Track your Mouse movements with Mousotron

Mousotron is a simple app that displays statistics related to your mouse movements and speed so you have an idea of how much work you’ve done. So the next time your boss complains about you not doing any work, then this app will provide solid proof to contradict that fact.


The Mousotron app shows various statistics regarding a user’s movement and work done with the mouse. The stats displayed are:

1. The total time of one session.

2. The distance moved by the cursor on the computer screen.

3. The number of keystrokes.

4. The number of left, right and middle clicks made in one session.

5. The total number of rotations of the mouse wheel.

6. The speed of movement of the cursor on the computer screen.

This app can be really helpful in preventing repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI) by giving the users stats about their usage of the mouse.

displayed items

You can configure the items you want displayed on the main interface of the Mousotron app. You can configure the system of units that you want the app to follow, from English system to the Metric system. You can even set the app to automatically run at startup.

This app can be quite a lot of fun as well as helpful.

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