IsoPlex Allows you to Stream Torrents of Films instead of having to Download them

If you are into watching films online instead of theatres, chances are you download the films using torrents. While this is not the right way to go about it, and at Blogtechnika we feel very strongly against piracy and its use, we understand why there is a demand for such content. However, downloading content means that you will have to wait for it to be complete before you can watch the movie and most of the time we do not have that much patience.


This is where IsoPlex comes in to the frame. You can download IsoPlex for both Mac as well as Windows. It is very similar to Popcorn player and basically streams the torrent for you to watch it instead of having to wait for it to download. The service is not as comprehensive as popcorn player, and we found that the number of titles are a few short. Yet, some of the latest flicks such as Edge of Tomorrow and X:Men- The days of the future past are present and that is good news.

Using the application is really simple, you have to download it from the website and then search and play your favorite movie. Unfortunately, the service does not have any TV shows yet. You can watch the videos in three different qualities, including HD. There are however, more than a million movies to keep you engaged. Introducing itself, this is what IsoPlex wrote about themselves on their website:

It’s an application for your PC or Mac where you can find and stream your favorite movies with no need to download them to your hard drive! It works completely standalone, without torrent clients or other additional software. You don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer!

Download IsoPlex for Windows, Mac or Linux from here

Google Plans to Add a Layer of Social on Search

It what could well be one of the most interesting experiments to its Search functionality, Google plans to add a layer of Social on top of it. No, Google is not planning to integrate Google+ to Search but instead building a static layer, which would be non-interactive just on top of Search. To experiment this, Google is rolling out a feature where eminent personalities will be given their personal space to write or publish videos when someone searches for their name. Right now, Google is calling it Posts, though there could be a new name by the time this comes out.

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MobileTrans from WonderShare allows you to Transfer Data from one Smartphone to the other Easily

Long gone are the days when mobile devices used to be simple instruments to make or receive the odd phone call or text message. Our mobile phones today are an extension of us and our hub of entertainment and communication. No wonder our phones are a store of several images, music, contacts, texts etc. Now, imagine a solution when you have to move from one phone to the other. While there are some official softwares available, there is no tool that allows you to transfer data cross platform.


This is where MobileTrans comes into the fray. The software is made by Wondershare which provides several such software solutions. MobileTrans allows you to basically transfer data including images, texts, contacts, apps, videos etc from one mobile smartphone to the other. Using the tool is extremely simple, and all you need to really do is, download it and then go ahead and connect the two devices to the same computer. MobileTrans is available for both Mac and Windows. Once you connect the phones, you decide which of the devices will be the source and which would be the destination. You then need to select the data that you wish to transfer, and go ahead with the task.

The UI of the app is really simple, though the speed of the transfer at times felt a tad slow. Also, there is no option of picking which exact apps or contacts or images do you want to transfer. You totally need to go ahead and transfer all of them using MobileTrans. The app is available for free for a trial, though the full version will cost you only $19.99.

Download MobileTrans from here

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto Removes Duplicate Photos in iPhoto

In your Mac computer, iPhoto is a very cool program that helps you arranging photos in your computer. But there are some shortcomings of this program such as it is unable to find duplicate photo on your system and displays along with other photo. These duplicate photos consumes hard disk space of your computer. Also it helps in making your iPhoto clutter free and looking good.

There is an app in Mac app store known as Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto that automatically finds these duplicate images and deletes them instantly. It is a completely free utility which you can easily download on your Mac computer.

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

To use this app, run it in your computer by clicking on “Scan iPhoto Duplicates” button. It scans all your photos and shows all the duplicate images.It displays number of duplicate images and space consuming by those images. It will delete all the duplicate photos automatically after that.

Check out Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

TiffanyScreens: Share Your Screen Across Various Cross Platform Computers

Let’s say you are a Windows user and you want to share your screen across other computer which has Mac operating system installed in it. Cross platform screen sharing is not an easy thing until you use an app known as TiffanyScreens. Download it in your computer and other persons computer and start sharing your screen. It’s free and very easy to use app.

You don’t need to do any kind of configuration settings since this app automatically detects all the computers running TiffanyScreens on a network. It’s very useful when you want to present something to a mass and you don’t have projector with you.


This app captures screen of one computer and sends it to multiple computers at a same time. It connects with another computer within network automatically on a local network. There are two modes present, watching mode and presentation mode and users can switch to one mode to other by a click on button.


