Stick Hero is an Addictive Mobile Game that you Must Play

We have had our fair share of games that we have been addictive to in the past. From the likes of Angry Birds to the most recent Flappy Birds, mobile games have been the best way to kill time when it comes to being unproductive. Every quarter, one game comes along which is supremely simple and easy to play and yet you have no idea why you are so addicted to it for literally hours. One game we feel could be the next such thing, is Stick Hero.

Stick Hero

Stick Hero as the name suggests is all about sticks. The game play is ridiculously simple, yet challenging. You need to build bridges with the help of sticks that can grow in size when you tap the screen. The challenge is that you can only resize the sticks in vertical direction and after letting the resizing go, the stick should fall within the perimeter of the next support to complete a bridge. Falling short or over extending the bridge will ensure that your hero falls off.

The game is available for both iOS and Android and has a free version although accompanied with Ads. The graphics are minimal and the game is very much in the category of Flappy Birds when it comes to simplifying everything. You definitely must try the game out and post your high scores in the comment section below.

Download Stick Hero for Android

Download Stick Hero for iOS

Rack Your Brain With Flow Free for Android

In the Smartphone world, games are our life. We simply cannot imagine travelling or passing through our boredom without a game or two in our amazing devices. Play Store is full of various games and puzzles. There are so many games with different genres. I personally prefer playing puzzles and brain-rackers. They are one challenge one loves to take up and the bliss you get after solving the puzzle is grave! One such game is Flow Free for Android users.


Flow Free by the Big Duck Games LLC is one addictive puzzle you cannot get enough of. Connecting dots never seemed so interesting. There are multi-colored dots in this puzzle which you need to connect to its respective pair. But the catch here is that you cannot override the other connections made previously. That means you cannot bridge the lines. The snapshots here will help you explain this. Simply tap the dot and drag the through the empty block towards its corresponding colored dot. It won’t connect to any other colored dot. You can only connect to the matching colors. You start with a block puzzle of 5×5 and move gradually, clearing each level, to the 9×9 board. There are also other bonus packs available along with 8×8 and 9×9 board manias to crack. More to this, you can also time your game from 30 seconds to 4 minutes on the board size of your preference.

The interface of the game is really good. It also gives you a little feel of Windows Phone 8 with those small arrows and refresh buttons on the screen. To start with it, simply download Flow Free for Android from the Play Store and create a flow by matching the respective colored dot pair. Beware! This game is highly addictive and you cannot rest till you finish the board. Do get back to us with your experience with the challenges.

Be The Ultimate Winner With 2 Player Reactor Challenge

Do challenges intrigue you? But competing with your own self over and over again on the games and making a high score is not always so much fun. I’m not saying it’s not fun but sometimes, it gets monotonous and you simply lose interest. How about playing a game with your friends and challenging them to outwit you on the very same device at the same time? There is this one witty game which you can play with a partner and be the ultimate winner, the 2 Player Reactor.


The game is pretty simple to play yet the difficulty level is high. You only need to be logical and quick in order to win. You need to be perfectly timed. This application gives you a number of games to get your reactions and challenges each player to battle on reflexes along with sheer knowledge and wit. All you need to start with it is the game and a partner to play it with. A few of the games which the 2 Player Reactor puts you through challenge are:

  • Word matches color
  • Finding 5 different shapes
  • Mouse in maze
  • Countdown
  • Finding the Sad Smiley
  • Tap when white
  • Country and Right Capital
  • Find Pairs
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Positive vs Negative

If you are right your side of the panel will turn green and the other side will be red and vice-versa. A total of 10 challenges are put in front of you and you need to get through all of them and score higher than your partner. But beware what you tap, there are negative markings too. Also, there are two types of games, one is a Quick game and another one is a Custom game. With the Custom game, as the name suggests you can customize your options like the timing, choice of games and marking system. Yes, you can opt out of the negative marking if you wish to. This is one fun game you would never wish to skip on.

Go on and get this game and challenge your friends over it. If you wish to play with more people and challenge more than one at a time, there is a big daddy to this game called the 4 Player Reactor. The 4 Player Reactor is a paid and advanced version of the 2 Player Reactor. You need to upgrade to the former one. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it from the Play Storeand get going with the challenges. I’m sure you’ll soon be addicted to this “Best of it’s Kind” award winning game. Try this and get back to us with your feedback on the same in the comments section below.

Marvel Games Bring Avenger Initiative For Android

Comic book lovers have another reason to rejoice if they are using Android devices. It has been a great year with all the movies and gaming industry booming with comic book based titles. Android users and comic book and game fans have been treated with Avengers Initiative. This wonderful action game makes you forget everything and enjoy the arcade action. You must have come across the name Marvel comics if you have been following the genre intently and must have read all the amazing series which it provides. The Avengers Initiative is brought to you by the Marvel Games.


