After-sales service – The hiccup for Chinese brands!

Every day a new Chinese technology brand launches its products in India with new price proposition, features and looks. But how many of us think about their after-sales services? Indian mobile user base is increasing day by day and touched 103.5cr according to September report of TRAI.  In such a scenario, one often wonders which brand should one prefer to avoid any hassles post purchase.

While smartphone sale is increasing gradually, very few brands think of a customer satisfactory journey. In the process of attaining customer satisfaction, we feel brands also need to work on opening more service centres with quick response time and advanced and fast repair procedures.

Earlier, we have seen many cases where people abandoned the brand just because of poor after sale services. The litmus test of brands these days lie not just in providing more service centres but also giving the best quality of repair.

When we think of a brand known for its after-sales services ‘Apple’ strikes our mind. The primary reason for this positive brand recall lies in their quick turn around time. Another brand out of the lot that believes in a long term relation with the consumer is itel mobile. They have 100 days swap/replacement policy. However, brands like Zopo mobile also have the policy of exchanging the phone in 365 days. The penetration of Zopo is very less as compare to other brands like itel Mobile.

Brands like Gionee, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, etc. work on the multi-brand service store model and don’t have the independent service centre where the core value of the itel mobile revolves around giving the innovative hi-tech products to masses along with satisfactory after sale services. There are certain preconditions, however, which are to be quick in mind to avail these services:

  • Certified defective handsets that are complying with warranty conditions gets swapped with similar units within 100 days of purchase.
  • Swap units will be same or similar spec model.
  • Cosmetic of exchange units might be similar if not better than an earlier unit.
  • Beyond 100 days, the standard repair warranty terms would be applicable

Apart from this, the company has more than 1000 service centres across the globe. They even have different brand name Carlcare Service Centre to ensure the customers don’t have to run from pillar to post. This kind of service eventually leaves a lasting impression and echoes the values that itel stands for and shows how serious they are about consumer needs.

Apple Submitted the USB Type C Port to the Industry

The USB C-Type port has made several headlines in the past few days. First it was the Apple MacBook and then the new Google Chromebook Pixel which brought the USB C-Ctype port to prominence. The port is capable of data transferring, charging your appliances as well as playing the output from your system. Added the benefit that the port is reversible in nature and also backwards compatible, makes the Type C port highly desirable, leaving very little to doubt that the port will go on to become a universal entity.

USB Type C

While we all appreciate that finally we are moving towards, one single USB solution, the question of the origin of the USB Type C Port remains a mystery. No claims has been made on whose brainchild the port is, but according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, it was Apple who gave the industry this port, but due to certain circumstances have not been able to claim ownership. John said:

Only that from what I’ve been told, Apple ought to be getting (and taking) credit as the leading company behind USB-C’s innovations. Not that they “invented” it, but that they “basically invented” it. I completely stand by that. But there are a lot of politics involved. One reason Apple isn’t taking more public credit for their role: they truly want USB-C to see widespread adoption; a perception that it’s an Apple technology might slow that down.

You can follow the entire post on Gruber’s blog right here.


SkullCandy Announces a new range of Headphones specifically designed for women

The pioneers in the audio technology, SkullCandy have announced a new line of headphones that are specifically designed keeping in mind the women audience. Skullcandy has made a lot of name for itself in the recent years for its unisex headphones but this move is fairly significant as it is for the first time that we have seen a headphone manufacturer talk about a product that is centric to one gender.

SkullCandy Women range

Skullcandy argues that the design language for women and men are entirely different given that women have softer and a more delicate ear. These headphones are specifically engineered, designed and colored keeping in mind the requirement for the women. Some of the acoustic as well as fitness studies regarding women that SkullCandy did have shown some interesting results, they are summarised as below as send to us by the PR:

Acoustic Studies

· Women’s hearing is more sensitive than men’s at higher frequencies. Harsh highs will bother them before men.

· Women can hear background noise at 10x lower volume than men.

· Women experience tension more often in music than men.
Fitness Studies

· Women on average have smaller heads and ears than men.

· Women are more sensitive to higher clamping pressures.

· Women have smaller ear canals than men.

As a result of this study, the new skullcandy range for women is engineered in a way to provide comfortable fit as well as a great audio experience for the one using them. The range basically includes three different ranges, called, KnockOut- an over the ear headphone, bombshell- in ear fix technology and Dime which are in ear bud type of headphones. In terms of pricing, the KnockOut will set you back by Rs 6,999, the Bombshell are priced at Rs 3,499 and the Dime will cost you Rs 2,299.

Download Windows 8.1 Update 1 Now

As we bid farewell to the beloved Windows XP after having used it for about 10 good years, the future clearly is Metro. There were rumours initially that maybe Microsoft will do away with the fancy tile like interface that Windows 8 has bought, but after BUILD Conference all of these rumours were quashed away. Microsoft reiterated its support for Metro UI and also showed off some very interesting features that would be a part of the update that is coming up, the return of the Start Menu being one of the most important ones.


