Track changes made to folders using Track Folder Changes

Track Folder Changes is a portable app that monitors changes made to specific folders and displays the results using colors to differentiate between changed and unchanged folders to make it easy for the user to understand and identify them.

track folder changes

Track Folder Changes is a portable app that monitors changes made to folders and shows them to the user. Simply extract the files from the Zip file and run the application. The default folders that the app monitors is folders from the C:\. The app displays results in a tree form the different folders that it is monitoring. The folders to which changes have been made are highlighted in green color. Folders to which changes are being made currently are displayed in Blue. The remaining folders are displayed normally with their original color. You can set the folders that you want to monitor by changing the location from the top of the window. Once you have set a specified folder, the app will start fresh and start monitoring the folder that you have specified on top.

If you want to clear the monitoring data and start a fresh monitoring session, click on the Clear button and the app will start a fresh monitoring process.

It would have been nice if the app could be minimized to the system tray or if you could monitor more than one folder at a time. But, all in all, this is a nice app to have on your computer.

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