The application is supported by following list of devices only for now:

HTC Evo 4g
HTC Incredible 4g
LG G2x
LG Nitro HD
Motorola Droid 3
Motorola Atrix 4g
Motorola Photon Q 4g
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Asus Nexus 7
Asus Transformer Prime
Asus Transformer

If your phone or tablet runs on Tegra-3 processor then you have nothing to worry about while playing. It works perfectly smoothly on your device. The game is inspired by the iOS based Infinity Blade which is a popular title. It has a realistic feel about the battle. The characters bleed and get wounded. There is hardly anyone who is not an Avenger fan today and I’m sure would like this app at once.

With various combat modes and unique customization this app stands out. Fight as Hulk in the first adventure of the series, level up and keep fighting. The theme of the game is to get back the world from the extreme disaster. The only problem you might face is with its instability. The Avenger Initiative is a relatively new app and is under the process of solving bugs. Also you can use this app only if your Android version is Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above. You need to buy this app from the Play Store.

Check out Avenger Initiative.

The World Of Goo For Android [Game Review]

Things are not always the way they look at the first instance. When I came across this game in the Android Play Store I felt so disgusted. I never thought of downloading it and playing it. World of Goo, it sounds so Yuck! So I never really tried this game on the Play Store even though it was one of the best rated and played games. Although it was called Android Game of the Year, it never made a difference to me until a friend of mine simply sent the APK file to me and installed it himself. I let it be there for a while but once just for the sake of it being there I opened it and started playing. I have never let it go since then.


The World of Goo is a complete smart game to play. No wonder it is one of the best games on the current top games’ list. I fidgeted a little when I started because it is hard to make much sense of the surroundings in the game first. But once you get the hang of it, you are all set to be up and running. It is a physics based building game where you drag the adorable-looking, tender goo-beings and stretch them to make structures. You construct them so as to make it easier for the other goo companions to be able to reach the suction tube. They flow through the lines and as the construction is completed with their help reach into the pipe and get collected into the container. You need to complete the target set to be sucked up and do not make more lines by stretching unnecessary balls into shape. There are thick line and thin lines which decide the destiny of the structure. The thick ones mean the structure is strong enough and will sustain, as the whole structure has no other base but of the globs of goo in the air. The levels of towers need to be well-balanced. Another thing you cannot miss when you start playing is the simplicity and handsome design of the game.


You go through multiple levels and chapters until you reach your destination. The World of Corporation is a massive name in the production of Goo related products. You discover various species of goo with their various abilities which come together in this out of the world tale. Go get your hands dirty with the delicious goo balls.


There is a demo version available but I would suggest that only if you have older versions of Android running on your phone. The World of Goo full is available on the Play Store ( Simply get it and start with it. Do get back to us about your tales of experience. It’s must play.

Edge Extended For Android is A Nice 3D Game For Android

Android world is full of amazing games of various genres. If you are tired of the usual running games in the arcade and action genre, there are many other genres to explore. Talking about puzzle games, these can rack your brain, keep you holding and form an addiction. The best part about them is they don’t consume as much battery as the other games and let you play anytime anywhere. How about something which is in Arcade and yet brain-racking? The game we are talking about here is the Mobigame S.A.R.L developed, Edge Extended for Android.


The Edge Extended or simply Edge is a fun game with beautiful graphics. The theme of the game is based on a Cube which you need to push through various levels of geometric universe and voyage it through them. There will be too many hurdles to crack and a lot many difficulties to cross. Take care that while pushing the cube you don’t let it fall and lose a life. The initial levels are not really that tough but as you move ahead, the speed and the aura of the game changes. Initial stages make you feel like the game is a puzzle but the later stages bring the real arcade level on it.

The base where the cube somersaults shifts and moves making the travel difficult. The speed is then controlled by the movement of the blocks and base which needs the cube to move faster and slower accordingly. There is a map which guides you through your present position. With amazing graphics and look, this 3D wonder is a must play. There is a demo version available in the Play Store but I would suggest that there is no way you can resist the game once you start it. So without any ado please get the Extended version straight away.

The extended version is available as a paid app in the Play Store ( Just do not have second thoughts and simply download this application. I am sure you will not be able to resist it just like I did. Get back to us with your feedback on this gravely possessing game, the Edge Extended.

Check out Edge Demo (free version).

iOS App Review- Ruzzle: A Fun Game With Words

iPhones today are not just plain simple smart phones that let you make a phone call to the person siting far away from you. Yes, an iPhone does make a quality phone call but there is so much more to this device. And one such thing is a large collection of applications and games that really keep us hooked on to the device for hours on end. One of the newer games that has everybody glued to their iPhone is a scrabble game called Ruzzle.

