just like Twitter, it was suggested a while ago that Instagram would bring support for multiple accounts, where you can simply log into several accounts at a time and juggle between them.

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Instagram Has a Nasty Bug if You Use Multiple Accounts

Instagram bringing support to multiple accounts was a great news, especially for those in the space of Social Media management or those who manage a different crowdsourced page. The update finally landed for everyone last week and it was discovered over the weekend that there is something nasty about the account switching. It is fairly common a practice in the world of Social Media management or even if you own a group for a couple of people at least to know the details of a particular Instagram account.

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Microsoft Has Made a Selfie App for iOS

Microsoft has been making apps for platforms other than Windows for a while now. Remember the excitement around the users when the Office was released for Macs, which prompted Steve jobs and Bill Gates to come face to face? Looks like not a lot has changed and Microsoft is very much, still interested in developing apps for Apple owned ecosystems. It’s been happening for OSX and iOS and yet again, yesterday, Microsoft announced an app that it has developed for iOS. The application is called Selfie and will be available to those with an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. 

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Is WhatsApp Getting Ready For a New Design And Video Calling?

WhatsApp may well be teh most popular IM solutioon out there, but it definitely is not known for being the first one for bringing in new features. The likes of Hike or WeChat or even Telegram sometimes does things faster than WhatsApp and innovates on features. WhatsApp is generally known to take a lot of time in order to come up with what you may arguably say, the best implementation of these features. One such feature that we have known for a while that WhatsApp is thinking hard about is Video Calling. The likes of Skype and Viber, have already got the feature and are being used extensively by the people.

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Rdio Files for Bankruptcy; Will Wind Down the Business in Coming Days

Rdio, the popular music streaming service is shutting down. The news comes as a shock to plenty of us as the company had very recently written a welcome note for Apple Music as it set its foot in the world of music streaming. Call it the tough challenge that music streaming has proved to be, but Rdio has been one of the bigger players in the game and seeing their state gives a bit of a perspective on where we are heading towards. It was around last year only when Rdio had announced the acquisition of Dhingana, another of the music streaming services in India and looks like that acquisition did little favors too.


The existing technologies and talents of Rdio will be taken over by Pandora, another music streaming service for $75 million in the coming days. The exact details of the deal were stated on the Rdio blog stating:

We’d like to update the entire Rdio community regarding today’s announcement that Pandora plans to acquire Rdio’s innovative technology and critically-acclaimed design. Pandora has been a pioneer in music streaming for the last decade and shares our passion for delivering the best service possible to music fans everywhere. We’re very excited to continue our tradition of delivering beautiful and powerful music experiences to an even larger audience.

Rdio’s service will not be interrupted today. We will have more updates in the coming weeks on what this process means for your Rdio account, but for the time being the service continues unchanged.

We couldn’t be more proud of the entire Rdio team and the product we have built. We’re honored to have connected so many listeners around the world with the music they love. We thank you for your continued support over the years and look forward to bringing you even better music experiences in the future as part of the Pandora team.


Linkedin Launches LinkedIn Placements: An App to Help Indian Students Find their First Jobt

Call it the flaw of the system or just how our mentality works, but in India you are never really a college graduate or for that matter good enough to come out of your college until you have secured yoruself a placement. While the market is populated with several well-known solutions for folks to look at their next jobs and pick them up via job portals, there is not really a concrete solution for those who have just come out of their classes and are looking for their first jobs. With several colleges not having a proper placement cell, freshers face a tough time finding the perfect first job.


This is where, LinkedIn has come to the rescue of these freshers. With a user base of over 30 million, which makes India its second largest market after the United States, LinkedIn has decided to launch LinkedIn Placements app which will basically allow freshly graduated kids to look and find their first job. The move to launch yet another app is well within the strategy of LinkedIn where they have tried to move several features that were initially a part of the original LinkedIn app only to new apps and clearly demark the features. Developed by around 40 employees, the Linkedin Placements app will hit India first, before a global rollout happens.

