TRAI Cuts Roaming Rates by almost 20% with new rates coming into play starting May 1st

If you travel a lot then roaming charges that you have to pay to make a phone call is possibly the most dreaded part of the entire journey. For those of us who are always on the move, roaming charges in fact outweighs the local usage of the telecom plan that we have taken. However, looks like there will finally be some respite as TRAI or the Telecom regulatory Authority of India has instructed all the telecom players in India to offer a special tariff plan which would make roaming calls and text messages almost 20% cheaper.


The new plans are set to come into the action starting  May 1st and would see a standard local call slashed to 80 paisa from Re 1, while making an STD call will now cost you Rs 1.15 as compared to Rs 1.50. An incoming call would maximum cost you about 45 paisa down from 75 paisa mark while sending a local message will be only 25 paisa costly as compared to the old Re 1 slab.

In a statement to IANS, the telecom regulator gave a statement that, “All subscribers will benefit from the reduced ceilings… competitive pricing below the new ceiling levels is expected”. This is the first time that the roaming rates have been revised in India since 2013 and this is definitely a welcome change.

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