Developed by MAG Interactive Ruzzle is a simple game that lets you play with a wide choice of 15 million users that have this application worldwide in a game of who makes most words in the given two minutes of time. This is not all though, you can chat with your opponents as well as add them to your list of Ruzzle friends so that you can challenge them to an interesting game of Ruzzle at any time you both happen to be free.

Ruzzle (1)

Gameplay: The Gameplay on Ruzzle is very simple yet a lot of fun. the game is nothing but a board of letters out of which you have to make meaningful words. The scoring depends upon how long your words are and if you have used double letters in a word you would get a higher score. We did not really struggle to find the way around the game as everything is very well laid down. Though there were times due to a low Wi-Fi network that the game stuttered but that can be well taken care of if you are playing in a game where the networks are strong. The game is played in three rounds, so that gives you three shots at your opponents to defeat him and the score from all three rounds are added together to give you a final score.

Ruzzle (4)

Game Modes: There are several game modes that are available in the game. if you download the free version of the game, then you are restricted to only four modes, which are you can play with your friends on twitter, facebook, on Ruzzle itself or any random opponent. The mode that you miss out on is the ability to practice with yourself which we feel is not all that a big miss. If you happen to select to play with any random opponent, and you find he is giving you a good game like mentioned above you can easily add him to your list of friends and have a re match with them. Even though after a match ends there is a handy feature to challenge your opponents to a game again, we feel like having them in a friends list saves the time that the game takes to search for opponents.

Ruzzle (5)

Chats: Another interesting feature of the game is the ability to speak to your opponents with the help of an IM built inside the game. We really liked this feature, especially as you can use it to congratulate your opponent for an interesting game or you could alternatively ask him to speed up the game in case you are tired of waiting for him to play his turn.

Ruzzle (3)

Multiple Games At once: We really liked the fact that you can play as many games against as many opponents as you wish to at one time. In fact we were engaged playing with four players at the same time. This is especially useful as you do not have to then wait for one single opponent to play his chance. he may not play it immediately and take a lot of time, so instead of siting and getting bored or just exiting the application, it is a handy feature to play another game of Rizzle.

Languages: The game is not available in just English but various other languages such as Danish, German, french etc. So in case you are learning a new foreign language, this game can be really handy for you to test your vocabulary.

Social Networks: You can connect the game to your Twitter or Facebook profile so that you could flaunt your scores all over the places to your friends how well you played the game. This also gives you the ability to add your profile picture to the game in case you did not like the faces that the game gives you as avatars by default.

Ruzzle (2)

Final Verdict: The game over all is extremely addicting. If you have a decent Network and data connection, this game can keep you busy for hours on end. Especially if you are working towards improving your vocabulary, Ruzzle is one of those must have applications for your device. It is available for fre and a paid version which comes without Ads. Here is the link to the free version of the game. We highly recommend you this application.

So these were our thoughts about Ruzzle, what do you feel about the game, what is your highest score? Do let us know in the section below and you can add me on the game by my alias Verarp if you wish to challenge me for a game. Also you can tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.


Initial Impressions Of The All New Temple Run 2 on iOS

Temple Run has been a run away success when it comes to portable mobile games. Just like Angry birds, Temple run has been one game that you would find on pretty much every Android as well as iOS powered device. The game has been downloaded millions of times and surely you know by now that Imangi Studios, the developers of the game have decided to gives us all the Temple Run 2, a successor to the original Temple Run. The game at the moment is available for iOS devices only meaning the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. There is no news on when the game could be out for Android devices, but be sure it would be coming soon. If you have not already tried the game, here is the download link from the Apple iTunes Store. The game can be played on devices released including and after the launch of iPhone 3Gs.

temple_run_2_for_ios (3)

So having played the game a few times, what are our first few impressions of the game? Let’s find out.

What’s Changed?

