HTC One E9 Spotted in China By a Wireless Regulator

HTC One M9 was perhaps the most well known Android smartphone by the face, even before it had launched on the internet. In fact, if you had a penny for every story written about a leaked HTC phone in the past half year, you would be happily sitting being a millionaire. The next HTC flagship seems to be following the same trend as the HTC One E9 has been spotted in the wild in China.


The device is a slimmer and sleekier version of the HTC M9 and features a 2K display, which has become bit of an industry standard today. You have a circular camera ring on the E9 as compared to a square module on the HTC M9. The device is obviously a successor to the HTC E8 that was launched last year, and therefore you can assume that the construction will be primarily be of plastic than full metallic body.

The phone will feature a 2GHz octa-core chip with 3 GB of RAM on board and 32 GB of Internal storage with micro SD slot expansion. The rear camera will be a 20 MP unit. The phone was spotted by TENNA and the details were revealed on their website. Since the device in most likelihood has been passed by TENNA, we should hear more details on the availability and price point of the device very soon.


A Xiaomi 15 inch Laptop Pictures Leaked; Bears Design Resemblance to the Macbook Air

Famously called the ‘Apple of China’, looks like Xiaomi is now out to prove that they can do everything that Apple can do. So far, Xiaomi has concentrated on the mobile market and gone ahead with a lineup of smartphones and tablets only. They have also come up with a few accessories such as air purifiers, power banks, LED lights, routers etc. However, they are now set to enter the big daddy market as the first set of images of the Xiaomi Laptop were leaked out.


Surprisingly, or maybe not, the laptop on the first viewing looks exactly like the Macbook Air which has become a signature of Apple. The laptop, according to the industry sources will be powered by the Intel Haswell i7-4500U processor and will have massive 16 GB of RAM. It is possible that the tablet will not run Windows, though you may be able to install that later on. Out of the box, the laptop will come with Mi’s own Operating System, which is most likely to be built on Linux.


From a hardware design point of view, there is an interesting orange button on the keyboard which can be customised as per the user requirement. There is also a Mi logo in orange on the front and a silver Mi logo on the back. The laptop also has a Full HD 15 inch panel and is expected to cost somewhere in the region of $481. There is no expected date yet for the launch of the laptop yet.


BlackBerry OS 10.3 Screenshots Leaked

BlackBerry is set to roll out an update to its current BlackBerry OS 10.2.1. Devices such as the BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10 all run BlackBerry OS 10. The OS 10.2.1 update has recently started to roll out on the devices, and looks like BlackBerry has no plans to sit on the laurels. OS 10.2.1 bought one of the most interesting features to the table by allowing direct installation of Android apps as well as support for FM radio in devices apart from Z10.


The screenshots leaked, show that the latest update from BlackBerry called the OS 10.3 is set to bring a radical set of changes to the UI since the advent of BlackBerry OS 10. The screenshots also show that BlackBerry would bring a Siri or Google Now like Virtual Assistant to board. The UI too is set to undergo a radical change by going a lot more flatter. This is especially visible in the new keyboard and app icons.

The Camera application is set to be vamped with a new UI as well as the ability to shoot 720P videos in 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Overall UI improvements as well as enhanced speed of internet are also a part of the update which is still very much in Beta. There is no official date of the rollout, and some more changes are expected before the final release.

Is BlackBerry set to release a new budget OS 10 Device?

There have been fine mummers that BlackBerry may reveal a new line of devices at MWC which will give a clearer view of what the company’s plans are going forward this year. It does look like the first device in this series may well be an entry level device running BlackBerry OS 10 called the Jakarta. As the name suggests the device is definitely going to be released in Indonesia. This is indeed a peculiar choice by RIM given low numbers of mobile activations there but there is hope that the device will be available in more developing markets such as India.


The device will be formally named the Z3 if the rumors are to be believed and will be the first device to come post the deal between BlackBerry and Foxconn. The device is rumored to have a screen size of about 5 inches and a resolution of 960×540 and is largely expected to have a plastic built. Z3 is expected to be powered by a dual core 1.2 Ghz processor and have 1.5 GB of RAM on board. The Rear Camera of the phone is expected to be 5 MP with 2650 mAh battery on board.

Although it is next to impossible predicting the prices of these device, there are rumors that the phone will retail for around $150 in US, which would be a pretty amazing thing for BlackBerry to return in the game with a bang.

Via: Reuters/N4BB

Could we see Wearable Tech devices at MWC from Acer and Asus?

Wearables were predicted to be the big thing of 2014 and we are only getting started. With Apple pretty much confirming they are entering the segment with their much hyped smart watch and already a strong existence from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Pebble and Qualcomm looks like we will see two new players joining them as early as MWC perhaps.


It is being reported that both Asus and Acer, the two most successful players in the PC business are lining up wearables from their engineering laboratories. While Asus pretty much confirmed they are working on a smart watch that would be groundbreaking, Acer has decided to play its cards close to chest.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih, said the following while addressing the question of smartwatches:

We will put our entire design thought into it. There are actually many challenges in this area, and I don’t think products that lack special features will be useful. We’ll try to replace your watch by all means.

Acer executive Peter Shieh did not reveal what exact wearable was the company working on, but there have been rumors that some of the key executives at CES were shown the devices. He said the following:

The company is still developing certain types of wearable devices. We certainly aim to play a role in the new market.