Ganesan Venakatasubramanian, head, engineering, LinkedIn India said, “Our conversations with students, placement officers and recruiters involved in campus recruitment point to an unmet need for efficiency and effectiveness”.

LinkedIn has over 340 million users globally as of now, making it one of the biggest social media networks.


Truecaller Brings Caller ID Support in Hindi Language

Truecaller is one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store. The application has helped solve a major problem of unknown callers as it helps identify who is calling you, even if the number is not stored on your device thanks to its large database. The app currently helps block over 120 million spam calls in India alone in a month and has a database that is larger than 1.7 billion numbers and growing. And with 100 million users achieved last month, Truecaller is already aiming to increase that to 150 million active users by the end of the year.

In order to achieve that figure, Truecaller is focussing on a deeper penetration into Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. And one of the ways that this is being pushed for is the support for Hindi Language on the app. This means that users will have the option of setting the default language to Hindi when a notification of the caller arises as the call comes in rather than the default setting of English. Truecaller also plans to add several other local Indian languages in order to cater to those who are not the most comfortable reading English. In order to get the support for Hindi, you simply need to update your Truecaller app to the latest version which is 6.10.

Truecaller believes that by touching base with the language that most Indians are comfortable with, they would be able to rope more users and that is why we saw a new TVC come on for Truecaller which featured the famous Bollywood actor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Apply for Instant EMI on your Mobile Phone using the Bajaj Finserv Experia App

Buying gadgets today is kind of a big deal. The phones have become expensive, the computers were never cheap and the upcoming wearables also cost a bomb. If you are a fan of technology and want to own them all at one go, then really, the only option for you, unless you are born with a couple of diamond spoons in your mouth, is to look for an EMI based purchase so that you do not have to pay a lot of money at one go. EMI generally is given on a credit card, which not a lot of us have. This is where, Bajaj Finserv, has hit the ball out of the park for a massive six.

Bajaj Finserv

Using their recently launched app on Android and iOS, you will be able to apply for a personal loan and pay off using an EMI plan. No more, hassles of approvals or issues of limits. You can login to the app, using your Aadhar card, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter credentials and get instant approval of personal loans on Durables, Electronics, Mobiles and Furniture. Once the application is accepted after applying under ‘Quick Apply’ you can use the generated code to shop across more than 12,000 stores that support Bajaj Finance. You need to carry one of the mentioned documents in the app, when you buy the device of your choice.

Some of the features of the application are:

• Login with Aadhar Card, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google

• Share only the first 6 digits of their Credit Card to get an extra advantage. This increases their chances of getting an approval, and also makes them eligible for higher loan amounts. No money will be deducted from their card and Bajaj Finserv does not use your Credit Card details for any banking purpose.

• Convenience of applying from anywhere, anytime

• Edit their personal details easily

• Post approval, shop across any of Bajaj Finserv’s 12,000+ partner outlets in, over 150 cities

• Track their loan application

Boomerang is an Interesting new app from Instagram that allows you to create One Second Gifs

At the recent F8 conference facebook stressed the need of becoming a platform for other apps to run on to. they encouraged developers to build apps on top of the platform rather than bundling features within one app alone. It looks like a similar approach is being followed by Instagram, which is now a Fecebook product. Instead of bundling all the features into one application, Instagram has been rolling out new applications like Hyperlapse and Layout. An addition to that list now is Boomerang, which is the new application that lets you record one second GIFs.


The application in itself is extrmely simple in the sense you really have just two controls. You have the control to switch the cameras on your device and simply start and stop recording. The one second clip will then be shared either on across on either Facebook or Instagram itself. Make note that there is no explorer for users to see the GIFs in the app itself. The moment you fire the application up, you are required to record the GIF and then simply share it.

In fact Boomerang is one of the very few apps that at release itself is available both on Android and iOS for download right at the launch.

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