Access the Facebook App on iOS Devices in Fullscreen with this Tweak

Facebook is one of the most used applications on iOS. We like to stay connected to our friends on Facebook by either interacting on their posts or publishing content on the move using the mobile app of Facebook. While the facebook app has come a long way both, in terms of design and functionalities in the past few years, there are still a few things that are annoying about it. For example, while it is possible on Android phones to access the Facebook app in fullscreen mode thanks to the immersive mode for KitKat 4.4.


For iOS, nothing like that exists, so as a result, you are forced to use the app in the screenspace, whatever is left over after the top menu bar has taken space. However, thanks to the jailbreaking community, we have a good alternate to this. You can now access the Facebook application in full screen mode thanks to a tweak called Facebook Fullscreen. This tweak works only on the official Facebook application, so you must have that downloaded for the tweak to function. Make sure you have the device jailbroken too.

Once you have done that, head over to the BigBoss Repo where the tweak is available for absolutely free. You will have to install the tweak and restart the springboard for the tweak to take effect. There are no settings or configurations for you to play along here, just fire the application up and you will see it in full screen mode. Just uninstall the tweak to go back to the original view.


Dial a Phone Number Directly from the Control Center of your iPhone using this Tweak

There are several ways of dialing a phone number in your iPhone. You can search for a contact in the spotlight on top and select the right contact and directly press on it to make a phone call, you can also go to the phone app directly and dial the number. If you have the Launch app, it can be really handy to make quick calls to your contacts or bring the dialpad up too. Not just that, you can use the contact app too. So there are already enough ways to make a phone call on your iPhone. But what if you want more?


This is where a Cydia tweak named Addial comes in handy. It is a unique tweak that basically allows you to dial right from the Control Center of your iPhone. This means, you do not have to go within any application and can access your dialer from anywhere by just swipping up from the bottom of the display without having to quit your current app. The tweak adds in a small dial icon in the middle of the last row, which you can press to bring up the dialer. You also get the icons of Adding Contact as well as making call directly which flanks the dial button in the Control Center.

Adding this tweak means you can access the dialpad from the lockscreen of your iPhone too depending upon your security settings and that may be a bit of a bother in case you are mindful of such things. The tweak is available in the insanelyi repo for absolutely free.

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Change the Volume of every Individual Channel on your iPhone with this Cydia Tweak

Most modern day smartphones handles media output in the form of channels today. You have a channel that is responsible for the audio output of your ringtone, video playback, audio playback, notifications and sometimes in app notifications too. These channels are independent of each other and you can only play around with the channel settings when you activate the same.

Volume Mixer

There have been tweaks that are present in Android as well as with the latest update to Windows Phone 8.1 which allow you to change the volumes of these channels at the same time. However, for iPhone that is not the case. Not even after the announcement of the iOS 8 yesterday brought the ability to control these channels individually. However, thanks to the jailbreaking community you can do that. In case you have a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 7 then you can control the individual channels now.

This is done by a cydia tweak called Volume Mixer.The tweak is available for $0.99 from Big Boss Repo.The volume tweaks are added to the notification center when you install the tweak and the Control Center is left as it is.You can select to turn the Volume Mixer on or off in the Notification Center of the iPhone. You have the option of electing the volume controls that you wish to see in the Notification Center. The tweak gives you an option to theme the sliders as well as change the colors of the bars based on the position. The tweak is certainly wholesome and brings loads of personalisation options. Using the tweak, you can turn down the volume of the media playback without changing the notification tones.

Auxo 2 Makes Multitasking on iOS 7 look good and effective

Multi tasking has always been a bit of achilles heel of iOS since its advent. Apple did make some drastic changes about it in iOS 7 adding a card like UI and a more robust software tweak which ensures a better true multi tasking, however, you still wonder if things could have been better. Thanks to the availability of jailbreak on iOS 7, the developers have got their hands well and truly dirty with tweaks bringing features to iOS 7 which makes you wonder why could Apple not come up with something like this too?


Anyway, the tweak we are talking about is Auxo 2. The tweak is available from Cydia Store for $3.99. The tweak basically integrated the Control Center to the multi tasking window of iOS 7. However, everything is designed from the ground up here, as the Control Center is not present in its default state. It is neatly stripped down to only contain its bare minimal features such as the quick shortcuts and playback controls. The rest of the sharing icons and toggles are on the top with multi tasking windows in between.

You can check out the video of the tweak here to get a better idea of what the tweak can do exactly. Just a note for those who are coming from the original Auxo tweak and have that installed, can upgrade to Auxo 2 for only $1.99.

StatusBright allows you to Adjust the brightness on your iPhone from Status Bar

While the iPhone comes with a rather effective ambient sensor to help with auto brightness, most of us like to have brightness controlled manually. This usually means dimming the brightness all the way down in low light like night or raising it all the way up during the day. While, this is easily possible to be done with the new Control Center in iOS 7, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, then things could be even easier. With the help of a Cydia tweak called StatusBright, you no more will have to reach for the bottom of your screen for controlling or changing the brightness.


StatusBright is a simple Cydia tweak where all you need to do to increase the brightness of your screen is to swipe from left to right. the tweak is extremely easy to use and there is no real setting that you have to configure once you have downloaded it. Similarly, swiping from right to left will reduce the brightness of your screen.

The tweak is available for free from ModmyI repo. However, the only issue we faced with the tweak was that while we were pulling down the Notification center from the top, it triggered the tweak and adjusted the brightness even if we did not want it to do the same. Apart from that, the tweak works effortlessly and really adds a degree of comfort for the user.