It is a no brainer that more the number of players in the category, the better it would be for the consumers, but how long do we have to wait for this is still anybody’s guess. Are you excited about the number of players jumping on the wearable bandwagon? Let us know.

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Oppo set to Launch the N1 running CyanogenMod in December

There have been several reports in the recent past about Oppo teaming up with the Team from CyanogenMod to produce one of the first devices to run highly appreciated CyanogenMod ROM out of the box. Briefly at the release of the Oppo N1 in China, there were reports that we will see a CM Oppo device and it seems like, that is going to happen for real.


For those who do not know, CM has been one of the oldest devs when it comes to making ROMs for Android devices. A phone running a CM ROM is as close to Vanilla Android as you will see with a few add ons here and there. CM Team recently split up as they decided to make full software for OEMs. The Oppo N1 running CM will release sometime in December and will give an add on option to the users who can opt for either a version running Color OS which is the trademark Oppo Skin over Android or a CM version of the phone.

The device was launched in September and comes with a swiveling 13 MP Camera, a 5.9 inch True HD display with Snapdragon 600 SoC with 1.7 Ghz Quad Core CPU. The battery on board is 3610 mAh and the device is one of the most anticipated devices on the market. Oppo has promised special packaging for these devices, it indeed would be interesting to check out how well Oppo implement this.

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Leaked Images show Android Play Store Running on BlackBerry Z30

We had heard right from the early days that BlackBerry OS 10 will have better support for emulators which would allow for Android apps to run on the BlackBerry devices. As the future of BlackBerry remains up in the air, new leaks have surfaced that maybe the team behind is looking to explore the vastly successful platform that Android is.


The leak shows the Android Store called Google Play running on a BlackBerry Z30. If the leaks do come true, and if we have a dual booted Z10 or even parts of Android such as Play Store do come true then we can be fairly sure of a solid competition from the once Canadian giants. It may be possible that new investments into the company of over $1 Billion and a new CEO in place are already a start to a massive revolution towards a better run of fortunes for BlackBerry.


According to the leaks, the Play Store could be available even for the current BB OS 10 which is version 10.2.1. There is virtually no information about the leaks as the user has simply said that he found them online which raises a question about the authenticity of the leaks. But, if they are true, this could be an early Christmas present to all those who swear by BlackBerry.

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Motorola Moto G set to launch on November 13th?

Motorola announced the Moto X a couple of moths ago and the device has received rave reviews especially with all the customizations that can be done with the device. However, it would be too early to say that, once a leading player, Motorola, is back to the business just yet. They always say, that after one successful launch, the next one is the most critical and the manufacturer has to build on the success. And this statement is very relevant as Motorola looks to bring back the good old days.

This is the reason why the Motorola’s next device which is the Motorola G would be a very important launch. And if the Twitter handle of Motorola is to go by, then the device, unlike the Moto X would be launching in India too. The tweet below addresses the Indians with a ‘Namaste’ showing that Motorola may be planning to release the device simultaneously in several countries.

Moto G

The Moto G is a mid segment device and is rumored to sport a 4.5-inch 720 P display which features a 329 ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The device is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon, perhaps S600 and would run on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean). The phone might feature a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 1.3-MP front-facing camera. The early indications are that there would be two variants, i.e. 8GB and 16GB available.

Are you excited about the Moto G? Let us know in the section below.

via: Motorola Twitter

Has Nexus 8 been Spotted into the Wild?

Now, either Google is doing all this very innocently without realizing what products are on the show when its promotions or they are on a crusade to push a line up of the greatest internet trolls ever. Yes, we had spotted the Nexus 5 during the promotions of Android 4.4 Kitkat where an employee was capturing the big KitKat mascot with his Nexus 5. And looks like, now the Nexus 8, a new tablet has been spotted out in the promotions of KitKat on the new Android site.

Nexus 8- speculation

The picture of the tablet appears in the Apps and Entertainment section of the site here. The tablet so far has not been seen at all, and looks to have taken a lot of design cues from the iPad Mini with rounded edges and slightly bigger form factor as compared to the Nexus 7. Maybe, this is the beginning of the leaks of the Nexus 8 which would be the alternate offering from Google in the tablets category.

For those who remember, Google had a Nexus 10 last year and this year so far, there are no sugggestions that Google will be persisting with the same line of thought and given the market is diminishing for large tablets the second offering maybe an 8 inch device. There is no clue about the manufacturer of the Nexus 8 but a good guess would be it would be one of Samsung or Asus.

Would you be interesting in picking an 8 inch Nexus device? Let us know.

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Pictures of LG Flex Surface Online

We had covered last week that LG are working on releasing a device with curved display sometime in November. However, Samsung jumped the gun on them when they introduced their device with a curved display which really left more experts scratching their heads than any other Samsung device this year. However, looks like LG will be following the suite very soon as images of their smartphone with the curved display called the LG Flux have been made available online by the famous tech site, The Verge.


The pictures have been taken by an Argentine reporter and states that the device has very similar design tones like the LG G2. There are volume rockers and power button behind the device with notification LED. The screen size is supposedly about 6 inches with internals very similar to the G2. So we can expect about 2 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 800 SoC and a full HD IPS display.


The device has a similar curved display as the Samsung Round but for some reason the LG Flex looks much better. It also seems to have a more curved display than the Round. However, what exactly is the utility of these devices apart from ergonomics is still a big question.


What are your views upon curved devices? Let us know in comments or on our Social Networks!

Image via: The Verge