Track IP Location on Your Windows Desktop

Many times webmaster are keen to track the IP location of the website or blog users. Many web based services claimed to provide the location of a corresponding IP address, but they comes with limited number of use. The best way to track any IP address on your computer is to use an application known as IP Locator. It is free to use tool that tells the IP location , latitude, longitude and hostname for any IP you type.

Download and install a small app from the developer’s site. Note that before using this application you also need to download a file called GeoLiteCity.dat.gz which is of 18.1 MB in size. Without it the tool doesn’t work. After downloading the zip file extract it to the location “C –> Program Files –> IP Locator”.

Now run the tool and click on the search icon given at the top left.


Inside the Find IP box, enter the IP Address and click OK.


Location will appear in the lower area. Also Google Map location of that area appears on the interface.


Overall this is a pretty nice tool to track any IP address location. Unlike other IP trackers, you can use it to track unlimited IP address in a day.

Download IP Locator and GeoLiteCity.dat.gz.

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