However, while that update is still somewhat away, the Update 1 of the Windows 8.1 update ca now be downloaded. Although the update is slated to go live sometime around 12 PM PST today, as expected NeoWin has the external links for the direct download of the update right here

Some of the features that are a part of this update are a host of new keyboard and mouse shortcuts as well as context menu that appears at the right click of the mouse button right on the Start Screen. Not just this, you can also pin apps to the taskbar now which is a rather useful thing if you are into the whole game of quickly launching applications. So go ahead, and download the update if you cannot wait for the update to go live officially and make sure you let us know what were your favourite features from the update.

Windows 7 and Windows XP Still have larger Market share than Windows 8 and 8.1 Combined

Windows 8 is pretty much Work in Progress as Microsoft looks to once again launch a winning combination in the PC market which has become synonymous with the Windows Brand. Despite the image hit that the brand has taken after the unsuccessful releases of Windows 8 and 8.1, they are still very much the dominant forces to reckon with. According to to the latest data released by Flurry, Microsoft has just as much to think about as they have to rejoice about their domination.


While Windows 8.1 market share is gradually and steadily growing, Windows 8 remains to be a dead rat as far as Microsoft goes. Windows 7 in fact remains a top dog with over 45% market share in the PC world. Windows XP comes second in the market share list with over 27% share while Windows 8 and 8.1 combined together barely has about 11% presence.

The other known players in the market such as Mac OSX and Linux are as expected just filling the numbers up with OSX just over 7% in share and Linux hardly 1.5% of market share. Windows therefore powers more than 90% PCs in the world and given that sort of ownership in the market gives Microsoft a big onus to improvise on Windows 8.1 so that their stranglehold on the market stays as it is.

1000 Not Out and Still Going Strong

Take something up, do it with all the energy for a while, when the going gets tough, leave it, forget about it! That is the recurring theme of just about every college going student, including mine until something changed. When I was in my second year of college, I was going through a tough time, time where things just seemed to pass me by. Tech always interested me and as a budding engineer, I had plenty of time to kill. This was when I met Himanshu, who agreed to have me on board and be a part of Blogtechnika. Himanshu who fondly became sir, my first and fondest boss and a mentor, he was probably the first person to show faith in me unlike anyone before.

1000 posts

Today, I am 1009 articles old on Blogtechnika. A journey that began as a tech writer on February 19, 2010 is now almost three years and 1000 articles old. They say numbers do not tell the whole story, and neither do they here. In these three years, the number of articles do not encompass the incredible amount of things I have learnt. From doing product shoots, to writing my first full review, to making video reviews, Blogtechnika has been my pitstop where I have learnt, tuned myself and learnt some more.

Together with Blogtechnika, I saw some great times, some bad times, but most importantly, I learnt the virtue of sticking by, at a task. There were several occasions when quitting crossed my mind, but thanks to the relentless faith of Himanshu sir and the love for the site, I dug deeper and harder everytime. It is still practically unbelievable that it has been 3 years here, time indeed flew by.

As I write this post, there are countless people who cross my mind and rightfully they need to be thanked. Himanshu sir would always be at the pole of the list ’cause he believed in me and my work before I myself did. The freedom I had on Blogtechnika to experiment with my writing, with my content and to pretty much cover anything, has been a stuff of dreams. Thanks to our late night discussions on technology, on whats the latest trend, on building a team and how to plan work, not only did I become a better writer but it honed a better me, I feel. I shall always be indebted to you sir, for being there through it all.

There were several others who I must thank for their direct or indirect involvement in making this journey so very special. The team at Blogtechnika which has and always will be very special, Bharat, Achint, Prateek, Gaurav, Vidit, Faiqa, Arpit Roy, Neha and Sachin. You guys totally rock and more. To them who stood by me and always pushed me to work and work harder and chase it all, Rupanshi, yes I am looking at you. To Padmaja, who always has been, and will always be, a source of great strength, love and motivation, for editing out my countless articles and for listening to my mindless rumblings. To my family who have always worn the warmest of smiles seeing me put the hours in. To those who have lost touch, you know who you are, I thank you for all that you did. To Upasana maám, the most graceful lady I know of and the one who made me believe I could actually manage to construct meaningful sentences in English.

Now that the big list is done, I would like to thank each and everyone of you. Those who took time out to read Blogtechnika. Your feedbacks, good, bad or ugly have been extremely important and valuable. It has been my endeavor at all times to write stuff that actually makes consumer technology easy to digest for you all and on the way provide solutions to some of the stuff that might be bothering you and I assure you it shall remain the same.

This has been a long post, but one that is written with more heart than mind. Once again, to everyone involved with Blogtechnika, I thank you from the deepest corners of my heart. This has been a special journey and one, that has only begun.

5 Reasons iOS Fans do not need to panic after iOS 7 Release

As the 24th Edition of the WWDC kicked off yesterday in San Francisco, Apple has pretty much dominated a large space at every known and unknown tech blog. This is largely down to a very mixed reaction the latest iOS, iOS 7 has triggered. While most encouraged that it is a step in the right direction, various people have commented on it being way too loud and almost cartoonish. Some even went on to say, that Apple has simply copied the best from the world of Android, Web OS and daringly BlackBerry. So, as the internet is all rampant to prove that iOS 7 is already a failure, here are 5 reasons Apple fans do not need to panic just yet.

iOS 7

1) iOS 7 is still in Beta.

