Motivational Quotes for every entrepreneur

If you’re stuck in a bad situation, then read these following inspirational quotes:

 “Paralyse resistance with persistence.” – Wood Hayes

In other words, don’t give up anything worthwhile for without fighting for it.

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.” – Estee Lauder

A great quote from the founder of a luxury brand, and it couldn’t have made more sense. Initial obstacles or failure is not what would define the path of your success. But your constant struggle and persistence would help you make through.

 “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James

If you don’t believe in the product/service your startup is planning to make, then it is almost certain that no else would do so either. Also, half-hearted efforts for any work or task, leave aside just a startup, would not garner high-yielding efforts. So, as a thumb rule, always believe in your work 100%.

 “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

If you react to a failure with dejection, you’ll loose interest. If you loose interest, you will loose enthusiasm. If you loose enthusiasm then you’ll give up on your startup dream. Make a wise choice, because the power is in your hands.

Steps You Must Follow To Stay Safe Online

Staying safe online has become a major issue today as the world becomes more and more of a digital hub. As shopping and payments become more and more common and easier online, there is a distinct possibility of one totally losing his things out if he does not pay enough attention to staying safe. We all are well aware of little tricks like changing passwords and cleaning cache and clearing the web history, but is that seriously enough? Sometimes we are extremely careless and end up making a word file on our desktop which contains the account passwords for our banking details and if by mistake someone looks into that file, we end up regretting it. So, how exactly to be safe online yet enjoy all the benefits that the internet comes with? Well, in bullet points, keep in mind for the following:

  • Do not use pirated versions of OS. They maybe costly, but it is always advisable to spend some money and get the original thing.
  • Always have a password protection on startup.
  • Have a separate user account for guests who would use your laptop.
  • Make sure your OS and all the applications running on it are up to date.
  • Use a modern browser and if possible go for Chrome or FireFox.
  • Keep unique and different passwords for every ID that you create.
  • Do not trust password keepers and avoid storing passwords.
  • Make sure to delete the account statement of your bank in case you download it to read it.
  • Keep a check on your bank statements regularly.
  • Use a standard Anti Spyware or malware program.
  • Make sure you have your Firewall turned on always.
  • Be sure to quit sharing programs, like team viewer, etc. properly.
  • Make sure you only purchase things from sites that are authorized and do secure transactions.
  • Check for the credibility of the seller in case you are purchasing things off a seller on sites such as E-Bay, Olx etc.
  • Look for the warranty of the product, and prefer to pick a product that has manufacturer’s warranty and not the seller’s.
  • Never give out your classified information online or via E-Mail.
  • If you are running an application of a particular site using your smart phone, make sure you check the information it has access to, before granting it access.

Here is an interesting infographic too, which would help drive home the point better.




Do You Know About These Incredible Features of Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with plenty of amazing features. No other phone in the World can come near to it if we talk about number of features. But as the device is 6 months old now, users have started getting bored and want some more new features (may be they experienced new features of Galaxy Note II device).

Samsung knows about this demand and it added several new features in the flagship device with premium suite upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S III. This upgrade consists of features which enhance your mobile experience. It gives the boost to image accessibility, camera enhancements, multi tasking with applications, lock screen features, amazing face detection speech technology and many more.

Check out the two videos to know more about the upgrade:

Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 1)

This includes features such as Page buddy, contextual menu, contextual tags, multi window, reader mode, Facebook ticker in lock mode.


Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 2)

This upgrade consists of features such as low light camera features, best face feature, paper artist (inspired from paper camera Android app), camera easy snap, sound balance.

So these are the features included in your Samsung Galaxy SIII phone. These features comes with the new OTA update. After update the build number changed to JZO54K.I9300XXELKC.

If you don’t get any update on your device then no need to worry. Samsung is rolling out updates in India, UK and USA. Just wait for it and probably it will come to all the devices in one or two weeks.

Why Should You Have A Backup Of All Your Data?

We often play around with our smart phones and computers. Be is small tweaking, theme-ing or even something major like say changing the ROM or switching the kernels etc. A Nerd’s life is always lived on the edge in the sense that his device is just one step away from being bricked and losing hundreds of dollars he spent acquiring it. But what is worse is the fact that he may also end up losing his entire data which in my eyes is way more precious than any device could ever be. So there is a terrible need to keep all your data backed up. And if you don’t believe my word, here is an amazing video that would make you realize the need to back up all your data.

So I guess watching that all of you would jump to back up all your data be it on smart phones or the computers. Do you back up your data? Do let us know.

Via: Technobuffalo

Do You Know That Facebook Has Two Inboxes

Every account on Facebook has two inboxes, one of them in which you can view all messages and chat history from your friends and another inbox called “Other” where all the messages from pages you have liked or even from people you are not yet friends with. This may be missed by some users on Facebook.

2 inbox

There are 2 inboxes in every Facebook account. To access this hidden inbox, go to the Messages tab on the homepage. Under the messages panel, you will see a tab called “Other”. Here you will see all messages that have been sent to you by pages that you have like or even by people who you are not friends with. This inbox is usually useless filled with updates from pages you have like or games you have played on Facebook. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, a friend or an acquaintance who is not your friend may send you an important message. Since that person is not your friend on Facebook, their message will be sent to your “Other Messages” panel. You will only be able to view this message by accessing the other inbox manually.