This was the first bit of question that was bothering our head when we had downloaded the game on our trusty old iPad 2. Well, to start off with the initial screen is new, and all green instead of the yellow on the previous version, giving a more environmental and organic feel to the game. The game starts off similarly to the original temple run with the camera panning towards a den from where the player emerges. There definitely is a change of camera angle about this if you want to be very picky. The very first thing you will notice is that the paths are no more straight with turns, they are more curved and angling as well as not on the same altitude. This will require some getting used to. You may actually end up swiping across the player to move on the curved path when in reality the player does the adjustment yourself. It is definitely an increase in the difficulty coefficient of the game. When you are dying, the monsters behind you too seem to be a lot bigger than the previous version. You also get a gem at the start of the game now, very similar to Ninjump where you can afford to get caught once yet rescue yourself by using the gem which you can purchase too. The graphics are definitely a notch up, more on that in the next section. The levels and powerups are now handled better and there are a lot more special powers to look forward to. The levels ad achievements are well defined now which means you do not really have to play the original game to understand how the game works.

temple_run_2_for_ios (4)


The graphics on the Temple run 2 are impressive. Even while not playing on the retina display, you get the feeling of realism in the game. It looks pretty on the retina display without a doubt as our iPhone 4S proved. The graphics are more environment friendly and the game is easy on the eye thanks to a lot of use of brown and green colors especially over the yellow used in the previous version. There is a lot more eye for detail too in the version two of the game as you run through the clouds and come down on slopes, changing away from the straight straight jungle run of the original Temple run. The game play takes place in more like a kingdom sort of place than just a plain jungle, and feels like you are running on cliffs, which gives that little bit extra to the Temple Run 2. The character of the game stays pretty much how it was, though it would not have been a bad idea to change his appearance a little to give that feeling of next version.

temple_run_2_for_ios (2)

Performance And Response

The performance and response of the game remains top notch just like the original version. There is no noticeable lag anywhere in the game. The only thing that may differ is the loading time of the game from one device to another. Apart from that, the character responds to every little touch which makes sure you enjoy the game to the fullest without getting frustrated at your input not getting registered. The background music also is a little better we feel from the previous version of the game.

temple_run_2_for_ios (1)


Overall, we feel the game is a worthy successor to the original game. The original Temple Run had become a little stagnated with people posting scores in crores by hook or by crook, and this game definitely gives a good challenge to the gaming community of the iOS world. We look forward to spending a lot of time this weekend playing this game and if we do find something more interesting or worth telling, we would add on to our review.

What are your impressions of the Temple Run 2 so far? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Lines And Puzzles is one of the Best Time Killer For Android Users

Sometimes we just want to put our spare time to use while waiting for someone or before we start up with a meeting or the few minutes time which is left before moving on with something in particular. With our Smartphones in our hand there are a lot of things that we can do with them. A simple small game may lead us in a relaxed mode and can also keep us engaged. How about a puzzle or a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? It always helps us pass some quality time when we need to. Being an Android user you can find a lot of things to kill time in the Play Store. One such game I came across was the Lines and Puzzles.

From a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe to a good freestyle Gomoku, you can find everything in this one game to amuse you with. There are over 200 puzzles to solve and which are equally challenging and tough. With each level you face a new challenge to topple off. Your brain will definitely need a lot of juice to play all these levels and puzzles in Lines and Puzzles. The boards vary from a normal 4×4 grid to a 15×15 boards. The boards are customized differently with wood, chalk, sand and neon glow lights. You play against the system itself. More you play more you tend to learn all the tricks to win the riddles. You get a portrait or landscape orientation option to play the game as you find it comfortable. You will get a hang of it once you try it. We all have played ‘X & 0’ while in school and have mastered those tricks. But with this game those tricks have to be evolved in order to play more than just the usual grid space. It is pretty much user-friendly and the interface is also nice with the chalk board and wooden one.

The free version of this game has ads enabled but they don’t bother much while playing and it also has all the basic modes which you require to start off with. Also the pro version has an in-app purchase, that is it can be purchased from within the app itself. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the Lines and Puzzles from the Play Store ( and enjoy the free minutes of the day by racking your brains.

Rovio Teases Us With Another Star Wars Angry Birds Video

Angry Birds is by far the single most popular gaming series on mobile devices today. These high flying birdies are everywhere, Android, iOS, Windows, even Symbian which is pretty hard to believe seeing how the OS has been on a downward spiral. but, in all seriousness if you have not played this game, then drop out of this post right away and go ahead and play it cause you are missing out on probably the game that changed how we see mobile gaming. And if you are just wondering how the addiction of Angry Birds is growing exponentially then go ahead and have a look at this very interesting infographic.

However, it seems like Rovio is in no mood to let the Angry Birds craze die down and seemingly a new version of them with Star Wars is releasing soon. And by soon we mean really soon. The date that has been given around is November 8th. However, after relative failure to gauge the audience by the space version of Angry Birds, we do like the fact that Rovio is taking time with releasing the Star Wars version. It is possible that the popularity of Star Wars as well the Angry Birds brand will work well if marketed properly. And in trying to achieve that, yet another theatrical trailer sorts has been released showing off what can we expect from the latest and greatest of Angry Birds, and if you have not seen it, you much, it actually looks really nifty. Here is the video:

Via: Androidguys