This app comes with free and paid versions. Free version allows you to share your screen with one person at a time. If you want to share your screen with multiple users then check out the pro version.

This app is best useful where users came along with their laptops in a meeting and they are sitting on a round table facing each other. Now to see the presentation they don’t require to face towards wall to see the projector because the presentation will come on their computer screen with the help of Tiffany Screens.

Check out Tiffany Screens.

DNS Angel Blocks Malicious, Phishing and Malware websites Automatically

If you have kids in your family who use computer on daily basis then chances of getting attacked by malware is more because your kids don’t have idea about websites and if they mistakenly open any bad website which is malicious or phishing website. This will result in security breach and increased vulnerability.

You can use any good antivirus program to protect your PC but what if you don’t want your kids to open those malicious websites. Move over to DNS Angel, a best solution to block unwanted sites by applying family filter.


This tool comes with 3 different DNS settings which blocks adult websites, Malicious sites ,Phishing sites, and malware websites. This tool also allows you to see your current DNS and its status.dns_angel


The main feature of this tool is that it comes with portable version. You don’t need to install this tool on your computer. Just double click and it will work like a charm. Additionally, it comes with automatic flush DNS feature. You can easily restore previous DNS settings by click on a button. It’s easy and effective.

Download DNS Angel to block unwanted websites.

Run Android 4.0 on Windows Computer Using WindowsAndroid

Previously we saw many SDK based tool by which you can run and test Android on your PC. But the tool known as WindowsAndroid is totally different. It comes as a installable 64 MB .exe file format which you can download easily on your Windows computer.

After installing, you’ll get a full fledged working Android interface. You can use your mouse to move icons and select apps to test. It uses Windows kernel for hardware performance and graphics hardware acceleration and high performance media codec. Its performance is very high in comparison to virtual Android runs on Windows.


It can easily installed on Window 7, Windows 8 and older Windows Vista computer. You can have exactly same experience as you have on your mobile or tablet. It comes integrated with Windows flash application and media player function so that you can open any flash file on your browser. Also by using media player you can easily play any song or video.

It supports wide range of screen resolution. Also you can use your mouse, keyboard or remote control to control this tool. This version of tool runs Android 4.0 IcreCream Sandwich OS. According to developers at Socketq, they’ll soon release updated tool with latest version of Android.

Check out WindowsAndroid.

How to Reset Your Browser Settings Affected by Malware

It happens many times that browser settings of your internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer get changed because of malware. The main aim of these malware is getting information from your computer. These malware generally change the homepage and default search engine of your browser. Also it affect your computer’s network settings such as DNS settings.

To overcome this problem you should check out a tool known as Anvi Browser Repair Tool. This tool can perform many actions which can easily bring back your browser settings. You can restore your browser’s title bar and home page, block unwanted Windows startup pop up, and restore browser’s default search engine.


Apart from all the above mentioned things, you can also network related items such as DNS, enable internet options, repair file associations, repair IE default path and many more.

This tool is available for all the three major browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You should check it out if you are facing any issue with your browser.

Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool.

Shortcutsman For Windows Lets You Clean or Delete Broken Desktop And Menu Shortcuts

Often we create shortcuts to applications that we need to use on a day to day basis. And if you are a technology geek and like to try out different applications then chances are that you delete your applications at a faster pace than you download and install them. It becomes quite a challenge for the application to stay on in the PC in such a case. However, when we delete apps often, then there are chances that there are quite a few non responsive shot cuts both in the start menu and desktops are created. They make the appearance of your system very cluttered and untidy. To prevent this and help you remove these broken menu items Shortcutsman is a really useful application for Windows.


The application is really simple to use and all you have to do is download, install and run it. it then scans through your PC and displays the results of broken menu items in the form of a dialogue box. Broken menu items are shown in red color and once scanning is done you can select your course of action You can maintain a log of the broken menus or you can immediately select the items that you wish to delete by clicking on the box and right clicking the mouse, which would open a menu from where you have the option to delete items you do not need. You can also resolve the shortcuts which basically tries to re link the short cut to the target file.  The application is very simple to use and like one of those applications  which help in cleaning the registry of the system. The application is really small in size too so you do not have to worry about losing out on disk space.

The application works well for both 32 and 64 Bit version for Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Here is the download link for Shortcutsman

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