Yes, it is almost cringeworthy that everyone wants to jump the ship on what is clearly a Beta release, and unfinished with rough edges release. It is no surprise that test builds are not as smooth as the previous iOS 6, they are meant to be for testing purposes and error reporting. That is the whole point of Beta you know. If Apple knew they had hit the bulls eye, then iOS 7 would have been public yesterday. It is not, you can expect lots of little improvements in iOS 7 from now to the final release. And the eye for detail that Apple have always demonstrated makes me more than hopeful than ever.

2) This is Apple under Tim Cook

When Apple screwed up Maps, they wrote a letter of apology to their customers, can you imagine something like that happening in Steve Job’s tenure. No chance. But, this is Apple under Tim Cook. It’s a different animal, a lot more soft and a company that perhaps now listens to it’s customers more than ever. This outcry would definitely not have fallen on deaf ears and you can be assured that Ive and his team are back on the desk to try and make iOS 7 as smooth a transition as possible, no puns intended.

3) For whatever it is, iOS 7 makes jailbreaking redundant

More than most users on Apple devices were jailbreaking their devices for features such as quick toggle for settings and a better weather app, even ability to add infinite apps to folders. Apple has addressed all of those concerns. It’s like all the best tweaks from Cydia have been incorporated in iOS 7, so basically they have given users the features they have been asking for. No more is your device at potential risk because you jailbroke it to get a few tweaks here and there, because frankly unless you want to simply mod your device, there is no reason to jailbreak really.

4) Any Radical Change needs time to settle in

This point was best set in words by James Kendrick, a senior Tech writer for CNET in his this tweet:

iOS 7 Tweet


It is always a slow process towards acceptance that something that you have been so used to seeing for years is different now. Imagine living in the same house for years and one fine day you suddenly are asked to move to a new place, you will find it weird. It is natural. Haters will always need a reason to hate, so that is irrelevant. If iOS would have been released just yesterday and not been an update, you can bet, people would have had their jaws drop cause end of the day Apple have still done stuff nobody has done, which bring me to my last point.

5) All said and done, iOS has some Terrific Features

I am talking about little minute things such as preventing someone from accessing your data and wiping it off with a keen eye on security. For me, it is those little things which show that Apple is still a market leader, it still cares for it’s customers. Agreed there are some design consistencies on what otherwise is a very easy on eye UI, but my very first point that iOS 7 is still Beta takes care of that. And, what is more important is that iOS 7 has some good features that did not even get mention. Such as live icons for Clock and the ability to put news-stand in folders. How many Android versions have live icons? Oh wait, none.

So, basically it is no time for panic buttons just yet. One must understand that Apple at the end of the day is run by humans, and they will slip and when such a monumental update does come out, it takes time to wear on people. So, for all those Apple lovers, you need to calm down and do not need to return the abuse you are getting, cause hey, remember, if people are criticising because they know how long Apple has been way ahead of the pack, and this is their glory moment to try and show you down. I mean, nobody even bothers with it if you are nobody right.

PS: I am not an Apple fanboi, but these internet fights are getting on my nerves, why is it so difficult for everyone to just use whatever suits their needs and stop picking on someone for their choice, we all are allowed ours right?

Apple Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

If you are an Apple fan or not, but just a general technology enthusiast, chances are the date October 5th is well etched in to your memory. It indeed is the date last year when the world lost one of the most innovative people, the CEO of Apple inc Steve Jobs. Steve has inspired an entire generation and a lot more and widely regarded as the Edison of our Generation.His passing away has been one of the most spoken about event in the tech industry. I too had contributed my two cents to what the great man meant to me here. However, after a year, we all stand together yet again remembering all the great contributions that Steve made in making our lives better. In this sad hour, Apple too have paid their tribute to their founder in a very touching manner.

As their mark of respect, Apple have put up a great video compilation on their website and removed everything away from their homepage. You too can watch that amazing video by visiting the site here. We honestly advice everybody to watch the video as it has some of the best stuff Steve said. And at the end of the video is a tribute by Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. Tim is well known to have been very close to Steve and his note certainly pays the tribute very well. It indeed is a touching an a nice gesture from Apple.

Via: Apple


What Is Priority Inbox And How Does It Work In Gmail?

Gmail is without any doubt the most single popular E-mail client out there. There would hardly be anybody on the planet who uses the internet and does not own a gmail account. Everyone does it, and it’s really good and fast and clutter free. Recently Google have added a lot of features to Gmail, things like priority inbox, starred etc. Now, most of these features are really useful if used properly. Priority inbox is one of them. It basically segregates your most important e-mails from the ones you do not want, like a spam from the inbox. If you are also curious and have never had a proper understanding of how exactly a priority inbox work, and what settings of it you can fiddle around with, then here is the video that would tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful feature from Gmail. And trust me, once you understand, e-mailing would never be the same.