There is presently no way to tweak this non-notifying function of Facebook when you receive a message from an anonymous user. So, you have to make sure to check this out from time to time.

[via Lifehacker].

Set Individual Sound for Each Running Application in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a number of features that are quite useful but not everyone may know about it. On Windows 7, users can set individual volume presets for each of their applications when they are running so they don’t have to go on adjusting the volume each time they open a new application.

system sounds

On the bottom right corner of your desktop, you will find the volume icon on the taskbar. Click on it once to adjust the system volume. Click on the Mixer option and you will see all the applications that are currently running on your system that use sound.

You can adjust the volume of these applications individually by selecting the bar and moving it up or down to increase or decrease the volume respectively. The highest volume that is permitted for each application will be the volume at which you main speakers are set. You can reduce the volume for an application to whatever level you want. For example, you can set the volume for Skype to 100% and set the other sounds at anything lower, say 65% so you so that those sounds don’t interrupt you when you are using Skype.

Few of the Lesser Known Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 7

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available for Windows 7. But not all of them are known to everyone as they are not frequently used in a Windows session by users. Here I mentioning some of the lesser known keyboard shortcuts:

1. Ctrl+Shift+Click: Go to a file, press Ctrl+Shift and then double click on the file to open it as Administrator. Some applications may not run by simply opening it. This may be because they require administrative privileges. So now you have a shortcut for that too.


2. Shift+Right Click: Holding Shift and pressing the right click will enhance the send to menu and give you more options to send you files. Normally, the send to menu will contain the basic folders or the most important folders to which you can send your files. But with this shortcut, you can view a number of folders and send files directly to those folders from the send to menu.

shiftright clickshiftclick

3. Shift+Right Click on a Folder: Holding the Shift button and right clicking on a folder will display the command prompt option in the right click menu and you can open the Command Prompt from that folder.


4. Win+Space: Hit the Windows button and the Space button to quickly view the desktop.

5. Win+up/down/right /left arrow: This shortcut will help move the open window towards the left, right, up or down. Pressing the Win+up button will maximize the window.

Hope these shortcuts helped ease your Windows experience.

Get your IP address from Google [Quick Tip]

Google provides practically anything you would want from the internet. Google has revolutionized the way we think. The phrase “Google it” has become so common these days that people use Google more than their brains!! Now you can even find out you system IP address from the Google search.

my ip

Just like a street address, the IP(Internet Protocol) address is a unique identity for your computer on the internet. When your computer sends a request, it tags the request with the IP address and sends back the request with using the tag of your IP address.If you quickly need to find out your IP address, Google can do that for you. Simply go to the Google search website, type “my ip”, or “what is my ip” or even simply ‘”ip” in the address bar and hit enter. Then on top of your search results you will see the IP address of your system. This is the fastest way to find out the IP address of your system. Google is known for its speed in finding data on the internet. But now, Google can also give you your IP address and there isn’t a quicker way to do it.

Google Dashboard Tells Everything Google Knows About You

In computing life, Google is everywhere. There are several Google products that you use on daily basis. You search for different things, upload photos on Picasa, blog on Blogger platform, use Chrome for browsing, use Gmail for mailing, Orkut for social networking, reader for reading feeds, Google talk for chatting, YouTube for watching videos and many other products for other task.

But do you know that Google smartly store all your activities on its servers. For example you might be surprised to know that Google has record of what you searched one year ago or two months ago. This is good as well as bad for you. If you want to see all such stored data at one place then move to Google Dashboard, all-in-one destination for Google products. It gives you clear picture of what stored in the Google database and it gives you facility to remove search records and do many other things with your accounts.


It shows all your Google accounts at single place. You can manage your account, profile, edit information, remove unwanted content and change password easily by using this dashboard. It gives all the information of other Google products. The most important part is you can remove the searched data. Also you can keep the search off so that Google, in future can’t store any of your search data. One thing to notice that before accessing any of your data, it asks for your Google account password for verification. That’s very good security measure from Google.

Check out Google Dashboard today.

What is DLL (Dynamic Link Library)?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. In short Windows based programs needs codes, functions and other resources to run properly. DLL provides those codes to programs. Therefore DLL is an executable file that is necessary to run programs in Windows environment.

It is not necessary that DLL should have .dll extension only. It also comes with .exe extension. But generally the file extension is .dll. Ntoskernl.dll, hal.dll, rpcrt4.dll, ntdll.dll are some most popular dll files which are necessary to run your OS properly. On the other hand dll files with .exe extensions are Kernel.exe, User.exe and Gdi.exe.

The main advantage of using dll file is it reduces the duplication of code (which should have happened when multiple programs use same code). It also helps in increasing the performance of programs running in foreground and background.

Also DLL update is easily deplyed in Windows environment. It means whenever DLL file gets updated, there is no need of update of those programs which uses DLL files. There is no need of upation or relink of program whenever DLL is updated or deployed.

So these are the basic things you should know about DLL. There are many other DLL files and functions about which we’ll talk in next articles. If you have any queries about DLL files then you can ask them in the comments section.