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Vertex for iPhone brings futuristic concept to your iPhone running iOS 7

We all love a bit of sneak peek into the future. Jailbreaking a device pretty much allows us to do exactly this, load up features on our mobile devices that otherwise may not be available. While it may be argued that the jailbreaking community is on it’s way down and out, but till the time it is here we should totally enjoy it. Vertex is yet another tweak from the community that does the sort of stuff you would perhaps have wanted Apple to do right out of the box.


The tweak is available for $1.49 to download from BigBoss repo. It is one of the expensive tweaks, but dare we say, also one of the finest ones we have seen. On the utility of the tweak, it does a bare minimum. The tweak simply combines your Control Center with the Multitasking windows seamlessly.

As a result, whenever you swipe the Control Center up from the bottom, you also get a peek at your Multitasking window. You can easily swipe away apps from here to close it or simply select one to run it. Neither the actions of Control Center or the Multitasking Window are affected by this tweak. In fact, you will be hard pressed to differentiate if they ever existed independently. The tweak looks even better on iPad where thanks to more screen space, it gives a better effect.

Check out the video of the tweak below:

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How to get the SSL Security patched up without Updating to iOS 7.0.6

Apple recently rolled out the update which bought all the devices running iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.6. This was a small update, but perhaps one of the most important ones that Apple has rolled out. No, there were no funky features that were added by it, but instead it patched up a massive gaping hole in the security of the iOS system. It patched up the issue with the SSL that could cause hackers to intercept and interfere into your device while you are surfing the internet. This issue particularly affected your system if you use Safari browser. And as a result updating to iOS 7.0.6 was pretty much a compulsion.


However, if you have a jailbroken device, updates are never your friends. Although, iOS 7.0.6 is perfectly jailbreak-able, you needed to re jailbreak your device and install all the cydia tweaks once again after you have backed them up. To avoid all of this, you can simply install a security patch up from Cydia, which does exactly the job of iOS 7.0.6 update. To add the certificate you would have to add the tweak-maker’s personal repo which is is found at “

Once you have the repo added, simply go ahead and search for SSL Patch and download it, since its absolutely free. The patch is safe as it does not really tamper with the system files, but how effectively that will patch the security is not very clear. But the tweak claims it does, and so we hope. Reprisng your device once you have installed the tweak, and use it normally.

Flex 2 Allows you to Create your own Cydia Tweaks

Apple has always held great pride in controlling the entire user experience right from the software to hardware of its devices. Although this has resulted in great vertical integration and seamless experience it has been a bit of a menace when it comes to allowing the customizations that a user might want to do with his devices. To a very large extent, this problem has been sorted thanks to the jailbreaking community which has been extremely active.


However, what if you want to create a tweak yourself without having to fall upon the community. Flex 2 is the perfect Cydia tweak for you if you do not know how to code but would still like to create a new patch for your device. The tweak has literally unlimited applications and can virtually help you make a patch for any application you may want. From changing the size of default Siri window to changing the number of images you can send in an E-Mail Flex 2 allows you to do all that and much.

Not just this, the tweak has a very strong community behind it too, meaning there is a possibility that a patch has already been made for you before you even try the stweak out. Flex 2 is slightly expensive and available for $3.99 from Big Boss repo but definitely worth it.

Download Cydia Tweak Eclipse to enable System wide Night Mode in iOS 7

Recently there was a very interesting discussion going on Twitter. The discussion was around if users preferred their apps to have dark theme or light theme. It was widely agreed that apps with dark theme are always preferred given that they can be used rather inconspicuously when in dark and also do not cause unnecessary strain on the eye. However, the entire of iOS 7 is based on light backgrounds and if you would like to darken that there is an option to invert colors in Accessibility. However, that would render a lot of pictures on your device waste, as a result a tweak called Eclipse is really useful.


Since the Tweak is available from Cydia store, you obviously must be running an iOS device that has been jailbroken and on iOS 7. Eclipse is a very simple jailbreak tweak that allow for an across the board dark theme being enabled for your iOS device. Not just the OS elements but the tweak also enables dark theme in all the third party applications. So, in case you use the official Twitter application, it would no more hurt your eyes with all the white in the background.

The results though are mixed and only the components that use common programmatic UI elements are affected. Some of the places such as the dialer or the messaging app are not darkened since they happen to use png images instead of programmatic UI. The tweak obviously hence require a lot of work from the developer including the option of only selectively darkening hand picked apps. Despite that, the tweak is rather useful and for only $.99 from Big Boss Repo is actually is a very useful add on to your device.

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How to Add Whatsapp to the Sharing List in iOS 7 Control Center

Whatsapp has been one of the most used applications, no matter what platform you are on. Willing to bet here but 9 out of 10 users download Whatsapp within the first ten applications they download after picking a new smartphone. With no ads, a very affordable pricing per year and with cross platform integration, Whatsapp is an absolute ruler when it comes to the way we communicate.


However, not just for text messaging, Whatsapp has become a great medium to share images across with your friends quickly. When Apple added several options of sharing things in iOS 7, the optimist in us expected Apple would add the option to share via Whatsapp too at some stage. However, that did not happen and as a result we are back to relying on a good old Cydia Tweak to get the job done.

The tweak you need to download to have Whatsapp present in the iOS 7 Control Centre is called Activity Pro. The tweak is available for free if you have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. The tweak simply adds the option of sharing via Whatsapp or even Line to your Control Centre when you open the same in the apps such as Whatsapp and Line. You can simply pick a picture in the gallery, and open Control Centre to share it with your Whatsapp contact. Not just images, the integration also works wonderfully well with text or notes files, so in case you have written a long kickass essay, you can share the same on whatspp. A very interesting as well as a useful tweak.

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