Touchless Control App for Motorola Receives a big update

When the Moto X released there were seveal features of the device that really caught our attentions. From the ability to customize the device to the attractive prize, the Moto X was an automatic winner. A device that if you are an Android enthusiast, you simply had to have. However, there were two features of the device that really stood out. The first being, that the device has the ability to actually recognize your voice and act accordingly and the other being the screwdriver motion where you can unlock the camera of the device from anywhere you are on.

Moto X- Touchless control

However, if someone told you the Touchless Control app would get even better, then you would be hard pressed to think how. But, that is exactly what has happened. Touchless Control app is getting update to version 4.1 which allows you to unlock the device by speaking the pin or the unlock code. The update is rolling out in Moto X who are already on Android version 4.4 and as result if you are rocking the likes of Droid Mini you will not be getting this update at least now.

This is an interesting update though and perhaps be something that more and more OEMs would like to bring to their custom Android skins.

via: Android Police

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